Monday, September 29, 2008


Bob and I were packing to go on a mini vacation with the children on Friday, and he gets a call. I was only half listening when He says, "hold on let me ask the wife", now my ears perk up. "So and So needs me to take a flight with him on Monday, is that okay?, Do we have any plans?"

I thought for a moment, I need this flight, he has been home for over a week, and there is no flights this month until he leaves for school, so I blurt out, "Yes, take the flight, we have NO plans for Monday. There is absolutely NOTHING going on, on Monday. Yes, take the flight." You see, that's what makes me a great Pilot's wife, I am always supportive when last minute flights come up.

Now, Fast Forward to Sunday Evening. "Bob, what do you want to do for your birthday, its coming up. I mean do you want to go out to eat, have people over?" He looks at me with his blank stare. and responds, "Well, we could have went out to eat or had friends over, but remember that trip I am taking tomorrow, where we had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED, NOTHING GOING ON TOMORROW?, you remember honey, so you told me to take that flight?", I am listening, "yeah, so what's your point? "Well its my birthday." Now it's my turn for the blank stare.

Holy Crap, I forgot Monday was Sept. 29th, My Love's birthday. So I tried to quickly redeem myself, "Honey of course it's your birthday Monday, hence the NO PLANS, take the flight- that was my poker game, I made you THINK I had no plans, so when you come home from your trip I have a HUGE SURPRISE for you!:)

Now, I know what you are thinking, I am a liar. your right I had to CMA, so now today is Monday, and I need to make some emergency phone calls, plan a party, make a reservation at Charlies', buy cake, card and present and I have until 6pm to do it! This is the second time I have forgotten my hubby's birthday in Nineteen years, not bad, but in my defense he was out of the country on that last one,but hey I am a damn good pilot's wife, I never complain if he isn't home for his birthday celebration, it comes with the job, but if he ever, should ever not be home, or forget mine, well, that's where I draw the line!


HAPPY 41 st BIRTHDAY to the love of my life! We have celebrated 18 of your birthday's together, and each year is even more amazing. You are a wonderful husband and father.

I LOVE YOU!HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and next year, a little reminder wouldn't hurt.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More random Babbling part 2

I just wanted to give a quick plug for some blogs I have posted on my site. If you have not yet, sneaked a peek at the other pilot wives' blog, I totally encourage you to do so! They are witty and fun , and if you are not a pilots wife some things you may not get, but if your a woman you will LYAO, anyway!

Also, I read an article this week on the etiquette's of cell phone use,(although my article was much better),computers, email, texting and blogging. The blogging one caught my eye, the questions was: How do you tell your friend she is getting too personal in her blog about her life? the answer was you should tell her that not everyone knows her personally,like you do, and that she should tone it down a little.
Here is my answer: don't read her damn blog! Its her blog, if you don't like what you read on a blog, here is a suggestion, X out of it! wow that was simple, and you may still have your friend!For all you non-bloggers, a blog is personal, and it can be whatever the blog author wants it to be, its theirs. If you want to complain, start your own blog about complaining about other blogs.With that said, be safe in disclosing personal data, there are alot of frigging weirdos out there!

I read another article that wanted to give us advice on how to save $ on gas. Do you know what it said: solutions to the gas crisis 1. drive less 2.find cheaper gas 3. don't drive too far. Are you kidding me? DUH.. this person should get a frigging award for the suggestions-the dumbass writer's award.

Also, I went grocery shopping last week and spent 146$, got home and hubby says, lets go out to eat! and I am like okay, let me put the groceries away. and then we go spend another 65$ on dinner! We are in a recession and this is not good sense of my money management.

I went jogging last night for the first time in three months, yep, 6 months ago did a triathlon, and now I got winded after two miles. this is why I hate working out, I seem to always take one step forward and three steps back. Oh well back to the drawing board!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going Green

