Monday, September 29, 2008


Bob and I were packing to go on a mini vacation with the children on Friday, and he gets a call. I was only half listening when He says, "hold on let me ask the wife", now my ears perk up. "So and So needs me to take a flight with him on Monday, is that okay?, Do we have any plans?"

I thought for a moment, I need this flight, he has been home for over a week, and there is no flights this month until he leaves for school, so I blurt out, "Yes, take the flight, we have NO plans for Monday. There is absolutely NOTHING going on, on Monday. Yes, take the flight." You see, that's what makes me a great Pilot's wife, I am always supportive when last minute flights come up.

Now, Fast Forward to Sunday Evening. "Bob, what do you want to do for your birthday, its coming up. I mean do you want to go out to eat, have people over?" He looks at me with his blank stare. and responds, "Well, we could have went out to eat or had friends over, but remember that trip I am taking tomorrow, where we had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED, NOTHING GOING ON TOMORROW?, you remember honey, so you told me to take that flight?", I am listening, "yeah, so what's your point? "Well its my birthday." Now it's my turn for the blank stare.

Holy Crap, I forgot Monday was Sept. 29th, My Love's birthday. So I tried to quickly redeem myself, "Honey of course it's your birthday Monday, hence the NO PLANS, take the flight- that was my poker game, I made you THINK I had no plans, so when you come home from your trip I have a HUGE SURPRISE for you!:)

Now, I know what you are thinking, I am a liar. your right I had to CMA, so now today is Monday, and I need to make some emergency phone calls, plan a party, make a reservation at Charlies', buy cake, card and present and I have until 6pm to do it! This is the second time I have forgotten my hubby's birthday in Nineteen years, not bad, but in my defense he was out of the country on that last one,but hey I am a damn good pilot's wife, I never complain if he isn't home for his birthday celebration, it comes with the job, but if he ever, should ever not be home, or forget mine, well, that's where I draw the line!


HAPPY 41 st BIRTHDAY to the love of my life! We have celebrated 18 of your birthday's together, and each year is even more amazing. You are a wonderful husband and father.

I LOVE YOU!HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and next year, a little reminder wouldn't hurt.


Cpt. J's Wife said...

Happy Birthday Bob!!

Victoria's Secrets said...

Well, well, well. So, it's your birthday. She's done better than me. I've forgotten it every year! Oops. Happy Birthday, Bob, you're almost as young as me! Love, Vik