Thursday, May 29, 2008

Computer Savvy

so have you heard of this twiiter thing? Apparently,its the hottest newest form of communicating via your computer/cell. You sign up "for free", and than you follow people to see what they are doing during the day when you cannot contact them via cell phone,email,IM,blogging. or texting! So you can keep up to minute tabs on everyone, like big brother!

You get on and put your updates by computer or by texting it to your account. So now we never have to be out of contact with people.We never have to be alone, not even for a nano-second, we never have to spend another second in our own thoughts.It is the cure all for loneliness. Than why are there so many lonely people in the world today? Why do so many people feel isolated or are on medication for depression? In a world where you can be connected to virtually strangers around the whole world, and have access to others, why is the suicide rate at the highest? Why are we so afraid of being alone,with our own thoughts? This is an obsession. It is an addiction.

I think it is because with all this techy stuff you never actually have to come face to face with anyone.You don't have to leave your house, hell, you don't even have to get dressed,brush your hair, or your teeth. You can waste all your time living vicariously through others and therefore never have to even live your own life. Since I got my laptop,I too have gotten caught up in this, so I am preaching to myself here. I started blogging,(which I will continue),learned to text these last few months, I email,talk alot on my cell, Surf the net, and now I have tried twitter. And I realized, that I have wasted so much time- hours will pass and I will lose track of time, my house could be burning and I would not notice, I think I have even forgotten to feed my kids once! All in the name of technology,to be computer savvy. It feels a little like those clicks in high school, where every body's doing it, so I don't want to be left out or not be informed on the newest and latest form of gossip!

So I have decided to protest, to take a stand, I am cancelling my membership on twitter, I am checking email only twice a day,I am setting boundaries on my cell phone, and I am placing this new awesome laptop computer in the bag so it is not so easy to use. I am not going to waste my time texting anymore(It takes me longer than to just call and tell you what I need!) Also,I learned that nothing is "for Free",it costs me something more than money, it costs me my time!

I am taking my life back, I am going to start living my own life, not anyone else's, I am going outside to meet my neighbors or see old ones, I am going to set a better example of my time for my kids! AND I promise to meet with you or invite you over for coffee to talk about what is going on with you, in your life, person to person, building our relationship the old fashion way, one coffee mug and a time!Oh and I promise to be dressed with my hair & teeth brushed!!

Got Gas?

I filled up my mini van up yesterday and it only costs $35.00,yipee!!! okay so I only needed a half-a-tank..but I decided I will re-fill my tank every time it gets to the half way mark, than I will never have to spend $70.00,at one time! I will just have to go to the gas station twice a week! UGH! oh well, whatever works,right?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still the One

So as you saw in the pictures we went to the Nickelodeon hotel this weekend. They have two large pools with water slides, and so Bob and I got to tan by the pool while the kiddies, ran around all afternoon. sweet!
Bob went to get us drinks, and it was taking awhile. The lines for everything here is like Disney, its a hurry-up and wait mentality.
While Bob is gone I am laying in the direct sunlight,which can not be good. I sat up to see what was taking him so long,and as I looked into the direction he would be walking back in,I see this hot guy coming towards me, with a great tan. And yes, I checked him out.I was like,damn that guy looks good, he's got great legs, and a nice tan too! So I am scanning this guy,I started from the bottom and my eyes were going up towards his face, as I look I notice that something is familiar about this guy....and its BOB!!! this is no lie. I was checking out my own husband!I started laughing out loud, Bob comes over with our drinks and wants to know what I am laughing about. I told him. He started laughing, and then he looked at me and said "so,you check out other guys while I'm gone?". Only the hot ones!
So,I if I had to do it again, I would still pick Bob. He is my perfect type. He still turns my head. He is still the One.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Childhood Friend

