Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Say it's Your Birthday

"You say it's your birthday nananan,its my birthday to nananan"! With all the birthdays in our family this month it reminded me of the most important thing-MY BIRTHDAY is next month! hehehehe- I know it is a month away but you may want to start saving and planning-
I love my birthday, love everything about it, probably because it is all about ME. I am not one of those people who worry about turning another year "older". It just doesn't bother me. I think the older I get the better I get. this is true.I am wiser, smarter, seem to get funnier,and just really have settled into myself.
This year is going to be great. I am learning and exploring new things. Making new friends. Staying close to the old ones. I think this may be one of the best ones yet. I look forward to being 36. When people ask me How old are you? I will say with honor I am 36.
It's going to be the most exciting, greatest, adventuresome year ever! wait hold on a minute.. what? Bob what? I hate when people interrupt me- what's that you say Bob? I'm going to be what? how old? 37?!?!##x@%%^&$&^ No way- it can't be-no no no no - I missed a whole year- I am getting so old - my life is over- wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh- I hate birthdays. They suck!If someone asks me how old I am, I will lie.crap, really 37?-unbelievable- I am depressed now. Well at least there will be presents.


I went with the boy to Pappy's Strawberry Patch last week. Thought I would share a few pictures.
Camera Book? I don't need no stinking camera book! ha ha

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Size Does Matter....At Costco.

Costco is one of my favorite stores. I mean it is like a day outing. We tell the kids , hey we're going to Costco. they jump in the car.Can we eat dinner there?Sure,why not I mean a family of four can eat a meal for $7.86 .We first walk around the store and eat for free(I call this appetizers).Then we get the usual hot dogs or pizza(even this is huge at Costco) This is called smart budgeting.
For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last 7yrs,Costco sells industrialized size items for less money. We buy toilet paper that lasts for three months! The worst thing about this is finding space at your home to store all your goodies! If you have an addicting personality -BEWARE -I do not suggest you visit one, because once you go Costco...well you know. At our local Costco there is rarely a time we do not run into neighbors or friends. Its almost as good as Disney World.
Bob,the kids and I went to the Costco the other night. We did our ritual thing-ate dinner,got free food,bought items we didn't know we needed, and ran into neighbors. Now here is the part that may be TMI for some of you! Memaw/Popop if you are reading this STOP NOW- if you continue never/ever tell me you finished the story okay?
So Bob is going down every aisle and I finally say What are you looking for?he casually says condoms.What? Condoms, I bet they sell them in COSTCO( yes we are using condoms-that's another blog)-Hello-o-o do you know what this means. I told Bob forget it-we are not buying them at Costco. Just then we were walking down the medicine aisle, low and behold on the back counter there was a bright light followed by angels singing the Hallelujah chorus(this is Bob's description here). Can you imagine the size of the condom box!-Yes -industrial! Bob is like score! I am like your crazy! He is like I'm getting them-I say no way, the kids our in the cart. He says I'll get another cart,you know the flat bed looking one-(this is how big this thing is)Bob's like yippee the family pack, and they are only 9.99(now at this point some of you are thinking hm,that's a good price)I am sure Bob can tell you how much price per condom.So basically what it boils down to is cheap sex-haha
I start looking around for our neighbors,friends anyone I was sure was going to walk up on us at this moment.I say Bob we are not buying these,here.Everyone will know that we have sex. He says, we have two kids. (me) so.(him) we're married.(me again)so.blank stare.He is like this is awesome, I can't wait to tell the guys. (me)We are going to run into someone we know(him)Great! Now I know he is not getting a cart because he is holding the box like it is a golden egg.
They will probably have to do a price check"Excuse me can I get a price check on the industrial sized box of condoms for the G--y's?"They would need the back loader(you know the one beep beep) to unload it into our car. I am so embarrassed now-Bob is smiling like a Cheshire cat. Visions are now in my head.I say where will we keep them when we have company ,-Oh you can put your coat next to our condoms in the front hall closet? Oh, need a few , no problem take two. ugh!
Now Bob and I have been together for 17 yrs ,I say honey do you really think we're going through all of those in our life time? They will expire first.He's like are you kidding this is a week's supply(wishful thinking).He says he will share with friends.(gross) He is really proud, all puffed up carrying his big box of condoms, displaying them as if they were as important as the Heisman trophy.He is grinning from ear to ear at the other guys like, yeah these are all for me-the other men giving quick glances at the box wanting to possess it thinking, lucky devil. I thought Bob was actually going to start rubbing it chanting, my precious my precious( in his lord of the rings tone)-he didn't.. At that moment I thought men are really simple,for them it really is about sex-thinking about it,waiting for it,having it,repeat process.
So, I guess the people at Costco now know we have sex ,the 18 yr old cashier couldn't even make eye contact. We didn't need the back loader as Bob was clutching them so hard his knuckles were white, there was no price check they rang up just fine,and as for the kids, they thought they were balloons- so all my fears were put to rest. We now have party favors for all our friends that come over(when they leave,we don't have those kinds of parties!)and we will never have to buy condoms again.(well I wouldn't go that far).So Bob got his condoms, and I didn't run into anyone we knew. Maybe next time I am at Costco, I will see if they carry whip cream!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Running the Race