Yesterday, I found out that Bob is coming home sometime late tonight! Yipee, so I figured I better get started on cleaning. I don't know why I wait until the last minute, oh yeah I remember, I am a procrastinator and I can't commit,.
Let me tell you that I love all my chemically induced cleaning supplies. I love the clean after scent. I am not GREEN. I hate the color green, but I have a friend, who LOVES being green, you know the type, they use the all natural cleaning solutions, they make their own cleaning solutions(its cheaper), they buy the bags for Publix, whatever. Besides I need those plastic bags to pick up dog poop!
Anyway, I became the accidental granola greenie, yesterday. When it came time to mop my entrance floor, I'd run out of Clorox. So I decided I would try to use water with vinegar, I was really proud of myself, not only would I be doing my part for the environment, I would also have a clean white floor. So I made my concoction in the sink, and started to mop. I mopped and mopped, and my floor was getting clean, I was also starting to like my greenness, and then I started to notice a istinct odor, I couldn't quit figure out where I had smelled it before, but it to be familar. Then all of a sudden, I knew what my whole house smelled like, I knew recognized that smell , it was a douche'! YEP, I said it, hint: water + vinegar= douche'.
My dogs walked insniffing,happily licking the floor, I started to crave a salad, it was gross! Needless to say, I won't be using vinegar for anything other than what it is for, not being cleaning floors.
So, you would have thought I'd have learned my lesson right? Wrong. Later , my friend came over to do a huge project of re organizing and cleaning my playroom. (she rocks when it comes to organizing), and when we were finished, I told her how I really needed to clean my tan leather couch. She suggested this amazing cleaner her sister makes that will clean anything and that we should try it. Another greenie.
I give her all the ingredients and she puts them together .We grab some socks from the mix matched sock pile, and begin to both clean the cushions. We look at the sock, and they are black. So hey it is a working miracle, it was cleaning the dirt, and dog goo, and whatever else was on the couch, we were impressed. I was praising this green, cheap cleaner. Until, we stepped back to admire our work and immediately noticed, this miracle cleaner did take all the dirt off, along with all the COLOR of my couch!!! Now I have a half-n-half couch! The top half is tan and the bottom half is white, yes white!!!!
Because, I went GREEN for one day, my house smells like a salad, and I have a white and tan couch! SCREW going green , my head turned all colors of the rainbow! Green was not among them! Well, I learned my lesson, I am going today to buy Clorox,Ajax,Ammonia, and a new leather couch . Now I know why they call it green, because it screws everything up, and you have to pull out your green(money) to correct it!

I hope Bob does not read this blog on his trip home today:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gifts Children Give

My children,unknowingly, have given me three of my greatest gifts, my three dearest friends. I am convinced that the only reason that I have met any of these women, was because of my children. We are different in every way imaginable and yet there are many similarities.
I may not have even thought to extend a hello, or a nod in their direction, if it weren't for the fact that our children are good friends. These are women, that I may never have taken the time to have gotten to know, if Nolan didn't endlessly ask for play dates, or Regan didn't constantly beg to spend time at her friends' house, or they both didn't want to play outside every day after school. I would have went on with my life, not knowing these women, and missing out on some of the most important relationships I have ever known.
If it weren't for my children, I may have just given them the occasional smile as we passed on by, or the token nod of the head with a quiet hi. I may have even had short conversations at the school meetings, or the neighborhood get togethers, but I would not have extended our relationship any further. I would have gone through life, living separate from these women,never knowing anything about them, if it weren't for my children; but then I think about all the conversations I would never have had, all the support and encouragement I would have never experienced, I would have missed some of the best relationships I have ever known, and I would have missed loving these amazing women, but more importantly I would have missed them loving me back.
I am so thankful that my children brought these three women in my life. They have watched my children on a moments notice, they have cheered me at the finish line of my triathlon, they have done a triathlon with me, they have given me advise on personal issues,they have straightened me out when I was wrong, they have prayed for me, cried with me, laughed with me, laughed at me, taught me to laugh at myself, and have fought for me.
I wonder how many other opportunities of friendships that I have missed out on, simply because my children did not pick their children to be friends with. I will never know, but I am glad that they picked these three specific children, I am so happy that they chose wisely, I am so thrilled that they chose children who have the most amazing, intelligent, sensitive, and passionate mother's I have ever met, or I would not have been so blessed, so honored to have these three great, wonderful women in my life!

Estonia Pics 1

Bob and his partner, Rich
Bob looking hot
Rich and Bob on a tour in Viking Village
In a Viking Sauna
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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Bob was called out last Sat. to leave for Estonia. He made it to Fort Lauderdale and sat for 6 days. It was very frustrating for him. The paper work to take the plane to another country was not done correctly so every day, they had to face more issues with the FAA. Because they are actually selling the plane to a company in Russia(Europe) it is different that going over there on a vacation. By the fifth day, he was so frustrated, and discouraged.
Well, Bob finally made it to Estonia,yesterday! He had to fly 14 hours to get there. He went to Gander, Canada and then on to Iceland. Finally at 2am in the morning, Estonia time, he landed. He IM'd me as soon as he could,awesome! He told me that the owner of the company and all 100 employees were at the airport to greet him and his partner at 2am! He couldn't believe it. He said pilots are like celebrities there, especially American pilots, who knew! He was offered a job on the spot. So if you know anyone looking.. the downside is you would have to move to Estonia, where apparently there is no Starbucks, steak or pickles! but the pay is good and apparently you will be treated like a local hero! I told Bob not to give out his resume'.
The Estonians are taking them site seeing today. He still does not know when he is coming home, because they stop working on Friday afternoon, and do not work again until Monday which includes not making airline reservations! another job perk.
So now when Bob gets back he will have plane less for a month, before he heads to school for the new plane. In English, this means, he is going to be home for a long time. Read previous blog on "Need A Trip"! Anyway, it will be nice to have help transporting these kids everywhere, although I think we may want to go down to one car, with the gas prices moving up and up and up!
Well, hopefully he won't be stuck in Estonia for the whole month, and they send him home next week. Missing my pilot who is so far away, worlds away.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

