Monday, March 31, 2008

One More Time

We went to the park today. I forgot it is Spring Break, so the park was very full. I like to find a seat near the exit so my kids cannot run out without me noticing. Yes, mommy we know the rules, no leaving the park, if someone comes up to us scream "STRANGER" as loud as we can. They hate when I do this, I am never more than 2 feet from them at any given time and always have one eye on each one. Anyway, I got settled into my seat, DD in hand and ready to relax.
I see Nolan heading right for the swings, great, I am going to have to get up and go push! I was dreading leaving my seat knowing someone was coming to take it as soon as I left. Yes, lazy mom. I am still waiting for him to scream "Mommy come push me", I look up and there is my boy, pumping his legs all by himself! He is waving with one arm "look at me, look at me!" with pure joy and excitement displayed on his face! I was sitting in my seat with a stupid grin on mine, laughing and cheering for him. I had been trying to teach Nolan how to pump the swing on his own for a year now, and he just couldn't get the hang of it. He finally has. We had just had another milestone in our family.
At the moment I knew he had succeeded in swinging, I was overjoyed for him and yet, my heart sank, just a little. I realized that he can, and will be able to do a lot more things by himself. The days that he needs me will get smaller and smaller. He is growing up into an independent boy, and than a man.
I know I was dreading getting up and pushing him on that swing for twenty minutes, but now that I don't have to , I feel a sudden loss, I crave to push that swing just one more time. How I seem to wish my kids to be able to do things on their own, then when they do, I am reminded how fast time goes, their youth is only for a season.
I talk to mother's whose children no longer live at home, with plenty of free time, but longing for their children to be back home, when the house is full of laughter, noise and messes. I have decided, I don't want to have those regrets when my children leave, I want to know that I enjoyed everything and missed nothing. I don't need my "free"time now, I will have "too" much time, soon enough in the near future. I want to savor these moments, and remind myself to quit being lazy, read the damn book again, take time to listen to a joke I still don't get but pretend to laugh every time, act like I can't find them, when I know exactly where they are, and even though he doesn't need me to, I ran over there and gave him a real high push ducking under the swing screaming "UNDERDOG", if only for one more time!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tri Maniac

I have one week to go until this triathlon.YIKES! I am not ready for it, I just want it to be over so I can have this Triathlete title. Total pride,yes I know, but I don't see you signing up for a triathlon?! so what? I have run 2mls and biked 8 mls today, my butt hurts in places I didn't know were on my butt! So I think that is why I have been a little grumpy. I did get a new suit so I will look good doing this thing. I will be taking my friend who will take pictures so that I have proof and a picture for this blog !. Anyway, I must be a glutton for punishment,it seems I just signed up for a tri-series this summer-UGH! What was I thinking? I wasn't. I got back from a great workout and was motivated or my mind manipulated me into signing up for another one! This is a list of the only things I am sure of for my triathlon
1. I will not drown(they have noodles)
2.I will not be eaten by gator or have amoeba enter my body through nose(they got rid of gators and water too cold for anything that small to live in)
3.I will not lose(they have designated loser!)
4.I will look good(new outfit)
5.I will finish(no other option if I want to get back into car to go home)
6.I will be an example to my children, that once you start something no matter how ugly you have to finish.
7. This defiantly goes into my legacy chapter of my life.
8. I will fit into my skinny jeans for at least another month!
9.I can find humor in anything, especially when it comes to laughing at myself!
Now, I need to go bike, run and swim-have fun sitting on your couch, did I tell you ,you suck!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sock Puppets

Bob was getting ready to put on his socks Saturday and this is what he found! "Why do I have googly eyes on one of my socks?" I forgot Regan has been making sock puppets lately! We laughed so hard. And you know what? Bob wore those socks all day on his trip to Ft. Lauderdale! Life with kids is never dull!