So, I am training for a triathlon, (for those of you who don't know ) like I have more than two faithful readers(who just happen to be my sister and my good friend) to my blog . So any way, I am sure you both know about the Breast Cancer triathlon in May.
I decided to do this on a whim. I told you I am very competitive and when I found out that there were a few women doing it from my daughter's school I thought to myself, self I'm jumping on this train.(train wreck) is more like it. So what does one do when they sign up for something they are dreading and realize it is going to be lots of hard physical work? If you are a woman, you recruit.And not just anyone, you recruit those closest to you. Usually your best friend:) So that's what I did.Ten minutes after I signed on the dotted line(or in this case an email) I headed over to my girl-friends house to tell her how excited, and challenged I felt and that this was going to change my life, and hey didn't her life need changing? and wouldn't it be great to do it together? So guess what she did. she signed up and 10 min. later started recruiting(j.k)
So she and I have been faithfully(okay I may be exaggerating)training for our one moment, to cross the finish line with our spouses and children cheering us on with looks of praise on their faces. Here we are coming up on Jan. and we are pressing in towards our goal. There are a few things that I have learned on this journey.
1.Never commit to a triathlon
2. Never ask your husband to train you
3.Never buy your running shoes at Walmart
4.Never forget your sports bra(ouch)
5. Never ask your husband to train you -I think I already said this but its definitely worth repeating!
6. when someone simple asks WHY?(and they will) do not respond with I'm insane or by slapping the smirk off their faces (wait until after race).
Actually, this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Sure my body aches to quit, I can't breathe and I think one time I coughed up something really gross, but the people that I have met and the places that this has taken me are amazing. My friend and I started training with a group of women (about 15) from all walks of life. The reasons behind the decision to do the triathlon are numerous. We have all taken a joint and personal journey for ourselves. Some to prove to themselves their life isn't over after their husbands of 15,20, &30 yrs walked out, some for the survivors of this terrible disease, some to represent friends/family who have lost their lives to breast cancer, some who just need to know they are still alive,and some to begin creating their life's legacy.
This triathlon started as a race, but it has grown into something bigger. It has become about the journey. For each one of us it is not about the woman we were when we began, but about the woman we have become during the course of training, the woman we will be after we cross that finish line. I applaud these women and it will be an honor to run,swim and bike next to each one of them. (But, I'm still gonna be the winner:)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's A Good Life!