On Saturday evening I got a call from my mom about a message that was on my phone. We listened to it, and I realized who it was. It was the mother of my elementary school friend. Her message was very urgent and she needed me to call her right away. She said "Brenda, its Cheryl C. please call me asap.Tabi is in the hospital and she is diagnosed with stage IV Kidney cancer. She wants and needs to talk to you." I hurried and called her mother back, and she gave me the devastating news. She told me how the cancer had spread to her spine, neck and I recently found out to her head. She told me that a few weeks ago she had a conversation with Tabi and Tabi told her"Mom I have had two great friends in my life, I was one of them.She told her mom that it had been awhile since we had spoken and, she needed to talk to me once more.
Tabi and I have been friends since we were 9yrs old. I had just moved to a new home and new school. I was walking home from school that first day(yes, this is the days that you walked the two miles) and a car pulled up beside me. I didn't know who this person was, but a woman rolled down her window and said, "Hi, would you like a ride home? you live right next to us", I was scared, I thought this woman must be crazy, I knew at 9 you did not ever get into a strangers car. I told her no and kept walking, well tabi must have seen the look on my face, because she poked her head out and said"she's not crazy, she's my mom." and then she had her mom stop the car, jumped out and said "can I walk home with you?" and that was the way it was. She knew I couldn't go with her, so she decided she would walk with me. We ended up walking home from school almost every day that year, weather permitting and thus began our friendship.
We were joined at the hip, I went on family vacations with her family, she would either spend the night at my house or I hers. Her family was the first on the block to get Atari, and we would play endlessly through the night. Her family was the first to buy a camper, and we would have sleep overs in it in the front yard. Her family was the first to get an in ground pool, and we would spend our summers floating in the pool. I went to NC,Tennessee,and Virginia with her family.
Over the years, I moved to Florida, we went to different colleges, and married had children, but we managed to remain in contact. Not impossible with phones, Internet, and email.We sent X-mas cards to each other, birthday notes. But of course there were times when well... life would take over and we weren't in contact like we should have been. It was only until recently, I mentioned to Bob that I had not heard from her. Until Saturday night when I got the call from her mother.
I have not been able to speak with her,her family has passed messages to her from me.At this point the doctors are not optimistic.
Tabi has been married to her high school sweetheart for 15 year they have two children ages 9 & 10.
If God chooses, I will not be able to walk home with Tabi this time, but I know I will be following her home one day. I hope she knows how much she touched my life.

Please pray for Tabi and her family. Pray for complete healing, pray for a miracle. Claim this promise for her life. I will keep you updated,but if you would like to leave a message of encouragment please go to her website and read her story: Thank you to all.

Don't let someone you know or care about go another day without telling them how you feel. Pick up the phone and call someone you have not talked to in years, but who is always on your mind. We do not have control over our life, we are not promised anything, there are no guarantees. We do not know how long we have. Hug your children tighter tonight, a little longer, kiss your husband passionately,meet with that friend you keep intending to, but well something always comes up,let go of something that you haven't been able to,forgive someone,and cherish every bit of happiness that you have. All too often we take people and life for granted.We think we have plenty of time to ________(fill in the blank), but don't waste time, because the truth is, we don't really know how long.

Weekend fun


A weekend at Nickelodeon Hotel. Fun, fun, fun!
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Fun