Art Festival 2008

Nolan had his annual art festival at his school! He is a great artist, I will sell this picture to the highest bidder, no really I think I may be on to something with this! finally a way to profit on my children's talent! Read the "about the artist",it is very funny and it is Nolan's word verbatim!:) Also, he signed his own name.
P.S. I have never made shark in my life! or any fish.
Does fish sticks count?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dudabug!!

WE BLINKED, and then she was 10:)

My daughter is one of my heroes. In her ten years she has taught me to be a better person. Regan is beautiful inside and out. She has all of the qualities I would love to possess. She is soft spoken, gentle, kind, and lovable. I admire her so much. I know that I am the mother, I am supposed to be the teacher, but I honestly believe she is the one teaching me. She has taught me to refocus on what is important in life, to love unconditionally, to slow down and enjoy the small moments, and to laugh, oh how she has taught me to laugh! It has been a blessing and an honor to be her mother. I have enjoyed watching her grow the last ten years. Time goes by so fast, too fast. I look forward to the next ten years, to watch her become the young lady that God has called her to be. Thank you Regan, I love you more than you will ever know-you will understand when you become a mother yourself.

Happy Birthday, Dudabug! We Love You!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Lunch Date With Mamaw!

For Easter weekend, my sister Vic and her daughter came into town for a family visit. Today we spent the day with our mom. I should have known that this would be a day for great blog material. I was right. It started off with my mother inviting my sister to go and eat lunch with her. I was just getting home from an Easter Egg Hunt with the kids when Vic was leaving. She said, "Mom called. She's taking me to lunch." So I replied, "If she's taking you to lunch, it's Chinese and I'm going too. Cause if she's buying your lunch, she's buying mine!" (I knew it was "Chinese" food because she only ventures to one restaurant for the $5.99 per person value!).

When we got to our mother's house, the first thing she said, as she looked at me was, "I just KNEW you would have to come too!" When my mother took off her glasses, we noticed her eyes were swollen, red and puffy. Our first reaction was "Gross! What's wrong with your face? Who beat you up?!" Needless to say, she wasn't amused. She was having an allergic reaction to her 2 year old mascara! She said, "What chu think it is?" I said, "I know what you have! It's called "xactly" disease!" My mom's eyes widened as she looked at me in panic! She said, "Wuz that!?" I said, "It's when your face looks "exactly" like your butt!" Vic and I rolled on the floor laughing. My mom said, "Oh, sheet. You girls' think you so funny!"

We then left for the Chinese restaurant. The whole way there, our mom was bragging to us about the price of the buffet. She said she eats there at least once a week because of the price! As we walked into the restaurant, Vic and I noticed the variety of the buffet choices. Mom saw us eyeing them. She then quickly pulled both of us aside and whispered, "Don't eat the crab legs, it's extra! Oh, and eat slow so I get my money's worth!" As Vic, Mom and I sat down and finish eating, we tell her we're full. She said, "You two are hanorexic! (we're pretty sure she meant anorexic!) You two are too skinny! You need to eat more so I get my money's worth!" Mom then went back to the buffet and filled up a second plate. As she sat back down, she looked at us and said, "I'm so full!" We said, "Then, why did you get more food?!" She was determined to get her money's worth and make up for what we lacked. At any cost, including gluttony!

The waitress then comes to the table, asks us if we're finished and then takes our plates and silverware. My mother looked at both of us in shock. "You take the silverware off that other table and eat some more! Now that waitress is gonna be thinking, "oh, good, we make money off those people because they didn't eat enough!" Mom was irritated with us. The bill came. It was only $20.00. Mom looked surprised, "Oh, that's not too bad. I pay it. That's pretty sheep for 3 people!"

Vic offered to put a tip on the table and left $4.00 (20%). Mom said, "That's too much, Bikki! She didn't do nothing!" She then proceeded to take back $1.00 of the tip money and put it in her pocket!