100 Calorie Pack

I went to Walmart today to grab a few things with my daughter. I love that they have stuff to buy while you are waiting in line to checkout, they always have food to eat, candy,batteries, lip stuff etc. I am a total impulse buyer, Walmart counts on this. I love this stuff, so I grab a box of those 100 calorie pack hostess little Debbie's. I was so excited for two reasons, one I wanted something sweet, and two, duh, 100 calories!
I pay for my things and race to my car. I can not wait to get my hands on those little debbie's, love them! I am stuffing everything into the car, and I grab the hostess box out, I want to eat one NOW!
I am so excited I rip open the box in great anticipation, I could already taste the sweetness. I pull the package out ready for my treat. I finally look down at the package of cakes and laughed out loud. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THATS IT? NO WAY, I couldn't believe these were so small, they looked like miniture baby doll food! I started lauging so hard, Regan is like, whats so funny? as she is eating hers. I show her my three tiny little(should have been called teeny weeney debbie's)cakes, I tell her, this is the smallest food I have ever seen, they look so much bigger in the picture! She was like, its 100 calories, what did you expect?
So I still ate them, and after three packages I felt completey happy and satisfied!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School's In

I know summer is officially over because I have not been able to breathe! School is now in full swing. I can feel the pressure of the days, trying to get it all done. Homeschooling is now my full time job,which requires alot of my time, so my blog may suffer a bit.
I am spending my evenings gathering information, and supplies for the school day projects, and I am spending my days, teaching. My afternoons are consumed with sports! Now that I have two kids participating in after school activities, I feel like a taxi cab driver. Each day one of them has a practice of some sort, or a meeting of that sort.
As of now I am also flying solo, as Bob is in Ft.Lauderdale, getting ready to leave for Russia,so I am holding down the house. Well, its off to the grocery, pick up Nolan, go to get Regan a new glove for softball, and then to a meeting at the school. Hopefully,I will have time to blog before the end of the school year~


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tabitha Lynn Calvert-Steele 1971-2008

I just wanted to give everyone an update on my childhood friend,Tabi. She passed away last night September 3, 2008 peacefully in her sleep. She was surrounded by close friends and family. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for her, please continue to pray for her family: Husband of 15 yrs(Jeff),Son 10 yrs(Jeffery), daughter 9 yrs (Brianna), her parents Cheryl and Tom Calvert, Her brother Tommy Calvert, and Her younger sisters Danielle and Brandy.

Tabitha fought a great fight in her battle with her kidney cancer. She stayed so strong for everyone. I spoke with her just last week and we laughed about the "old" times, and we cried too. She was a special friend to me and I will always hold a place for her in my heart. She fought long and hard in her battle with cancer, now she is dancing at the feet of her heavenly father, without pain, in glory forever.

I found it ironic to learn of my dear friends death last night, because at the same time, I also found out another friend went into labor with her fourth child. I sat there and thought while one of my women friend lost her life, another one was giving life. How one life was over and yet another life has only begun. It really puts into perspective how life continues, even in our grievance, it will go on. There is no stopping it, if only for one moment. But today, my life will stop, I will take more than a moment to spend time reflecting on Tabi and her life, remembering the past, and how her life made a difference to a lot of people.

This morning I woke up grumbling because well, because of nothing significant really, and then I checked my email and got the news about Tabi, and boy what a slap in the face that was, it was a reminder that every day that I breathe, and get to spend time with the ones I love, every moment I get to watch my children grow, is truly a gift. I need to stop trying to open it so fast, and slow down, and savor the beautiful packaging and peel away the wrapping paper delicately, because life is fleeting, and I have been taking it for granted.
Today, I am going to write down the small things that I want to start appreciating more, I am going to notice the butterflies that are in my back yard, I am going to listen to my children as they drone on about something I don't understand, I am going to hug and kiss Bob as soon as he walks in the door, and I am going to tell you, my readers, how much I love you, appreciate you, and that I am so happy you are a part of my life, whether for years or just recently, that you each make a difference in my life, you each add something to my day. Thank You for that.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Know Your Getting Old When...

We had a great time at the beach for Labor day. If you count there was no sun, it kept raining on and off, the wind was blowing 25knots and we were in a hotel with about 200 little league baseball players! There was some kind of a tournament at the beach this weekend, and apparently they ALL decided to stay in our hotel!
I realized this weekend I am really getting old, here are my signs.
You know your getting old when-
You yell at a kid to wash his feet off before entering the pool, and then you notice this kid isn't even yours and you don't care!
You secretly call the front desk at 930pm, to snitch on the kids running down the halls, yelling obscenities
You tell the father's who are sitting behind you at the pool, hey could you stop saying F*(&(* so much, my kids are at the pool.
You turn in by 730 pm because there is a good movie on HBO.
You are freaking about the undertow and the rough waves , so that every time your kids head goes under you are having a heart attack
You are watching every one's kid, to make sure no one is going to take them, or that they may accidentally drown
You say things like,"where is the rest of her bathing suit?,I hope they have sunscreen on or their going to burn, they are not old enough to drink, that music is to loud.."

I am turning into my mother, well maybe not my mother, but somebody's mother.