The weather is starting to change,the days are getting hotter,and longer. School is almost over. Summer is here!!! I absolutely love the summer time. I love the hot nights, cookouts, beach, lazy napping afternoons. I love not having a schedule, and not being in a hurry to go somewhere or do something.My favorite activity in the summer is to hang by the pool, and apply more sunscreen.Does that count as exercise?
I don't over commit in the summer, actually I don't commit at all! If you remember correctly I am a commitment phobic. No, I don't sign my kids up for all sorts of camps.I don't believe in having to be anywhere on time, or by 9am or 10am for that matter in the summer! I let my kids go to bed late, drink soda(probably why they go to bed late),sleep in, and just relax,the truth is we stay in our pajamas sometimes until afternoon.
My good friend and I decided that this year we would make a list together of things we can do with our kids this summer. Good old fashion cheap fun stuff.
Apparently, this is offensive to some. Some of the other mother's can't understand why we aren't signing our kids up in camps, or buying more amusement park passes! Well, we are going against the norm this year! We are rebels. Our kids will not be signed up for sports camps,art camps, music camps or any other camps.
We are going to allow them and even encourage them to be bored! This is the best time for them to learn how to be creative,use their imaginations, make-up games to play late into the evening.They are going to learn how to get along with their siblings, maybe learn how to do some chores. So I thought I would supply a list of fun summer activities that you could share with your children this year. It is going to be a fun lazy summer!
1A.visit local museums
1B .Visit your local parks
a.lake eola
b.Rippin riverside skate park(oviedo)
c.Shadow bay park
d.Capehart park
e.Moss Park
f.trailblazer park(lake mary)
2.the community pool old fashion lemonade stand
4.plant a garden
4.have a car wash,or dog wash
5.visit your local library ( have many free kid activities
6.Rock Springs park(tubing in the springs) ride through local trails
8.Arts and Craft days @ Michael's (
9.Family vacations
10.visit the zoo(
11. bake together(cookies,cakes etc)or learn to cook @ ( movies at( splurge and go to $1 movie
13.go family bowling(
14.have a yard sale
15 aguille rock climbing(
16.see a play (
17.monkey joes(
19.visit your local farms meadows(
b.uncle donalds farm
20.Mini golf
21.learn to play a new sport(tennis)
22.GO TO THE BEACH(although this is really my #1)!!
There is so many things to see and explore in our hometown that this is only a partial list! even though these activities and places our in my town I know there is plenty to do in yours! Please let me know if there is a fun place or fun activity that you have done or would like to do in the summer.Some of these things do cost a little bit, but most are free. And hey if you do your yardsale early, you can use that money for your summer activities! I hope you all have fun this summer spending it together,making memories that last longer than three months!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lamp Post and Beyond!

Today, Regan,Nolan and I spent the afternoon in the front of the house. They love to ride their scooters & bikes around the street with me keeping a watchful eye out for the cars that blaze past us. We live in a small neighborhood with no thru traffic and leaving me to believe that most of these cars belong to fellow ADULT neighbors, its unbelievable.
Anywhoo, when I scream "CAR CAR"(in a very loud voice that my neighbors loathe) they know immediately to go to the sidewalk and get out of the street(it only took once for them to not obey me, and lets just say again it only took once!).So they are very conditioned to get off the street.
Today, Nolan has perfected his ability to ride a two-wheeled scooter! Now that he can, Regan was less than thrilled to share it with him.
Regan likes to go down the street to the lamp post, it is just far enough where my voice is in range, and I can see her, but it is not right in front of the house which allows her some freedom,and a little independence.She also can feel safe that I am a few yards away, if she were to need me. I have been allowing her to go this far for the past few years. It took a lot for me to give her that inch.
I watch her go down the street,she is going as fast as lightening,the breeze from her speed is blowing her hair back,a smile is on her face, and I can hear her squeals of joy echoing in the wind.
I realize to her this is no ordinary lamp post. This is a beginning of her quest for life, her adventure into the unknown. This lamp post is a place that she can reach when she wants, how she wants. A place where she is able to stretch beyond the front yard ,a taste for what it will be like to go a little further, to test her boundaries. she Anticipates the possibilities, the challenges, and the adventures she may encounter. Her chance to be in charge of her decisions,responsible for her actions.How will she handle them? How will they shape her?
I watch her knowing one day, soon, I will need to let her go a little further, just out of my reach, and than out of my sight. Have I taught her the things she will need to know to step beyond the front yard, have I showed her how to be safe, have I taught her how to handle it when life is hard, but how to embrace it when life is great? Have I prepared her to stand up for what she believes in,love with all her heart, forgive quickly,forget quicker,and to always be true to herself. There are so many things I still need to teach her, and so many more that I need to learn.
She turns around, smiles at me with pride that she has accomplished her journey. She starts back to me,anxious to return and yet hesitant to leave her post.I smile back at her, amazed at her confidence, poise,determination, and I know that she is ready,she knows more than I.
I sit there in the silence for one nano second,before I hear Nolan say "Mommy, can I go down to the lamp post? I know how to ride on the two wheeled scooter now." I look at my sweet boy, knowing two things,one,I will have to let him go,he is ready to start spreading his wings,and two,I know that Regan is going to hate that he is so close behind her!
My children are growing up. It is bittersweet. I never tire of our days together.They are some of the best moments of my life.
As the afternoon was winding down. Regan says "Mommy, when do I get to go around the whole loop on my own?" I looked at her, I could see the longing in her face.I let out a sigh "Not today baby, mommies not ready for that, but in time baby girl, in time. But don't be in such a hurry, for now just enjoy the lamp post." and with that she took off one more time to the lamp post, for good measure. with Nolan right behind! Both screaming "To Infinity and Beyond"! but for now, just the lamp post!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I wish I could say or do, but don't

1. I would like to ask the person sitting next to me in the movie if I can have some of their popcorn. I mean they aren't going to eat it all, and why should I buy a bucket, all I want is one handful.