It's never a dull moment when you go out with Mamaw!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ball pictures

The two cutest ball players
in town!Go Team G!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Committment Issues

I think I have commitment issues. No not the big kind either. I am very committed to my marriage and kids. I am talking about the small ones. The ones where someone will say, hey lets have lunch on Tuesday, I stutter, Do you want a play date on Monday? I panic. How about this one, I love to have my nails done, but I can't commit to being faithful going every two weeks so they usually look worse than the original! Its a problem . My sister begs me to come to NC,I say yes, when it gets closer,I can't. I never tell my children when I am going to take them to Disney,a movie or even the mall, I am too afraid I will not make it there, and then will have to explain why we aren't going. This is why they think I am so spontaneous, because I never fully commit until the moment we leave. This is a problem. I know there is a word for it. I have committed to my triathlon, the training, not so much! My one good friend always give me an out. She is so good to me! She know I will commit and then freak,so she has found a way for me to always have an exit strategy. This really works too, because I rarely, if ever, cancel on her, just knowing I have an out give me relief and the anxiety is gone. I think it is that I am afraid to disappoint anyone. I have a warped vision that this world (my world) will fall apart if I am not there to take care of it-its pure pride mixed with arrogance? a little. I realized I this was a problem when my baby girl did two things, wrote her cousin a letter and told her she was 97% sure we were coming, and yesterday she told her brother she was 95% sure he could sleep in her room! She is learning about the never fully commit syndrome. I don't want to pass this down to her! So, I am making you all a promise, I tell you I am committed to finding the solution! No more broken dates, lunches or trips, I am committed to a resolution! I will research, until I can figure out the answer! I am 80% sure I will do this tomorrow:)

BTW-the term is commitmentpobia or CP's -see I told you I wasn't making this stuff up!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Morning

Why is it that every Sunday morning , we get up in plenty of time to be ready for church and then it never fails, we are always running late? We start Sunday morning off with good attitudes and smiles, then when it is 15 min. to leave time, we can't find shoes, purse, need hair done and ironing! The craziness begins, Bob does the countdown, Regan starts to cry, Nolan is still watching Spongebob (okay the kid watches too much Spongebob,blame his dad) there is screaming, crying, blaming and then we are rushing to get out the door! We get into the car, oh forgot something, run back into house at least 3 times, and finally the car pulls out of the driveway. Once we arrive at church, everyone is happy again. It is a wonder I will never understand, but we will do it again next week. Maybe I should try getting everyone up late next week, then maybe we will get to church on time!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Adjustment

So its like this. Bob spent most ,okay the last 12 years of our marriage, as a contract corporate pilot. What this means is that he was paid on a per trip basis, so when he wasn't flying he wasn't getting paid. That being said, Bob flew ALOT. He would be on trips and out of town for days then come home a couple of days and then hustle more trips. He has missed birthdays, anniversaries,weddings, holidays, vacations, and yes, even a funeral(my dads),Well he made it to the service then had to exit out of the building as soon as it was over to get the the airport to fly to yet another nameless destination. Although this was not ideal, it was what is was.

