Monday, February 25, 2008

Party like its 1999

I celebrated my birthday this weekend-Yes, I am officially 37 years old-It really doesn't bother me, honest. I guess it is because I definitely know who I am and where I am going. It took me a good 35yrs to figure it out, but what is the old saying, better late than never!
Anyway, I had all these great plans for my birthday. I decided I was going to party like it was 1999,that means I was 28 years old then and could probably still handle a wild and crazy night. I had high hopes. My night started out at an amazing restaurant, we called ahead and I think we actually got seated around 9pm, that's okay, we didn't want to get started too early, right. I mean no one even goes out now until 11 or 12pm . We had a great meal and conversation, I think we left at 1130pm. Still wanting to prove that I still had it(again, not sure what "it" even is and I probably don't want "it" anyway) and hold on to a few more moments of my birthday celebration, we headed over to a pub we like, where we always run into a few familiar faces. We are still going strong here! Yes, we can do this. Get to our place order one drink. More great conversation, actually a lot of great conversation. It took about an hour to drink this thing and realize that it is now 1am! Yes, we are really partying now, I don't think I have stayed up this late since I was nursing Nolan and he was the one drinking! Oh no, here it comes, I Start to yawn, now once this happens you know it is going to be hard to control, No "stop it" I tell myself too late it has already begun. I look around, I start to realize this music is way too loud and the thumpity, thumpity is annoying , I search the place for familiar faces,I notice there are kids in here that I think I knew their parents in high school, I even found my self wondering ,how did her mom let her out of the house wearing that?!
Do not get me wrong, we had a great time, probably one of the best times I've had since turning 37, however, there was no table top dancing, no tequila shots, no bar fights, no staying out until 4am and running to Denny's for breakfast- It was SOOOO much better!!!:) It wasn't 1999 or 1989 for that matter- (Thank God!) where in the morning my head would be splitting, and I wanted to sleep until 3pm, and start to feel embarrassed by the fool I had made of myself!! I guess those days are gone, that ship had sailed(and I hope sunk). I no longer can party til the cows come home, but who really wants to anyway? Well, we made it to dinner and one pub,(woo whoo) so much for my carousing the downtown night life scene, instead we had great fun , a time with good friends, good food, and good conversation-I woke up in the morning ready to take on the day, with memories of the night before (yes, I remembered). I was so happy then, extremely happy that I am 37, I have come a long way since 1999, I am a whole person, with a great family, great friends and I still know how to have a great time, actually an even better time -I definitely want to go out again, no I don't want to re-live my 1999 days, I never want to go back there. I just want to continue to enjoy my life, making new memories, and always remembering, no matter what age I am, to dance! Wow-its going to be a great year!

My Addiction

So here is my secret. I have a serious problem. Yes, I am an addict. I heard that once you can admit you have an addiction that this is half the battle and that you are on your way to being cured! I should really be at one of those meetings where I gather with strange people in strange places and stand up and say "Hello,my name is Brenda I am an addict. It has been 4hr3min (scratch that )it has been 1 min.since my last sip! of Dunkin Donuts coffee".and then wait for it, wait for it, applause! I will be the first to complete a 12 steps program in the DDA(dunkin donuts annoymous) program. I think it goes something like this. I can not change the things...yeah right-
Yes it is true, ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am utterly in love,and addicted to coffee,but not just any coffee it must be DUNKIN DONUTS coffee. I have tried starbucks and Seattle's Best, but I can not and will not cheat on D.D. Nothing compares to the creamy smooth sweet taste of my D.D.,the rich aroma it gives off under my nose,the sweet taste as the first sip touches my lips, knowing that every cup, will and does taste the same over and over. I have tried being a "tea" drinker, this does nothing for me, sorry tea drinkers that is just boring. I drink DD in the morning(first thing), I drink it in the afternoon(post lunch) I will even drink it before bed(when kids are asleep)! With the help of some friends I now mix DD regular and Decaf after the 2pm hour. Thanks friends.
It was not something I became addicted to over night. At first it was innocent, a cup here, a cup there, during moms day out social hour, you know I thought I could control it, I will stop when I want to, I could stop if I want to ,just one more, and then before you know it I was a full fledged daily coffee drinker that can't ,won't and for my husbands sanity(and my own)should not stop!!Recently, I have found another thing that makes me love Costco, they now sell 2&1/2 pounder bags of you guessed it, DD coffee-Glory,praise God!!! My life just got better:) So now that I have admitted it and I no longer have to hide it-On my honor I will try... nah, who am I kidding?, I am going to make me another pot right now, curl up on my couch with my book(I am reading Peony in Love by Lisa See,for anyone interested)and for a few moments let my DD cure all, take me away to that one special place that all coffee lovers go to, for those few moments that last one cup at a time!!

