Monday, May 26, 2008

Childhood Friend

On Saturday evening I got a call from my mom about a message that was on my phone. We listened to it, and I realized who it was. It was the mother of my elementary school friend. Her message was very urgent and she needed me to call her right away. She said "Brenda, its Cheryl C. please call me asap.Tabi is in the hospital and she is diagnosed with stage IV Kidney cancer. She wants and needs to talk to you." I hurried and called her mother back, and she gave me the devastating news. She told me how the cancer had spread to her spine, neck and I recently found out to her head. She told me that a few weeks ago she had a conversation with Tabi and Tabi told her"Mom I have had two great friends in my life, I was one of them.She told her mom that it had been awhile since we had spoken and, she needed to talk to me once more.
Tabi and I have been friends since we were 9yrs old. I had just moved to a new home and new school. I was walking home from school that first day(yes, this is the days that you walked the two miles) and a car pulled up beside me. I didn't know who this person was, but a woman rolled down her window and said, "Hi, would you like a ride home? you live right next to us", I was scared, I thought this woman must be crazy, I knew at 9 you did not ever get into a strangers car. I told her no and kept walking, well tabi must have seen the look on my face, because she poked her head out and said"she's not crazy, she's my mom." and then she had her mom stop the car, jumped out and said "can I walk home with you?" and that was the way it was. She knew I couldn't go with her, so she decided she would walk with me. We ended up walking home from school almost every day that year, weather permitting and thus began our friendship.
We were joined at the hip, I went on family vacations with her family, she would either spend the night at my house or I hers. Her family was the first on the block to get Atari, and we would play endlessly through the night. Her family was the first to buy a camper, and we would have sleep overs in it in the front yard. Her family was the first to get an in ground pool, and we would spend our summers floating in the pool. I went to NC,Tennessee,and Virginia with her family.
Over the years, I moved to Florida, we went to different colleges, and married had children, but we managed to remain in contact. Not impossible with phones, Internet, and email.We sent X-mas cards to each other, birthday notes. But of course there were times when well... life would take over and we weren't in contact like we should have been. It was only until recently, I mentioned to Bob that I had not heard from her. Until Saturday night when I got the call from her mother.
I have not been able to speak with her,her family has passed messages to her from me.At this point the doctors are not optimistic.
Tabi has been married to her high school sweetheart for 15 year they have two children ages 9 & 10.
If God chooses, I will not be able to walk home with Tabi this time, but I know I will be following her home one day. I hope she knows how much she touched my life.

Please pray for Tabi and her family. Pray for complete healing, pray for a miracle. Claim this promise for her life. I will keep you updated,but if you would like to leave a message of encouragment please go to her website and read her story: Thank you to all.

Don't let someone you know or care about go another day without telling them how you feel. Pick up the phone and call someone you have not talked to in years, but who is always on your mind. We do not have control over our life, we are not promised anything, there are no guarantees. We do not know how long we have. Hug your children tighter tonight, a little longer, kiss your husband passionately,meet with that friend you keep intending to, but well something always comes up,let go of something that you haven't been able to,forgive someone,and cherish every bit of happiness that you have. All too often we take people and life for granted.We think we have plenty of time to ________(fill in the blank), but don't waste time, because the truth is, we don't really know how long.

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St. of Words said...

i am praying hard for her and her family. not so much that what we would want, which is for her life, but just for God's will...even if at the time doesn't seem like that's the right thing. He knows best. either way, she is going to be okay.
love you