I am very independent woman and I am okay doing most things alone, not all, but most! Anyway, it worked for us. I had plenty of time for me, my friends, my activities. Fast forward to October 2007. Bob is now officially on salary and flies for one company. Yes, this has been a blessing, and has given our life some financial freedom.The problem is ,there is no more need to hustle. Bob will get a check, the same amount each month, whether he flies 15 days a month or none-Yes, it is that good- I am not complaining about that, its nice to know what he will get because it makes the accounting manager(me) able to budget. Here lies the issue. Bob is home ALOT now. Before if a trip was cancelled he would be on the horn talking to another company and out on another trip the next day, now a trip cancels, there is no call to be made. Again, this is not all bad. Except when you are used to having free time, time alone, girlfriend time, shopping time, etc. etc. Now I am finding myself with alot less of me time and alot more of us time. Don't get me wrong this makes me happy, I love being with Bob, its just sometimes I find myself asking, Do you have a trip tomorrow honey? Nope. Do you need to go to the airport? Nope. The reason I ask this, is not because I don't want him around, but you have to understand pilots are addicted to planes, flying things, and weather. When Bob is home this much he has no one to talk to about this stuff with except, you guessed it, me. I walk into a room, he is watching some history show on flying. He reads flying magazines, and can watch endless you tube videos of flying. He will then have this undying need to tell me EVERYTHING he is learning about flying, or knows about flying, and this is all I hear wha wha wha wha wha(like the charlie brown teacher) because it makes no sense to me. He will say the engine on a ... then he lost me. really, I have no interest. Sometimes at night I am not tired so I will say, Bob tell me about that thing that needed to be fixed on the airplane? he starts, excited that I am showing interest , the airplane... bam I am asleep. really.
You see I don't want my husband gone all the time, I am enjoying the fact that he will be here for Easter, Regan's birthday and he is actually going on a whole week vacation with my family this year! These things are great-most people will ask me how do you handle your husband gone all the time? I want to know how do you handle your husband home all the time? I swear it is easier when they travel, now I find I have more laundry,more dinners to cook, more house to clean,the bathroom toilet is an endless duty, I mean turn the light on at night already!
I can't even drink my DD in silent abode, I get, is there any left for me, how many cups do you drink a day? really this has been an adjustment for us. Isn't that funny? you think when they are gone you would love for them to be home all the time and then it happens and well... I really need to find him some old, retired army pilot to swap plane stories with. soon. Oh, Bob just walked in, guess what? He looks irratated, he tells me he has a week long Island trip next week!Oh baby, I'm going to miss you so much, I wish you didn't have to go. Secretly, I am trying not to smile. Such is the life of this pilot's wife! Now, where did he put his new bathing suit and sunscreen? I better go help him pack!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

kids say the darndest thing part 1 of many

On Regan's impending birthday
"Regan I can't believe my baby girl is going to be ten! Your growing up to fast"
"Well if it makes you feel any better I'm not that excited about growing up either"

"well as you get older you get to do more things"
"Like what?pay taxes,get a job, pay bills, nah I'm just not that interested."

While reading Regan a post on my blog called "Go Yankees"
"NO fair you went to a Yankee's game.?"

As I am getting ready-
"Mommy don't forget your boobie holders!" as Nolan hands me my bra.

Trying to get Nolan ready while watching Sponge Bob
"Mommy can't go to school today"
"why not?
"I don't feel good"
"what's wrong?"
"my elbow hurts"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kara Visits

My niece, Kara, is a senior at Purdue. She will be graduating in August! Kara called the other day and told me that her and a few friends were going to a Beach near my house for spring break this week. Yeah:) I was hoping to see her while she was near me, but I understand and remember all too well spring break, the last person you have time to visit with is an Aunt, no matter how close she lives to your spring break destination. To my surprise Kara called me Sunday night to say they were going to a a baseball game and they wanted to stop by to see me for awhile. Ha, ha,Yes, I am the "Cool" aunt, you know the one your niece wants to see while she is on spring break with her friends, yup I am that cool! Knowing they are all college students with limited funds, I offered to make them dinner (lasagna), I knew this would score me big points and also allow me to visit with her for awhile. After the game they (five of them) came by to hang out with me,Regan and Nolan. We had a great time! They stayed until 9:30pm, ate dinner, played the Wii and they were not even in a hurry to get back to the beach to party!
Yes, I am that cool, or it could have been the "free" meal, Nah I'm cool!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Go Yankee's!!