A Serious side note:
Please if you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, take it very serious, and get help. It destroys lives and relationships. I do not take lightly that there are truely real addictions out there and I take them very serious. Bless you all!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Slumber Party!

Regan went to an old fashion slumber party Friday night for her BFF's(Brooke's) 11th birthday party. I was the photographer so I stayed until 10pm and went back in the morning to help. What a great time these girls had.Nine girls running around playing games I hadn't played since I was a young! flashlight tag, hula hoop contest(Regan did almost 509 twirls!), egg on a spoon race, egg toss,& volleyball. And what would a party be without food-JUNK food!!_they had pizza,cake,soda's,they made smores by a camp fire , sang camp fire songs and took turns making up scary stories!! By the end of the night they got in their jammies layed out their sleeping bags and watched a movie and told stories until one by one fell asleep. It was beautiful-
This is such a great age for girls. An age where they are not worried yet about the things that we as women put on ourselves.They can eat cake, smores and drink grape soda so that they may have the biggest burp and never once did I hear one of them say, is this gonna make me fat? No- they were enjoying each other, laughing,being silly and light hearted with no worries of am I wearing the right outfit, should I say this or that,does my hair and make-up look nice? They were just being 10 & 11 year olds, not judging each other,encouraging one another,excited and happy to see the birthday girl open yet another webkinz! When one got hurt or was getting anxious for her mother they were not whispering behind her back but hugging her and telling her its gonna be all right,you can sleep next to me. They weren't worried about shaving their legs, periods,boys, hair,sex, or clothes they were just little girls enjoying life! How I wish I could put this time in a bottle for Regan and save it for her, because I know all too soon this time in her life will be over-How does this happen I wonder? How do we go from being so sweet and innocent and accepting of one another as women to being compettive,gossipy,judging one another. Maybe it is because we stop having slumber parties.We get so caught up with life and being an adult that we forget that at the heart of each of us is a little girl that wants to hang with her girlfriends, paint each other's toes,play games, laugh loudly, love carelessly, and not worry that if I eat that tenth piece of chocolate ,Will my pants zip tommorrow? who cares!
I hope my daughter has many slumber parties and goes to many more, I hope she continues to love herself but more importanlty loves others. I hope she has many best girl friends that she stays up all night and whispers with,I hope she never judges someone by their waistline,but that she measures her friends by their honesty and integrity. I never realized how much we can learn from a slumber party, an innocent event that has been around for years, its where it begins for us little girls and if we can be reminded for a short time of where it can lead. As women if we could continue to join together, supporting one another, encouring each other,hugging the hurts of life away then maybe just maybe our daughters will be better, stronger ,confident women because of the examples that we set.
I am having another slumber party, yes Regan wants one for her birthday next month, but that won't be the only one,I am going to invite all of my girlfriends over for a slumber party next month. We are going to stay up all night, eat junk food,play games,laugh get in our jammies and for one night be little girls again-and I just might might make this a tradition so that we always remember that life is really fun-but its more fun with your girlfriends!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Women Rule!

I think this sums it up nicely!! I found this in an article I read.