2.I would like to tell the woman at the fund raising event. get your money back, you look like your face is being pulled so tight you have a permanent smile.

3.The woman in the grocery line, it says 10 items or less. and cash only. who writes checks any more?

4.I would like to tell the person driving in front of me , turn your damn blinker off already!

5.I would like to tell the homeschooler mom who thinks her kid is a genius, he's not.

6.I would like to tell the wife who thinks her husband is an ass. He is.

7.I wish I could go out to eat alone. There must be something daring about this, I don't get it, you do kinda look like a loser.

8.I would like to ask one person, why do you ignore me when I walk past you and say hi, I didn't date your husband in HS already, get over it.

9.I would like to ask what is happening in Vegas that it has to stay there?

10.I would like to say to someone your breath stinks, take a mint, go to the dentist, but never,ever decline an offering mint.

11.To the woman in the bathroom at the bookstore, stop moaning in there, and get it done, whatever it is your doing, I don't want to know about it. But, by gosh give us a courtesy flush once in awhile.

12.I would like to tell my neighbor that I know its your dog pooping in my yard, if you don't pick it up next time I will leave it in a bag at your front door!

13.I would like to ask my dad, Why didn't you take the damn antibiotics,I am really pissed off about that.still.

What would you like to do or say and don't. Let me know!

Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Minor League Babe Ruth Champions!

Regan's team, The Millionaires won the 2008 Minor League Championship game on Saturday! It was very exciting. We went into four extra innings! We won 8-7. She played three games that day, in 94 degree heat-Bringing home two trophies and a medal. Way to go Regan, You Rock!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

At a friend's birthday party the other day, a young married woman(she is not yet a mom) asked me, "What is the hardest thing about being a mother?" I looked at her ,DUH.. and then I told her guilt. I never even knew the word existed until I had kids, and from the moment they popped out it has been the driving factor of my existence! But,for one day I throw it out the window and pat myself on my back. I focus on the awesomeness of my mothering. I allow my kids, and husband to shower me with praise, wait on me, give me gifts, and take care of my needs. I don't do this for myself, please, that would make me a "bad mother",I do it because I know that it brings them great joy to be able to pamper me, it fills a need they have, to show that even though they don't express it daily that they do appreciate all I do for them!So,being the great mom that I am I do my duty and enjoy the day, doing whatever I want, when I want, how I want. On Mother's Day, well what can I say..It's Good to be the Mom!

So Happy Mother's Day, to all the Mother's everywhere, go enjoy your day. Pamper yourself- I give you permission to have a guilt-free,day!

Friday, May 9, 2008


I just got my very first passport today! It was awesome. It says on the brochure, in big letters
"YOUR PASSPORT,NOW THE WORLD IS YOURS!". Isn't that great, the world is mine, the whole wide world! How exciting to be able to see more of it now that I have this little blue book giving me permission to go. I love my passport, it is so American, so patriotic.
Maybe, now I WILL even travel further away than my local Publix & DD. I really can go anywhere.
I love that it screams out limitless opportunities and possibilities. It sounds mysterious, adventurous, like it is daring me to go somewhere I have never been:)
I really have not been anywhere. Yes, we go to the annual beach trip, and up north and out west, the furthest I have been is the world wide web checking out Figi (does that count?). There are so many places that I have yet to see, so many places to explore so many people to meet, customs to experience.
The world is my playground, get out of my sandbox, here I come..... but I hope they all speak English, have DD, use ice,have bathrooms,bottled water,a beach(bathing suit optional(LOL),and drive on the right side of the road! Let the exploration begin!!!