SHH_I need to make a true confession. okay here it goes- hold your breathe and BAM- I LOVE being a pilot's wife. Okay, so here is where it gets a little sappy!(you knew it was coming) I just really love being Bob's wife! He is a great man. I mean what you see is what he really is. no kidding. So some of you are just going to plain hate me(us)-because it really is all good.
We recently went to a bible study at our new church to meet other couples that we could possibly hang with. After all the introductions( everyone telling us their hardships and issues they were having in thier marriages) it was our turn. All eyes were on us, they looked like wild dogs salivating at a piece of steak,just waiting to hear our deepest, darkest and dirtiest problems that we were having. We wanted to fit in so Bob and I were trying to come up with something quick and then he suddenly blurted out."I'm Bob and this is my wife Brenda,uh, we just don't have any problems,we have a great marriage". My pulse began to rise, I started to sweat and pant hard. I thought I would die. I knew if we were going to make any friends in this group it would be up to me to rectify the situation-. You could hear a gasp coming from the other couples and I could feel the air leave the room. As they drew in thier breathe there was a stillnes in the room, and I knew they could hear my heart beating (thump, thump) in my chest. There was a wave of disappointment unveiling over their faces as the statement that Bob had just claimed, began to sink in, but before I had a chance to try to save ourselves by telling them how Bob snores, I leave caps off everything, he leaves the seat up, I talk too much, he likes shows on A&E, or maybe that I I I couldnt come up with something fast enough, before one woman blurts out in a slow sarcsatic southern drawl, " OH, that's yall's problem, you two think you have no problems!" I let out a sigh, my heart steadied,we had dodged yet another bullet. I was grateful for this woman and as this seemed to settle everyone down, you could hear the air slowly filtering back into the room. Everyone's breathing began to go back to normal. The whole class was nodding in agreement smiling at each one another ( I swear one of them smacked a guy on his back) and at us, now feeling sorry for us in our denial.
Bob and I laughed all the way home! and then started to think of stuff we could throw out there to "fit in" -This is why I am writing this today.It is so sad when in the world we live in today we ( a happy married) couple feel like the "odd"couple out. That we felt ashamed that we are so happy and still in love with one another after 17 yrs together. That we still want to spend every moment that Bob is in town together even if it is going to the grocery. This is a blessing, this is what God intended when he came up with "marriage" to live in abundance! I try not to take our marriage for granted and I try to celebrate in daily. Is it a perfect life? HECK NO! We still have life's ups and downs,cranky kids,bad moods,bills to pay etc. But it is our life and I choose to embrace all the good,bad and ugly( and sometimes it gets pretty darn ugly!)
NOW get out the tissues-I love that Bob is my "real" life partner, the person who I would rather be with than (I know some of you die hard mother's will get mad) even my own children( whom I love very much). Everyone should have that person in their life that continues to make you a better person by the love, belief and faith that they have in you, for no other reason, except that you are you. I have been so blessed to find love in a world that quite frankly ,"sucks" most of the time.
Thank you my wonderful husband, who has made my life, this life, worth so much than I could have ever imagined, You complete me(LOL) no really you do! I could never have imagined that life could be so good, so sweet, so fun and so exciting than the life I have with you. I look forward to laughing, loving and being with you all the rest of my days!
By the way the other couples in the class , Hate Us, Oh well let them!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time after Time

I was told yesterday by Bob, that he and Rich (his flying partner) think that I must have too much time on my hands. That I must need more to do since I have time to blog.(oh, really?)Rich went as far as to say that if I have all this time I must be bored and I could do something that makes money.(okay?) I laugh . and then I laugh some more. This is coming from two men who go on vacation every other week to their "job".
I decided to look at and do a comparison of our schedules. Mine versus Bob and Rich. So here we go-
This is a typical flying workday from the perspective of a pilot's wife. They(Bob & Rich) work on average about 10 days a month. Each day of work totals about 4-5 hrs. On a busy month I will stretch it to maybe 16 days. Okay, on the day they go to "work" they get the plane ready, meet & greet, go up in the sky and come down, say good-bye, get into their fully loaded 2008 navigator or Cadillac(again semantics) drive to four star hotel (where they have plushy robes and pillow tops), Watch pay-per-view, go to fancy restaurant, eat steak and chocolate moose, go back to hotel, have bed to self and more importantly the bathroom.
If they stay over night their activities may include, but not limited to movies,shopping,sightseeing,Starbucks,hanging at beach or pool ordering foo- foo drinks. When they Wake up(from there night of no interuption sleep) they go to airport, drink coffee, bring airplane home. Walk in the door and tell wife how tired they are from "working" so hard! They also have sick leave and vacation time.
Now, lets see what I do-hm. I work 30 days a month 24 hours a day. I am a full time stay at home mom, who is not actually at home all that much. I am a novice photographer,blogger and did I mention I am training for a triathlon here! I home school our 4th grader, I take care of the home, finances and school work. I cook, I clean, do lots of driving, put kids to bed, and wake them for school every morning. I never ever get the bed to myself , much less the bathroom (not even to pee)- The last TV show I got to watch had something to do with a purple dinosaur. I do not get sick leave ,vacation time or over time. Starting to get the picture?
So, let's recap-- Bob & Rich work 10 days & 20 hrs a month. Me- 30 days& 720 hrs a month(you bet I did the math!) . Who did you say has too much free time? So- Boys get out your check books because I would gladly like to get paid for all I do-
taxi driver-275/month
teacher 30,000/year
finance manager 65,000/yr
laundress 150/month
cook 350/month(not including supplies)
maid 300/month- hmmmm, I am sure I left something out? But I don't think I get paid for that?! or it would be called something else. Ha ha
So please write the check for 8700.00/month to ME and please press hard boys there are usually two copies- Also, go ahead and make that retroactive!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Say Cheese!