1) We got off the Titanic first.
2) We can scare male bosses with the mysterious gynaecological disorder excuses.
3) Taxis stop for us.
4) We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing.
5) No fashion faux pas we make could ever rival the Speedo.
6) We don't have to pass wind to amuse ourselves.
7) If we forget to shave, no one has to know.
8) We can congratulate our teammate without ever touching her rear end.
9) We don't have to reach down every so often to make sure our privates are still there.
10) We have the ability to dress ourselves.
11) We can talk to the opposite sex without having to picture them naked.
12) If we marry someone 20 years younger, we are aware that we will look like an idiot.
13) We will never regret piercing our ears.
14) There are times when chocolate really can solve all your problems.
15) We can make comments about how silly men are in their presence because they aren't listening anyway.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pictures from St. Marteen

Hello- Bob is back from St.Marteen! I thought I would share a few pictures. Remember he is "working". Now I know why he is so tired when he gets back from his trips-sun tanning and reading the Enquirer is a tough job, but hey somebody's got to do it! He sure is hot though!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have really funny kids! They get their sense of humor from me. and a little from daddy.

Regan has been discussing with me lately about renegotiating her monthly allowance. She gets $7 a month and if she does some extra stuff around the house I pay her for it. Example-mop floor-$2,wash car$2,etc. so anyway she has been wanting more,because the kid loves money.and these things called webkinz. I was in the office yesterday and she came in with an envelope and she says "Mommy I have something for you". smiling from ear to ear. I take the envelope and see my name on it, so I flip it over to open it and this is what I found in it! An article about increasing allowance-she really is a comedian!I start to read it,Regan is laughing now,and I realize it is not a real article but one found in her Nickeleoden Magazine. We both started laughing and I said"Good try"! That's my Girl! So this is a picture of Regan with her article. Click on it,if you want to read it! She turns 10 next month so I may have to consider increasing her allowance, any suggestions on what to give a 10 year old?Let me know.

All in a Day's Work!

Today, I thought I would clear up any miconceptions of what a stay at home homeschooling mother of two actually does all day. First for the record, I do have my college degree. I am very proud of this fact, being I am the first one in my family to attain this goal. I used my degree and worked outside the home for many years before Regan was born.I went back to work when she was four and worked for a few years before having Nolan. At that time Bob and I decided that I would stay at home to raise our two children. I have loved every minute of it and have never regretted this choice. I am also aware that this is a privilege and that not all mother's have this choice and for that I am grateful.
There are a few things though that I would like to address. One is I don't know why there is this battle between working and stay at home mother's. I have never understood this and see no reason for it at all. Also, I am not one of those mother's who believes every mother should stay at home, I think as women and mother's we are all unique and every decision is based on a combination of desire and situation. I have friends and family members who love to go to work and some claim to be better mother's because of it!
For me it was a personal decision that was mine and Bob's. I thought that today would be a good day to let you in on a typical day in the life of a pilots wife stay at home home-schooling mother and answer the two questions that annoy me pertaining to my decision of stayin at home and the decision to homeschool. I have other questions that annoy me as a wife of a pilot, but I will leave that for another blog. Okay so #1.what do you do all day? and #2.Are your kids socialized? (what do they mean? when I take them to the park are they growling at the other kids? No, they are wearing their collars and muzzles to keep them from biting anyone! Be real people,another dumb question!). So here we go-
7am get up got showered and ready. Made school lunches and helped Bob find a pair of black pants(although he has 10 pairs in closet he never can seem to find the "one"he needs) for trip. Got kids up and ready for school. Made breakfast.Helped Bob find keys, phone and wallet (I swear if his head wasn't attached..)Get Bob out door on time,find kids socks(we never have two the same) and shoes. Gather t-ball equipment, Jr. Girlscout uniform, and school books for Regan because today we will have school in car and at various locations per fieldtrip. Take Nolan to pre-k program, drop off, go to theatre for play(Treasure Island) with Regan,do some schoolwork in car waiting for play, see play, go to borders to finish school work with Regan while waiting for Nolan to finish gymnastics, pick up Nolan, take Regan to Jr. Girlscouts(as she changes in car), go home for 45 min, go back to Jr. Girlscout meeting, (its my day to car pool), pick up girls take them all home, go back by house(I forgot part of t-ball uniform) go to ball field for t-ball practice,come home@ 630pm, make dinner, get kids bathed, have time to smooch on hubby when he returns home, put kids to bed,read story,prayer,get more water, help someone to Nolan back to bed for the third time-check on Regan. Then I get to clean kitchen from dinner, and get ready for bed. Fall into Bed, mumble something incoherrant to Bob. and on some occasions well TMI.... Some days we go to park, library,store,etc. Do not misunderstand me, I am not telling you all this because I regret my decision, I really love my"job". I just thought that the next time anyone meets or doubts that a stay at home mom works, well our job never stops. The next time you meet a homeschooling parent you will also know without a doubt that our children are very socialized!
Now I also want to take this opportunity to say to the working moms - I have so much admiration and respect for you. Not only do you work, but I also know that you do the same things here that I just described! I think as mother's we should support and encourage one another (instead of tearing each other down) for the things we do, or the decisions we make. Whether someone decides to stay at home or work outside the home,there is one thing I am certain about, we all want the best for our children ,we love them and want to provide for them the best care we can-for each one of us it will be different, and it will look different, but we all share this one common goal-To raise productive,self confident, self motivated, moral children in a society that is broken.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

