Friday, March 7, 2008

What's on your ipod?

Knowing that I am still in training, I am getting a little bored with listening to the same music on my ipod. So I would love it if some of you would let me know-
1.what's on your ipod?
2.what is the most embarassing song on your ipod you don't want anyone to know you are listening to?
I will start.
Answers-right now I run to-
pump it-Black Eyed Peas
Big Girls Don't Cry-Fergie
Toxic-Brittany Spears
Dont Cha-Pussy Cat Dolls
Baby Boy-beyonce
Trouble -Pink
Lose My Breathe-Destiny's Child
September-Earth wind and Fire
2. It is a toss up between, here is comes
Gold Digger-Kanye West
I bet you never knew! I love 70's but hey I gotta have something to keep this body moving!


St. of Words said...

"Grace Kelly" by Mika is amazing!!!

Victoria's Secrets said...

#1 What's on my Ipod? 70's music, Nora Jones

#2 What would embarrass you for other's to know is on your Ipod? Barry Manilow (go ahead and laugh, but I don't care, cause he "writes the songs!")