Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gifts Children Give

My children,unknowingly, have given me three of my greatest gifts, my three dearest friends. I am convinced that the only reason that I have met any of these women, was because of my children. We are different in every way imaginable and yet there are many similarities.
I may not have even thought to extend a hello, or a nod in their direction, if it weren't for the fact that our children are good friends. These are women, that I may never have taken the time to have gotten to know, if Nolan didn't endlessly ask for play dates, or Regan didn't constantly beg to spend time at her friends' house, or they both didn't want to play outside every day after school. I would have went on with my life, not knowing these women, and missing out on some of the most important relationships I have ever known.
If it weren't for my children, I may have just given them the occasional smile as we passed on by, or the token nod of the head with a quiet hi. I may have even had short conversations at the school meetings, or the neighborhood get togethers, but I would not have extended our relationship any further. I would have gone through life, living separate from these women,never knowing anything about them, if it weren't for my children; but then I think about all the conversations I would never have had, all the support and encouragement I would have never experienced, I would have missed some of the best relationships I have ever known, and I would have missed loving these amazing women, but more importantly I would have missed them loving me back.
I am so thankful that my children brought these three women in my life. They have watched my children on a moments notice, they have cheered me at the finish line of my triathlon, they have done a triathlon with me, they have given me advise on personal issues,they have straightened me out when I was wrong, they have prayed for me, cried with me, laughed with me, laughed at me, taught me to laugh at myself, and have fought for me.
I wonder how many other opportunities of friendships that I have missed out on, simply because my children did not pick their children to be friends with. I will never know, but I am glad that they picked these three specific children, I am so happy that they chose wisely, I am so thrilled that they chose children who have the most amazing, intelligent, sensitive, and passionate mother's I have ever met, or I would not have been so blessed, so honored to have these three great, wonderful women in my life!


Cpt. J's Wife said...

Sometimes looking in from the outside of the "mom club," I feel very envious. As we get older it seems so hard to make solid, lasting friendships with other women. You are very lucky to have found such amazing people to have in your life.

D's Mom said...

I think I should by shares in KLEENEX!!!! OMG! I love you girl!

Ann said...

Don't you just love your bestfriends....I know I do mine.

Sometimes the women in our lives are the foundation for us to stand on. Boy, they sure are strong.

Thank God for them.

Thanks for sharing
Love Ya,


Mary Anne said...

YOU are a gift!! I am so thankful for our friendship!! You rock!!