B747-200 Air France - Jet Blast St. Marteen

here is another one, it really is funny!

Blown Away by Jet Blast

Hubby just called-weather not so good today in St. Marteen! Boo Hoo-although he does look good with a tan! This is what he and Rich are doing to pass the time! But remember he is "working"!This is funny. Watch the people who are blown back into water. Apparently they watch this for hours.

What's in a Name

So I thought I was really a unique individual, you know really creative. I thought I had the perfect name for my blog,. One that no one else would have,that would stand out,that would be completly a one of a kind-right?Wrong! I went on google to check and do you know there are at least 4 other blogs titled It's a pilots life for me! Can you believe it? I can not. Now I know some of you are googling right now.
They are all different. There are some just for the "wives" of the pilot's,( bitch ,bitch and more bitching)okay, this is a little harsh, it is tough to be a pilot's wife sometimes, I mean I have my moments,too.Actually I may be visiting this site more than I thought, I mean I like to b---h as much as the next wife.ha ha There is one on starting to become a pilot ( would you like some cheese with that whine?get it?), there is one on the travels and adventures from the pilot himself,(whoo hoo)actually if I was this guys wife I would be really pissed off now.I mean he should get a clue-No matter where Bob goes he always tells me how crappy it is, now I know this is a lie but it makes me feel better that he is not have some grand adventure without me.hey it works for us. Then the last one is on the life as the pilot see's it, impacting his family (this is the most realistic) and the not so glamourous life of a pilot. Coincidently,this last blog writer and I started our website at the same time,have the same blog name, and even wrote a similar article on the work schedule of a pilot. hm,very interesting, Bob are you secretly blogging?
My blog may have the same name as the others but I promise it is with my own flare, my own stories, my own humor that include, but is not limited to Bob's job!I actually can't wait to read these other blogs-I am even going to try and convince Bob to start one unless.......

Friday, February 15, 2008

We Are Family!