So my wonderful husband got me a camera for Christmas. This is not just any camera it is a Cannon EOS 40D, It is one bad(that means great) camera! It was one of those moments that I could have used a brown paper bag to breathe into when he gave it to me. I LOVE THIS CAMERA! My manual for the camera does not tell you enough about it, so a good friend of mine(and an accomplished photographer) has helped me to know some of the basics.
A few weeks ago we (the Gary's) all went to our favorite book store(B&N) and Bob found this massive million page book all about my camera. I mean the title is Cannon EOS 40D. The pictures are small and in B&W. BORING! So I didn't buy it.My photographer friend gave me beautiful photography books with colored pictures that have nothing to do with my camera, but all about taking a photograph. I have been reading these.
Bob tried to get me to buy this book on several occasions and of course I kept saying, maybe next time.It drove Bob nuts.A few nights ago Bob says, I will be right back Iwant to go get something(it is 830pm). He left, I knew he was going to get "the book"(as we refer to it now). He presented it to me like it was the Holy Grail -Now you can read "the book" and learn all about your camera. (whatever)
He will say "Have you read "the book" yet?" No Bob I am reading some other ones. He gives me a blank stare. Next day, Have you read any of "the book"- nope. Now, I know he wants me to read it and this will make him very happy, but he keeps bugging me about it, and keeps asking me to read it,(I kinda want to read it) I simply can't do it. On a trip last week he calls me, he was like do you know what the ISO is yet, nope, what about the shutter speed -uhuh.
So later that day I see "the book ", it is on the counter, I go over to pick it up, he sees me , So your going to read "the book" now? For some reason I lie, no I was just cleaning the counter. Blank stare. (I am very stubborn,I want to read it, but now can't when he is around).So while he is on a trip yesterday I decided I will read it and not tell him-I look for "the book". I cant find it anywhere (Divine intervention ,hallelujah!) Bob comes home, kids in bed. He says are you ever going to read "the book". I said ,I was going to today but couldnt find it. He says I took it with me to read ,(now I turn the tables aha), so I say that's to bad I would have read it today.(probably not) Man I wish you wouln't have taken it I really. really wanted to find out what that ISO was!(yeah for me ). Blank Stare.
See,Right here is the difference between men and women. Bob wants to know how the thing works, I want to click the big button,He wants to know ISO,I want beauty,he wants shutter speed, I want bright colors, he wants a picture, I want a photograph to tell some one's story,he wants to put me to work to make money with this thing, I want a hobby!So you see where this is heading?
I tell him all of this and I get the Blank stare.Now I am tired I want to go to bed, I pick up my "other" photography book to read. Blank stare. I tell him goodnight .
Well, Maybe today I will pick up "the book" I know I need to read it to get all the things I want out of my amazing camera, but he doesn't have to know that. And this is just plain fun:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

There is a first time for everything

I read a friends blog today so I decided to try to create my own. You know a place where it is about me, me and me! A place where I can say my thoughts and idea's that no one in my house wants to listen to anyway! A place that I can just be me, who I was before I became all these labels and roles of wife and mother. So, after deciding to create my very own place I realized that my login name has to do with my husband, my passwords my kids, they even crept into the "about me" section! I guess who I am is a Wife and Mother . and I LOVE IT! They have helped me to become the person I am today. I am a better woman, friend, daughter and sister because of them. I am a coach, an encourager, a manager,a nurse, a magician, a veterinarian, and a teacher. We wives and mother's rock!(as my friend would say) But I promise you this, My blog will be about Me(and alot of them too!)