Friday, August 28, 2009

Doctor Jeckyll turned into Mr. Hyde

Went to my doctor's today for my 18 week check-up and glucose screening. Baby is doing great,all tests came back great, but the doctor told me I needed to lose 3 pounds before my next month visit?! What the??? I was like okay so how many can I gain and then I will subtract 3 from that. He said I didn't understand I was to lose 3 pounds, not gain any! Apparently, I have gained the amount for a 22 week pregnant woman not an 18 week pregnant woman. Really a few weeks makes that big of a difference?!
I then asked him, well how many pounds did I gain at 18 weeks during my last pregnancy, and he said 6 more than I gained now! GO ME! as far as I am concerned that means I am 6 pounds in the green! He said it doesn't work that way. Whatever, so now I am pregnant and am on a diet?
I tried to sell him on how big my boobs are and the extra weight must be there, he didn't by it. I told him how I have been lifting weights for my arms, and that muscle weighs more than fat, so that must be it. He just laughed. I then told him I am constipated (this happens in pregnancy and that must be the extra 3 pounds. He stared at me and wasn't impressed.
He measured my belly and said it is the exact size for 18 weeks, so I guess he is telling me my butt and thighs are too big! UGH... He said because my weight was so great before pregnancy that my average gain should only be 25 pounds for the ENTIRE pregnancy(I gained 44 with Nolan), and I told him,that's the problem. I am not your average woman! He was not happy about that.
He said come back, next month three pounds lighter, I told him I would maintain, he said three pounds, Brenda.
HUMPH, I stomped off, and made Bob take me to get a cheeseburger!I thought when you were pregnant you could get a way with a little extra junk in your trunk, well apparently, Dr. Hyde didn't like that joke either!