I went to see the best ever Yankee's baseball game the other day! It was so exciting. The players all had on their new uniforms and they looked so handsome. The stands were filled with a crowd that was excited with anticipation. There were so many supporters we could barely find a seat. As the players approached the field, you could hear the cheers of the fans getting louder and louder. Each fan had picked out their "favorite" player, and would scream their name with encouragement. Throughout the game the players would look into the crowd and smile or wave. When the ball was hit there was no shortness of team work as they would ALL run to catch the ball, sometimes causing dog piles in the middle of the field!
As each player would stand up to bat, they would wait for their "perfect" pitch, after they hit the ball they would throw the bat, and always took time to wave to the crowd,with a proud smile on their face as if to say "did you see what I just did?" and then take off for whatever base was closest. It was by far the best, most exciting game I have ever seen! I am also very much IN LOVE with the best,and cutest player on the team. Oh, Did I mention Nolan is playing T-ball this year. Yes, He plays for the Yankees!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Again

There was a plane crash here last week where three pilots died. I hate when I see stories like these-It is heartbreaking to think of the families that are left behind. I will usually get calls from family and friends when they hear stories like these to make sure it wasn't Bob. I have gotten used to him flying so much that I never even think twice about it, until someone asks.
When Bob and I were first married I would worry endlessly about him. I would sit by my phone and wait for his voice to say,"Hi baby, I'm here" Oh those few simple words could ease my anxiety,and calm all of my fears! I remember one time he had a trip to some remote island.There was only one phone on the island(this was when you only had beepers) so by the time he had gotten there, he could not "check in" with me. This was the longest night of my life. I kept waking up,waiting for him to call,the clock ticking hour by hour,I was imagining the worst,(the plane crashed and he was at the bottom of the ocean with a beeper continuously going off, beep,beep,beep) I woke up at 5am to call the tower and give them his tail number to tell me what happened, I waited for the police to show up at my door, can I say it was the worst experience for a newly married bride! When at 7am the phone rang and I heard the most amazing sound on the other end, my husband's voice:"Hey Baby, I am so sorry I didn't sleep all night,I knew you were so worried about me!" and then he explained why he couldn't call.
After that incident I started to pray for me to have peace when Bob went on a trip. I realized that I could not let the fear that something may happen to him paralyze me. I always think it is ironic that I would have married a pilot( I have control issues,I am a woman), until I realized it was the perfect plan for me! Being the wife of a pilot has helped me to grow in my faith and lean on the peace that only Christ can give me. God has used my marriage to shape my character into things that I never would have been able to shape otherwise!
I remember in the beginning it was really hard to let go of the fear, I would try not to worry but in the back of my mind I always knew how long a trip would take and when I should expect my call, but as I continued to grow and rely on my faith, it became less and less frequent. Until one day the fear was no longer there. I stopped losing sleep over the late night trips, I stopped watching the weather report, I stopped trying to keep track of times it took to get somewhere, I was released. (incidently, this is about the time that we got flight tracker!)
I always pray for Bob when he is flying and I will always be a little concerned for his safety especially, when the weather is bad, but I have learned that God is in control of Bob's life to. He keeps him safe when he leaves for trips and when he comes home. I know that I have learned that being a pilot's wife takes strength,patience, and Faith. Strength to take care of the home while he is away,patience when he has to leave, and faith for everything. My heart will ache every time I hear about a pilot losing their lives in a plane accident, I cannot imagine ever getting that phone call, but I don't worry about it anymore, I know that it is out of my control. So now I just enjoy Bob living his life's dream, doing something he is passionate about-this is one of Bob's "races" in life that he won, and when he comes home I am always waiting for my pilot husband at the finish line!

Friday, March 7, 2008

What's on your ipod?

Knowing that I am still in training, I am getting a little bored with listening to the same music on my ipod. So I would love it if some of you would let me know-
1.what's on your ipod?
2.what is the most embarassing song on your ipod you don't want anyone to know you are listening to?
I will start.
Answers-right now I run to-
pump it-Black Eyed Peas
Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie
Toxic-Brittany Spears
Dont Cha-Pussy Cat Dolls
Baby Boy-beyonce
Trouble -Pink
Lose My Breathe-Destiny's Child
September-Earth wind and Fire
2. It is a toss up between, here is comes
Gold Digger-Kanye West
I bet you never knew! I love 70's but hey I gotta have something to keep this body moving!