I love this song! When I hear it,it truely reminds me of my crazy,wild, passionate, amazing family. I have one of those unique families where we are unusually close(too close) I mean every morning my brother who lives in Seattle calls me on his way to work so we can share conversation and coffee! My sister in Charlotte and I talk daily,um okay hourly! My mother lives 5 minutes from me,and we talk daily and see each other all the time. I love knowing she is always available. We blog,my space,text and email, I mean we keep in touch! When you have something to share(good or bad) you get on the phone and we three-way and talk about it. Bob calls this telephone-tella-Robinson! We vacation in the summer together with all of our children and spouses. This has created some of my favorite memories for myself and for our children. We have been going to the beach and staying in a huge house on St. George Island(all compliments of my big bro and sister-in-law Adrien!) We spend our days lounging by the pool or beach,eating,riding wave runners in the ocean,taking mopeds around the Island,having one HUGE party, and of course every night Karoake! We spend most of the year practicing songs, and laying claim to the ones we want to sing!We have a traditon that there is one song we have to always sing first then its open game-Me -I will survive,Vickie-Delta Dawn,Robbie/Vickie-(grease)Summer lovin',and we always end with everyone singing WE are Family!My nieces sing,my nephews,my mom,my kids, it is one of the best times! We cheer each other on, laugh, dance, encourage,support, and feel pride for one another, we are each other's biggest "Fans". We have fought(literally)for each other( hecklers), you can bet you mess with one and gloves come off!! and I won't even go into if you mess with one of our kids!that gets real messy! Because we are family. For that one week we are together, celebrating that we are lucky enough to be a part of this family. The last few years we have gone through job losses,job gains,pregnancy,loss of pregnancy, divorce, marriages, death, illness, adoption, promotions, demotions, just an ordinary year for us! Through it all we stick together, , just like at that stupid Karoake bar, encouraging, laughing, dancing, crying, loyal and being proud of one another! Holding on to each other and fighting for one another during all events of life.I am so blessed for my family,We have grown not just in size(we gained some extended family) but through the years we have grown to respect each other's differences, styles, and choices. We may not always agree with them, but we stand by each other loving one another despite ourselves. This is what it means to be FAMILY-We are not perfect, we fight ,we make up,fight again, disagree,agree, but through it all we learn that life, MY life, would not be the same without them. I could tell you stories, but you would think I was lying, trust me you can't make this stuff up!So We are Family get up everybody-sing!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nolan's words.

My mom was watching Regan and Nolan the other night so that Bob and I could go out to dinner. My mom called me from the movie store to tell us something funny he said to her(which he does all the time).
Mamaw:Nolan that movie cost me $5.00. You have to be nice to me for the rest of the night.
Nolan:Nah,I'll just pay you the $5 bucks when I get home.

Nolan:Mamaw when is Louie getting married?
Mamaw:I don't know.Don't you want to know when I'm going to get married?
Nolan: No. Your too old and your husbands die.Girls can only get married once,boys can get married twice.

Nolan: Mamaw I love those new red curtains.
Mamaw: thanks Nolan
Nolan:The rest of your house is ugly.

Nolan is also funny at home! this is after Nolan goes Potty
Nolan: Mommy,Butt wipe in' time!!!
Mommy: Nolan when are you going to learn to wipe your own butt?
Nolan: I know how, I just don't wanna wash my hands!

In Car- Nolan:Daddy when God is holdn' the whole world in his hands, who is holdn' God?

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Friggin Valentine's Day!

