Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Know Your Getting Old When...

We had a great time at the beach for Labor day. If you count there was no sun, it kept raining on and off, the wind was blowing 25knots and we were in a hotel with about 200 little league baseball players! There was some kind of a tournament at the beach this weekend, and apparently they ALL decided to stay in our hotel!
I realized this weekend I am really getting old, here are my signs.
You know your getting old when-
You yell at a kid to wash his feet off before entering the pool, and then you notice this kid isn't even yours and you don't care!
You secretly call the front desk at 930pm, to snitch on the kids running down the halls, yelling obscenities
You tell the father's who are sitting behind you at the pool, hey could you stop saying F*(&(* so much, my kids are at the pool.
You turn in by 730 pm because there is a good movie on HBO.
You are freaking about the undertow and the rough waves , so that every time your kids head goes under you are having a heart attack
You are watching every one's kid, to make sure no one is going to take them, or that they may accidentally drown
You say things like,"where is the rest of her bathing suit?,I hope they have sunscreen on or their going to burn, they are not old enough to drink, that music is to loud.."

I am turning into my mother, well maybe not my mother, but somebody's mother.


Teryn and Chad said...

yeah...probably not mamaw...or even mommy!! HAHA!!! : ) : ) LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Very true! I catch myself thinking and saying mummy things and then cringe to myself internally!

PS. The other person that was having issues posting comments on my blog followed 'RB's' advice and managed

D's Mom said...

Ok, I would love to say that you have turned into one of "THOSE" moms but seeing I was guilty of the same exact thing this weekend too, I would be knock'n on myself, lol so your not the only one!