Perseverance- This word is perfect for me. I think for the last few weeks I have been in a funk. One of those why bother stages. The, I didn't get to sign up for the Danskin (whine whine) so what the heck am I killing myself for? I guess after the last few weeks, I thought things were fine, except for one thing. I had given up not only on trying to complete a triathlon that I have been training for since August, but I had given up more importantly, on myself. Whew,that was hard to write.I had just decided, whats the point? I realized perseverance is continuing, pressing forward when we are ready to just quit, seeing it through to the end. It is about being true to oneself. Believing in oneself. I got lost along the way lately, but I went around a corner and stumbled upon my path once again.
It is funny how I had been buying into the lie that I was feeding myself, it was so easy to "slip"back into it. Usually is just creeps up on me without any warning. One day I feel strong, confident and sure, and then I let one incident destroy all that I had instilled in myself this year, all of the hard work swept under the rug. How did I get here again? I know how I got there because I have been here before, you know the old saying one step forward two steps back.
Perseverance is being steadfast. I think this is why I needed to go back to what my goal was, my mission was when I started out on this thing. If I would not have written it down, during these tough days ,I think I would have forgotten it, or let the wind take me somewhere else. The scripture that comes to mind is Heb 12:1 let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Your race may be different than mine,it probably is, whatever your race is, press forward , be steadfast and complete it! What have you been giving up on lately? a marriage, having a child, taking a class, a dream, a job, YOURSELF? Well, I challenge you to start today, get up and press forward. I encourage you to seek your mission, your goal ! You can not complete your race if you give up. Your race is as important as mine, and like mine there will be a finish line that you need to cross,but if you don't ever start, they take down the banners and all the people go home. Life is not meant to be painless, or joyless, it is meant to be lived with fullness, great anticipation and JOY!
I am officially signed up for my very first triathlon, it is April 5th.I want you to know this is a full month before the one I was originally training for, (isn't this so like God, you think I need more time,and he pushes you out there,saying no you don't, Your ready for this!) and guess what,I am ready to cross that finish line, to complete something that I have started, to know that I won (no not the triathlon)but that I won my race. There will be many more races for me to run throughout my life, but none will compare to my first one, the one that has taught me to stay true to myself, that I can and will be the woman I am called to be, that I will let no one, no circumstance, stop me from finishing my race. You may run along side me, I would love that, but if you can't, then kindly get out of my way, because I choose to experience life,running in the fast lane, taking the turns head on, with courage and strength knowing whom I belong to, not sitting on the sideline waiting for my turn, My turn is now! I am not naive enough to think that my race will be mapped out for me, with distances provided and a change of clothes,I have just decided that no matter what course, what distance I will persevere through this race called"life"!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A few funnies to make you laugh!

1 He fed a crowd at a moment's notice when there was no food.
2 He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of men who just didn't get it.
3 And, even when he was dead, he had to get up because there was work to do.

and for my single friends(okay its funny to us married folk too!)

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl, "Will you marry me?"The girl said, "No," and she lived happily ever after, went shopping, drank martinis with friends, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had a wardrobe full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny, and was never farted on. The End

I hope this made you all laugh!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I was listening to Bob on the phone tonight talking to a buddy. Mind you this "best friend",and Bob have not talked in months and yet they were talking like they had never stopped. I was slightly amused and curious, so when he got off the phone I said "Bob, how long has it been since you talke to B------?"He shrugs his shoulders and says "I dunno, a few months. Why?" ME-Well aren't you mad at him? Bob-Uh no, why? Me-(DUH) Well I would be pissed if my girlfriends didn't call me, or email me every day, much less a few months, they would surely be off my "best friends" list. Him- Guys don't work that way.We talk and then don't until we need to talk again.

