Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Say it's Your Birthday

"You say it's your birthday nananan,its my birthday to nananan"! With all the birthdays in our family this month it reminded me of the most important thing-MY BIRTHDAY is next month! hehehehe- I know it is a month away but you may want to start saving and planning-
I love my birthday, love everything about it, probably because it is all about ME. I am not one of those people who worry about turning another year "older". It just doesn't bother me. I think the older I get the better I get. this is true.I am wiser, smarter, seem to get funnier,and just really have settled into myself.
This year is going to be great. I am learning and exploring new things. Making new friends. Staying close to the old ones. I think this may be one of the best ones yet. I look forward to being 36. When people ask me How old are you? I will say with honor I am 36.
It's going to be the most exciting, greatest, adventuresome year ever! wait hold on a minute.. what? Bob what? I hate when people interrupt me- what's that you say Bob? I'm going to be what? how old? 37?!?!##x@%%^&$&^ No way- it can't be-no no no no - I missed a whole year- I am getting so old - my life is over- wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh- I hate birthdays. They suck!If someone asks me how old I am, I will lie.crap, really 37?-unbelievable- I am depressed now. Well at least there will be presents.

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Victoria's Secrets said...

This should cheer you up, dear little sister. Getting older means you're ALMOST as smart, wise, funny, finally content with who you are and as pretty as I am (we do get better as we get older, don't we?)so if that doesn't make you feel better, well I don't know what will. But, remember I said ALMOST. By the way, my gift's in the mail.