Monday, September 22, 2008

More random Babbling part 2

I just wanted to give a quick plug for some blogs I have posted on my site. If you have not yet, sneaked a peek at the other pilot wives' blog, I totally encourage you to do so! They are witty and fun , and if you are not a pilots wife some things you may not get, but if your a woman you will LYAO, anyway!

Also, I read an article this week on the etiquette's of cell phone use,(although my article was much better),computers, email, texting and blogging. The blogging one caught my eye, the questions was: How do you tell your friend she is getting too personal in her blog about her life? the answer was you should tell her that not everyone knows her personally,like you do, and that she should tone it down a little.
Here is my answer: don't read her damn blog! Its her blog, if you don't like what you read on a blog, here is a suggestion, X out of it! wow that was simple, and you may still have your friend!For all you non-bloggers, a blog is personal, and it can be whatever the blog author wants it to be, its theirs. If you want to complain, start your own blog about complaining about other blogs.With that said, be safe in disclosing personal data, there are alot of frigging weirdos out there!

I read another article that wanted to give us advice on how to save $ on gas. Do you know what it said: solutions to the gas crisis 1. drive less 2.find cheaper gas 3. don't drive too far. Are you kidding me? DUH.. this person should get a frigging award for the suggestions-the dumbass writer's award.

Also, I went grocery shopping last week and spent 146$, got home and hubby says, lets go out to eat! and I am like okay, let me put the groceries away. and then we go spend another 65$ on dinner! We are in a recession and this is not good sense of my money management.

I went jogging last night for the first time in three months, yep, 6 months ago did a triathlon, and now I got winded after two miles. this is why I hate working out, I seem to always take one step forward and three steps back. Oh well back to the drawing board!



Cpt. J's Wife said...

I told J last night that we are eating everything in the freezer before we shop again! I don't care if we have to eat waffles and frozen plantains for the next week! :)

Anonymous said...

Very well said! I personally LOVE it!! :)

elsja said...

The blogs that post "too much info" are the BEST ones to read :) I love them!!!

I can relate to everything you said!!! Although... i have to admit- I'm usually the one asking to go out to dinner :)

Victoria's Secrets said...

Hell Yea, it's my blog and I'll blog if I want to! Blog IF I want to!

Ann said...

Ditto....what all ya'll said!!

Nicole Bullock said...

Hey there..I'm another pilot wife that just found your blog. Take a look at mine if you get a chance. I just linked you up. Nicole

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

i love it!!!!!!!! woo!