Another difference between them and us.Another reason I am glad I am a girl. I would hate to not talk to my girl friends every day. I love knowing that when I see my friends numbers our conversations will be long, and juicy. Girlfriends just need to Know, know what you ask? EVERYTHING! I never really knew how much I love the girlfriend thing, so I thought about this. Every woman needs at least four best friends because each one is different and yet imparitive to our lives. Girlfriend #1-she is the one you go to when you are feeling low and need a pick me up. You made a bad choice and she is always the one to take your side no matter what. If you think it is a good idea to jump off a bridge at 30 stories ,she is right behind you. she is the one that one day you say I want to see Paris , she says that is the greatest thing you should,but if the next day you cant go, she will then say ,its horrible you don't ever want to go-Girlfriend # 2-This is your friend that you go to who always listens to your crap. the one that has heard it 100 times and yet patiently will listen to it again. you sometimes have time to listen to hers but she is the listener for you and mostly it just about you and that is what she is there for,so you talk and talk and she never really gives you advise ,but somehow at the end of the conversation she has sloved all of your life's problems, usually with a hmm,is that right,I see how you would feel that way, this is a treasured friend who hopefully has another girlfriend #2 ,but well it ain't you.Girlfriend #3-this is the friend that you let loose with. the friend that you can call and make a plan and she will say, sounds great-what time? I'm there. the one that you can count on to drop everything,be spontaneous and just show up and have a great time. No worries friend. Girlfriend # 4-this is the friend that is ALWAYS straight with you. she tells you what you want to hear,even when you didn't ask,but somehow she knows she has to tell you anyway. she is the one that knows you better than you know yourself. she is the one that will tell you something and makes you think, Oh I never thought of it that way. she is honest with you, and gently tells you the TRUTH even when it would be easier to tell you a lie. she sticks by you NO MATTER WHAT. but not in the girlfriend # 1 way in the I know you and I like you anyway kinda way. I know all of my girlfriends are thinking I wonder which one I am? but before you decide let me tell you about Girlfriend #5-she is the all inclusive,the listener,the talker,the one that gives advise,the fun-time friend-she is the one that I am lucky enough to have in ALL of you. I have never in my life been so blessed with so many girlfriends(some old,some new) that have all of these qualities and so many more. I am honored to have gotten to know each of you and have you in my life(You know who you are) I am so thankful we don't just talk once in awhile, but that everyday in some way(email,phone, text) we spend time together, going through life together,sharing one another's burdens and joys together. Life is great, but I will say it again its even greater with your Girlfriends!!

Ahoy Matey!

We went to the park the other day after seeing a play at the local theatre called "Treasure Island". It is our weekly trip, and we go to the park and then to the library, as we were walking by the lake on the way to the park, there was a young man sleeping on the ground. The young man couldn't have been more than 20yrs old, and he was really dirty and his clothes were too small. He had no shoes on, and had a shirt gathered behind his head as a pillow. (He was a local vagrant).
Nolan was staring at this man with a child like intensity, I knew he was thinking about it really hard, his eyes were big and he couldn't pull his eyes off of the scene. I knew that at any moment the hard questions that you get from a typical curious five year old were coming. In anticipation for the questions that were to come, I was starting to rehearse my answers, when Nolan looks up at me and says, "Mommy, you know that guy that was sleeping on the ground over there?"He is real serious here, Yes,"Well mommy he's a lost pirate and he was on the pirates of the Caribbean (he says it like cariban), really? ,looking around, "Yeah, I wonder where Jack Sparrow is?" I looked down at him, and saw the belief in his eyes, so trying not to laugh, said " Yes,baby he sure is a pirate and we better walk fast not to wake him, he might take us to his ship and make us walk the plank!" and with that we ran as fast as we could to the park, and Nolan has been telling everyone about the real life pirate he saw at the park! I love that! Kids make every day an adventure, I wish I still had that kind of imagination! and that vagrant will never know that he made my boy's whole day, which proves my point, we are all significant! even when, it is just to make a little boy happy for a moment:)