So I leave you with an excerpt from one of my favorite authors,Dr Seuss

Today is your day.
You're off to great places!
Your off and away!
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go!"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Born in 1986...part 2

The majority of students in universities today were born in 1986. The Uptown Girl they know is by Westlife not Billy Joel. They have never heard of Rick Astley, Bananarama, Neneh Cherry or Belinda Carlisle.

For them, there has always been only one Germany and one Vietnam. AIDS has existed since they were born. CDs have existed since they were born. Michael Jackson has always been white. To them, John Travolta has always been round in shape and they can't imagine how this fat guy could ever have been a god of dance.

They believe that Charlie's Angels and Mission Impossible are films from the past ten years. They can never imagine life before computers. They'll never have pretended to be the A-Team, the Dukes of Hazzard or the Famous Five. They can't believe a black and white television ever existed. And they will never understand how we could leave the house without a mobile phone.

same magazine, same tweeking

Born Before 1986

According to today's regulators and bureaucrats, those of us who were kids in the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s probably shouldn't have survived, because our baby cots were covered with brightly coloured lead-based paint which was regularly chewed and licked.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, no cabinet protection latches and you could play with pots and pans. As children we rode in cars with no seat belt ,airbags or boosters, and could ride in the front seat.

We ate chips, white bread and drank Koolaide with lots of sugar in it, but were never overweight because we were always outside playing.

We shared one drink with four friends - from one bottle or can - and no one actually died from it. We drank water from the garden hose ,not from a bottle, and it tasted the same.

We would spend several hours building go-carts out of scraps, then go top speed down the hill, only to find out we'd forgotten the brakes.

We would leave home in the morning and play all day, as long as we were back before dark. No one was able to reach us and no one minded.

We didn't have Playstations or Xboxes - no video games at all. No 99 channels on TV, no videotape films, no surround sound, no mobile phones, no personal computers, no DVDs, no internet chatrooms.
We had friends - we went outside and found them.

We played jump rope, four squares and dodge ball, and sometimes that ball really hurt!
We fell out of trees, got cuts and broke bones, but there were no law suits.
We played Knock and Run and were actually afraid of the owners catching us.
We walked to friends' homes. We also, believe it or not, walked to school;
We made up games with sticks and tennis balls.
We rode bikes in packs of seven and wore our coats by only the hood.

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke a law was unheard of, they actually sided with the law.

This generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem-solvers and inventors, ever. The past 50 years have seen an explosion of innovation and new ideas. We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned how to deal with it all. Congratulations to all who had the luck to grow as real kids, before lawyers and the government regulated our lives for "our own good".

For those of you who aren't old enough, we thought you might like to read about us:)

article found in favorite London magazine, so I tweeked it to fit in America too!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gym Monkey

I am the only person I know that gains weight the minute I join a gym. No lie. I have been telling people this for a long time. No one believed me. Until now, I have proof. According to Time Magazine(a very reputable magazine) there is PROOF that people gain weight when they join a gym!
I picked up the magazine as soon as I read the title of this article and well, it is all true. Now I must tell you, I have heard it all before and well the fat isn't turning into muscle people, blah blah blah,that is BS ! IT is the fat that is the fat! I was just as surprised as you. I should have stopped reading the article after I read the title. But, I didn't. As I continued to read, it shot my theory to hell. You see TECHNICALLY its not the gym that is causing people to get fat. Apparently,after you start working out, you have this false sense of how many calories you burned. You think you have burned like 9000,and well you probably burned 250. yeah,I know it kinda sucks. So after the sweating is done, you indulge yourself with your favorite food or coffee drink, and you eat more because well, YOU DID Just work out?! right? You deserve to eat those 5 pieces of pizza as long as it is accompanied with a diet coke! and then guess what, you start to reward yourself all the time because you have a gym membership. You buy into the lie that you can eat that whole chocolate cake, because you are going to the gym today(and never get there). So, my whole point is still true, The gym makes you fat, I am not about to argue semantics here, the truth is in the Time Magazine article !

So I think I will sit down here and drink my extra creamy DD with a Boston Cream Doughnut-I mean I'm going to the gym tomorrow..right....