So Ladies we are in the final stretch! I mean there is only three days left before the most romantic day of the year is here! You know the one ,we all know the one- the big Valentine's Day! Woo Hoo- okay lets be real it -SUCKS-am I right? Lets face it, it sucks if your single(big time), it sucks if you've been married for awhile because your at the "we dont need to celebrate it" stage, ( FYI guys this is a lie-yes we are women we lie)and then if they do get you something well lets face it girls_IT AIN"T FREE! you know what I mean-all they are thinking is-flowers=sex,dinner=sex,candy=sex,_____(fill in blank)=sex! Am I right? you know that I am. If you are like me Valentine's day also takes me back to high school, you know the time when EVERYONE celebrate's it , they send the flower grams,notes,etc to their "true love"during school hours and if you are not the one who gets something you carry this around for the rest of your life- looking in search of having the "perfect" valentines day to make up for your lack of popularity with the boys in highschool! okay so I have some bitterness and anger about valentine's day in highschool-haha I feel sorry for my poor daughter, she is starting out with the best valentine(her daddy) and so leaving her in dissapointment that no other man will ever be able to measure up to him.This is his plan anyway.This holiday especially sucks when you are a wife of a pilot, here is why ,the boss is trying to woo his wife(=sex) and could give two craps about yours and always decides to take his wife to a romantic trip to the Islands- so ,this is where Bob and his work husband(Rich) will celebrate MY valentine's Day- together-at the resort,drinking foo foo drinks, hanging by the beach and having MY romantic valentine's dinner, together.Well that better be all he gets on MY Valentines date.ha ha oaky that was gross. anyway it sucks.
So Today I am giving all of us an UNVALENTINE Day Holiday- where we take ourselves out, treat ourselves to a manicure/pedicure,massage, new shoes,whatever. To celebrate our womanhood and the curse that we all live with as women of wanting and craving the passion,romance,flowers,candy, yes we really do want IT ALL-We can not help it,we are created for this, to be treasured,loved, adored- I think this is the best part of being a woman,and no men,,, this is not to let YOU off the hook for Valentine's Day. hint;when we say we don't want anything,we lie,when we say its no big deal,still lying,and for gosh sakes when we say its valentine's day everday with you its all lies, lies, and more lies. Do not fall for this crap, you better come home with cards,candy,flowers,dinner and the whole nine yards-you better surprise us-because anything less, and well lets just say, we can go alot longer than you can-So wake up men, show the women you love that you love them ,they are adored,appreciated,your one "True Love". and I bet everyone will wake up the next day with a smile on their face:)
PS for those of you that are single -sorry, your screwed. there's always next year.and if I am lucky you were one of those girls in highschool who always got the flower gram-so I hate you anyway-
PSS and Bob if you were ever going to comment on my blog,it better be NOW, and it better be mushy,sweet and romantic.
PSSS Bob just got home with new bathing suit,suntan lotion,new serengiti's sunglasses(for his Valentine's weekend), btw he brought me tampons,pads,and avocados.He is in big trouble here. His ship is sinking fast,very fast.poor, poor Bob he won't be smiling for awhile.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Path

