Monday, September 7, 2009

Quick update

19 weeks and some change

Bob has been traveling so much lately, I feel like a single parent. Between homeschooling a 1st and 6Th grader and being 5 months pregnant,poor guy probably wants to have as many trips as possible. I am like a pendulum, swinging back and forth with my moods! Being pregnant at 38 is way different than at 28 and 33. Its mostly I think my hormones are so out of wack, I was probably getting ready to hit pre-menopause and then I threw in a pregnancy and tricked my whole system, my body doesn't know whether to prepare for a baby, or a breakdown!
But actually, the pregnancy is glorious! I love my growing belly, and feeling the movements, knowing I am growing another human being that Bob and I created. What joy and wonder this time is bringing to Regan and Nolan. They are thrilled with the whole process.
Nolan did ask if I could have another one, I told him this was my last baby, and he just looked at me and said, that's not really up to you is it? God makes that decision! Regan told me my boobs look 9 months pregnant and my belly looks 5, but she is sure it will catch up!
So our days are flying by,time is going fast.Today Bob comes home for a one day visit then he is off for another 5 days. With trying to keep up with everything my blog is suffering. I am keeping up with my new exercise program, and even though I could care less if I lose the three pounds, I really am feeling better with the added fitness.