Pat-a Cake, Pat-a Cake

I hate those family type magazines. The ones that make sure I feel guilty for not spending enough time with my kids, crafting the alphabet out of noodles. Or making their Halloween costumes from Joannes fabric! Hello... that is what Target is for. but, I especially hate the ideas they give you for all the cute cup cakes that you can make for your child's birthdays or any other regular day that you need to make a damn cup cake for, and for some reason there is always a reason to make a cup cake. Well, THANK YOU for making me always feel like I am going to get the worst mother of the year award. this is precisely why I don't buy those magazines anymore or attempt to make the cup cakes, after all, I have PUBLIX, and for $8.99 I can get a variety of cupcakes in bugs, flowers, & basket balls!! AND guess what? my children are happy, healthy and we use macaroni around here to eat! how do you like that? I may just get mother of the year after all!!!

This was supposed to be a dog cake-WOOF is right! ha ha ha ha ha ha
Look at Brooke's face!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Obsession

I have a new favorite obsession! It is Mango Gelati- . Now if they would start selling DD flavor Gelati my life would be complete:)


Isn't it just like life to remind us that with all of our choices we make, there is always a better one? What if this dog would have been in front of Walmart on that fateful day? I would have ended up with it! So, look at the bright side of your choices, it can ALWAYS be worse:)
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Magic Eraser

While cleaning my house today, I learned a few things.
Never think about what you will write for you next blog while vacuuming, you may suck up your 13 yr old Great Pyr's tail! And if you do he will run like crazy taking the vacuum through your house destroying anything in his path, while you attempt to pull out tail. Also, your house will stink for awhile of burnt hair!! Yes, this stuff really happens to me. I promise I don't make it up:)

The other thing I learned, was that while I was cleaning with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.(everyone should have this)- I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a real magic eraser in our lives,you could purchase at Target. And well, when you make a mistake you get it out, wet it, and erase,then the mistake disappears. Or when you say something stupid to your friend who has a new hat on at the lake, "I really like your new hat,I love that it covers your face!" and they say "Thanks, I guess." And what I meant was that she was not getting any sun on her face, and I hate getting sun on my face, so it really is a great hat!(no worries magic eraser time!) or when you see a cute dog at Walmart and buy it?(magic eraser time!) or when you feel bad so you eat that double fudge brownie chocolate cake,like the whole thing?(magic eraser on my thighs, and a little on my butt !)Oh how much fun would it be?
And yet maybe we would abuse this magic eraser and start erasing everything, like Bob may want to erase my mouth once in awhile? LOL..or we start to erase all of our mistakes we made in our past? I believe that would be an even bigger mistake.! Yes I really do, because I believe, those mistakes are what shapes us and our character, learning from our mistakes helps us to become the person we are called to be, and looking back I am so much of a better person for them all.
OR.... God looks down and says"What the hell was I thinking" and then he takes his out and erases the world. Yeah, that would kinda suck!(Does God say Hell?)
No, I think I will just use my magic eraser for cleaning the house, and maybe on my thighs and a little on my butt :)

random thought

its been about 20 min's on my new laptop- just wanted to say-I love it! I always said I would never want a laptop, because I love my big dinosaur computer. I hate to say how easy I am, it took about 10 seconds to conform to the life of a lap top. It is so fast. I may never go back to the t-rex in my office! but a warning : this thing is so much more sensitive so there will be more spelling era's, deleting, and words that will pop up in a sentence that you may not understand. Oh if you do not hear from me, or see me, or Mandy if you start smelling me(neighbor) please place bag of DD by front door, and send food over for kids:)oh and dogs.

Wanted Gifts!

YES I had a great anniversary! Bob came home with an awesome camera bag for me, something I wanted, and he felt bad he didn't bring me any roses so... he threw in a brand new HP laptop computer!!!!!!!!! I don't need no stinking flowers(LOL).
I am one lucky lady. I am using it right now.. it is awseome. did I say I love it?! Anyway, I know your next question for me is going to be So, What did you get him? well, I will tell ya. It's none of your business:)
Love you all, thanks for all the well wishes. We really did have a great day/evening! Now Bob is off to NY and I am, well playing on my new awesome laptop!