Today I wanted to write about something personal that has happened to me. Not so that I can gain sympathy or even for any amount of attention. I just think it is something that most of us as women have either experienced ourselves or have gone through with a friend. So I write this for encouragement, and hope. You may not have even had the same experience, but I think that it can apply to all situations in life.
Bob and I found out a few weeks ago that we were pregnant. Yes, it was quite a surprise and unexpected. We did share this new with a few close friends and family , but we chose to not share it with everyone until after the "first"trimester, including our children, who still do not need to know. Well, I went to the doctor on Thursday saw a little heartbeat and thought we were right on track, Unfortunately I started to miscarry on Friday. Called the doctor and he explained there is nothing we could do about it, that there must have been something wrong with the developement etc,etc,. FYI, if you have someone you know that is going through this a few things not to say, -its for the best, you were'nt planning this anyway,better now than later,you can have another one,- although these comments are heartfelt they dont help. Nor should you try to explain why it happened, well you shouldnt have...maybe if you would have... No there is nothing that anyone can do to prevent this, it is no one's fault , you can not cause this,it is designed by God, with his purpose in motion.So just listen. That's it, nothing more.simple.
I am a private person, ask my family! So deciding to share this so openly is a bit out of character for me, a bit scary, however,I chose to share it on my blog because hiding from it felt like I was ashamed. Ashamed that my body did not do what it needed, ashamed that I somehow failed or dissapointed people,when in actuality I have learned, grown, and although with the sadness have found the joy in it. This may sound foreign to some, but I truely can only explain it , because it is so odd that it must be God.So,Let me explain. First on what I have learned,I have learned that I am not in control of my life, God is! This has been so freeing for me to know that I am not only not in control, but I dont have to be!He has a plan for each of us and sometimes that path we go down is rocky,bumpy, & comes with cracks, but during these times ,I am convinced that it is when we are most alive, that we are living. I assume this is the "road less traveled" because the road that is traveled alot is smooth,no bumps, probably pretty straight right? well that road may appeal to some, but not to me,I want to be on a bumpy crazy road that takes me to different places, adventures, yes and alot of heartache, isn't this life. isn't this living? You can not have one without the other. I want to press forward on my bumpy cracky path because it is mine, my choices, my life.I have learned that it only takes one day, one moment to change your life.(this happened when we saw the plus sign on the test and again Friday)but that you have to go with it, sometimes changing your plans, taking a turn when you thought you would go straight,or gettting off at the next stop, but that's okay! I have learned to trust this and find comfort in the peace that only He can give me.That I may feel sadness and pain, but joy comes in the morning! I have learned that people really do care and that love grows when you allow people to be a part of your life and not by shutting them out, I have learned that alot of people LOVE ME. I also have learned that we all have purpose no matter how long we are in this world, whether it is 80 years or 7 weeks we are all signifigant to our creator. We all touch lives. Second, I have grown. I have grown in my faith,that he has sustained me and comforted me in knowing that his will was done.That my circumstances Do Not and Will Not determine my relationship with Christ, he already paid for ALL of my sins and that my circumstances are Not a punishment for being the sinner that I am.This is HUGE - It is also empowering to me. That each event or trial is an opportunity to be a blessing to someone else. It is how we respond to these situations that show who we really are ,our true character.Situations like these shape us, change us, it becomes a part of our legacy, our story. I embrace this.And lastly I have found joy, joy in the overwhelming response of my friends & family to support me, love me. I have found joy that my children were protected from having to understand this, I have found joy in the arms of my wonderful husband,I have found joy in the knowledge that whatever life throws at us we can be assured that because we have chosen to walk with Christ, that we can never lose our spirit, our hope, our purpose! You can look at this in any situation that you may be facing now, or in the future, My sister used to sing this song, it goes -Life is Hard, but God is good! This is so true! We all have crap(can I say crap here?) in our lives, we all have pain, mistakes, dissapointments,This is when I think we should reach out most to people, not hide or try to deal with it on our own, that is a lie.God created us to have relationships with each other, that means through good,bad and ugly.That means to be vulnerable and say I'm a mess ,this is me, like it, accept it, deal with it- here I am! I find Joy in this! Don't You?
I can not tell you what God has planned for my future, nor do I want to know. I want to enjoy each moment, I want live in the 60 seconds of life, where every second counts, I choose to live in the abundance of joy, not the bondage of grief and dissapointment,I choose to live with excitement, knowing that I may not understand but can be rest assured that my path,my bumpy,rocky road, will always be the one that God leads me down so at the end of it I too will hear," Well Done". I hope this was an encouragment to someone that needs to hear it, I really love each and everyone of you, you are all a part of me.(well there may be a few people that I dont know that read this blog and although I hope you find encouragment I dont love you,give me a break I dont even know you ha ha) I believe humor is a gift from God. Blessings, B. Oh yeah
P.S. for my faithful readers who have read my costco condoms blog, you may be a little confused uh condoms-pregnant- well here is a clue 1. You must use them not just buy them 2.there is no "safe" time the throes of passion do not forget them, only takes one time. .

Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Favorite Mistake

Have you ever made a mistake? I don't mean one on a test where you can erase it and go on . I mean a big whooper! One you just know that you are going to live regretting for the rest of your life? Well I did. His name is Wally,our 1/2 Chihauhua, 1/2 Jack Russell mix.
About a year and a half ago, Regan and I went to my niece's wedding in Nashville. Tenn.(This is where our story begins)! Before her big day,Regan and I had a few things to get, so we stopped by Walmart.(not her present) In the front of Walmart there was a woman and her five children selling adorable puppies-for $10.00(that should have been a clue) Anyway, Regan and I were just looking at them, I swear I had no intention of purchasing one. But did I mention how competitive I am? A lady walks up and she is like "Oh this one is so cute, how much?".She is told $10.00. The lady is like"Oh I really like him", My ears perk up now. I am paying attention. I start to hear that music that always comes on in the movies before the cowboys are going to duel in a quick draw, the tumble weeds floats by. I say with authority," well, we were looking at him first".Regan who was playing with the puppy before,is now paying close attention her eyes are darting back and forth between me and this lady, like a tennis match, with anticipation hoping the outcome will benefit her in some way.The lady says ,but I would really like to buy him, he's perfect. I respond (Here is where I don't get myself sometimes. I should have shut-up and walked away , walk away ,I hear myself screaming in my head, turn around, you don't want a dog. Why I didn't turn around is beyond me, I was transfixed in my position, my fingers wiggling ready to be the first to draw out my $10.00 bill- my little voice is saying,leave, leave) but instead I blurt out, I'll take him. Are you sure? Yes I am sure.Actually, I am anything but sure, but I tell you -I wanted to win. Thoughts are going through my mind now, What are you crazy? get out, get out, now before its too late! I reach in and in one swift moment and a flick of my wrist pull out $10,proudly I hand it to the woman. I am like - Yes I WON,I Won, I won!...Oh, crap I won!##%$* I didn't even want him! I got so caught up in the winning I actually bought him. Regan is thrilled,beyond thrilled. I have scored major points with her.
We start walking around Walmart, now I have to buy stuff for this dog. I run into my mom, my other niece and my sister. They see the dog, What the hell did you do? I bought this dog out front for $10.00. You do remember you are in Tennessee and going home on an airplane, right? Wrong. I forgot. What is Bob going to say? Give it back. Then panic steps in, I start to realize what I had done, I grab the dog , I start to run outside to give him back, she can even keep the $10.00, the woman is gone. Regan is running behind me, tears streaming down her face yelling, my dog, my dog. I look down at her. I can't give him back. He is my mistake. We sneak this dog into our hotel room. Our $10.00 dog just became a $150.00. I had to buy something to bring him home in, and a plane ticket. Bob met us at the airport. He cannot believe his eyes. He says you were only gone for two days, and you come home with a dog? Who goes to another state for two days and buys a dog? I do. Regan named him Wally, after of course Walmart. So he is Wally the Walmart Dog that comes from Tennessee.
It has been over a year now and Wally is still the biggest pain in my butt. He is too hyper, he still gets in the trash, loves shoes, can jump as high as my head,he smiles, he has even learned how to open the bedroom doors, so I have to lock them whenever we leave. He keeps me humble. He makes me angry.He makes me say things and words that I cannot repeat here.He reminds me to think before I act. Did I mention his farts can clear a room.(this is Regan and Nolan's favorite thing that he does!) However, despite all of this,he is ours. He is loyal beyond reason,patient with my children, he will run after every ball you throw and bring it back with his tail wagging,a companion for Ramsey,and a great listener, a true friend. So I guess sometimes in our lives, we live with regret because of the mistakes that we made, sometimes our mistakes are regrets worth living with!
The moral of this story is... You get what you pay for.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Boys will be Boys

My boy is going to be 5 years old next week! He is so excited for his "big" day. He keeps reminding me that he will be one whole hand. We are having his party at Chuck-e-Cheese- I was told only to invite boys-no GIRLS allowed-he informed me.I love this.. I love that he thinks that I am the one he will marry one day. I savor this moment because I know that it is only this moment in time that he will feel this way and too soon he will want to include girls in his circle. He will find it silly that he even thought he could have married me!much less want his friends to know that he said it.He is growing so fast and time is flying by. He will be five next week and twenty-five in a blink of an eye.I want my little boy to play pirates,eat cake and climb jungle jims-I want him to be smelly at the end of the day and find totally gross things in his pockets!
I look at him and see endless opportunities for his future. I love to watch him play at the park and inspect bugs, leaves and something gross smooshed on the ground(get away from that Nolan!) and I think to myself this may be our president one day?!-I wonder what kind of man he will become, what kind of father will he be, husband? But for now I just want him to be five. I want him to continue to climb into my bed every morning and spoon me, give me sticky kisses and long hugs good night.For now I want to celebrate his youth,his innocence,his uniqueness.Today,I will just love him, praise him, encourage him and celebrate his "big" day with him at a place I loathe, but will endure for him. This is the gift of parenting. It is a joy raising this wonderful little boy. Happy 5th Birthday,Nolan! Don't waste a minute of it!