Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Gym Monkey

I am the only person I know that gains weight the minute I join a gym. No lie. I have been telling people this for a long time. No one believed me. Until now, I have proof. According to Time Magazine(a very reputable magazine) there is PROOF that people gain weight when they join a gym!
I picked up the magazine as soon as I read the title of this article and well, it is all true. Now I must tell you, I have heard it all before and well the fat isn't turning into muscle people, blah blah blah,that is BS ! IT is the fat that is the fat! I was just as surprised as you. I should have stopped reading the article after I read the title. But, I didn't. As I continued to read, it shot my theory to hell. You see TECHNICALLY its not the gym that is causing people to get fat. Apparently,after you start working out, you have this false sense of how many calories you burned. You think you have burned like 9000,and well you probably burned 250. yeah,I know it kinda sucks. So after the sweating is done, you indulge yourself with your favorite food or coffee drink, and you eat more because well, YOU DID Just work out?! right? You deserve to eat those 5 pieces of pizza as long as it is accompanied with a diet coke! and then guess what, you start to reward yourself all the time because you have a gym membership. You buy into the lie that you can eat that whole chocolate cake, because you are going to the gym today(and never get there). So, my whole point is still true, The gym makes you fat, I am not about to argue semantics here, the truth is in the Time Magazine article !

So I think I will sit down here and drink my extra creamy DD with a Boston Cream Doughnut-I mean I'm going to the gym tomorrow..right....


Victoria's Secrets said...

That's why I stay home most days! And I'm still a size 4!

St. of Words said...

i love your blogs :)
you crack me up