Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is your Captain Speaking

We are going to Indianapolis tomorrow for Thanksgiving! I am really happy because this is the first time in maybe 6yrs, that we are all going on a vacation at the same time together. The first time in a long time without me having to travel alone with the kids meet him at our destination. It would all be yippee, except for the fact that I am flying with a pilot, who is not actually going to be flying the plane, but being a passenger! ugh.. It must be like a woman who is married to a carpenter, and than hires a contractor to remodel her house. Yes, he is a terrible passenger.
It will start tomorrow morning-I will be told
what kind of plane it is
how many engines it has
how much fuel it will take
how much distance it will cover.
Oh, but it won't stop there, I will be quizzed on all this stuff at the airport. He will endlessly point airplanes out and ask what kind is that one? Uh, I don't know. Well how many engines does it have? I still don't know and I also don't care. yep, I said it. Then he will look at me like he can not believe I don't want to know how the plane stays up in the air or why, but that I am just happy knowing it does!
Once we board the airplane,it gets a little bit worse. I will be told all about "these" pilots. He will also sit there through the whole flight watching and checking to make sure our landing is as smooth as he would have done(it won't be), or if the altitude is correct(it won't be) or if the pilot got out of the turbulence( they won't), and then he will be waiting for them to come on the intercom and ask if there is any pilot on the plane that can...... so he can raise his hand and save the flight! It really is terrible for him, he is not in control of the flight so it drives him crazy.
While I just sit back, read my book, and bask in the happiness that he is on this flight, with me, as my husband, going on a family vacation. I will get off the plane and thank those pilots, for the safe flight, knowing that because they are flying my plane, there is some wife out there that is traveling with her kiddies alone!
I hope every one has a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you get to spend it with your pilot, home or in the air.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Capt. Challenger

Bob just got home from flight school, (15 days later) and passed his tests so now he is a Captain of his new Challenger 300!
His new plane is being delivered today, so he is anxiously waiting at the airport for it to arrive.
Ladies, I don't care what anyone says, "bigger" is definitely better!
Congratulations Honey! We are all so proud of you. Fly safe.then get home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homeschooling Woes

Today, I am half way through the school year and need to change our curriculum. I feel like I am failing at home school, because in my quest for researching new science and language arts material, I came across several other homeschooling mom's blogs who put me to shame.
First, most are homeschooling five kids at time with all different ages, I am only responsible for one. Second, they seem to have not only found the perfect curriculum, they have time to post recipes on their blogs, I haven't cooked a meal since school began unless you count grabbing a rotisserie chicken and adding corn. Third, they do all these intense projects, like building the tajmahal or something of that nature, I can't seem to make a solar system out of foam balls with my home schooler. They hand made their own Halloween costumes, they make the Thanksgiving turkey, and already have completed their Christmas shopping, I haven't even put away our Halloween costumes. Fourth, All their kids already know how to save, tithe, and play the stock market, I have trouble teaching percentages and fractions. Their kids can already quote the whole new testament by heart, my bible curriculum is a prayer to get through the day, not yell at anyone, and get through math with no tears, okay so once in a while I throw in a B-i-b-l-e song! And last, most of these moms, are well groomed and conservatively dressed, some days I don't get out of my pajamas during home school or even wear a bra. I am not the stereotypical homeschooling mom, so why are we leaning toward starting Nolan next year?
Here is why; I get to watch my daughter every day grow and learn something new. I get to find songs on you tube and dance with her in the afternoon and call it gym. I get to know by just a look or a subtle twitch of her eye, when my daughter is scared, nervous, excited or lying.
We may not eat dinner at the table every night, but every afternoon I take time to lay on my bed, just loving on my daughter and listening to her hopes, and dreams for her future. We get to read a book together daily(our passion is reading) and then find ourselves lost in the discussion of why we love the book. Going to the park, library, beach, or the grocery store are all considered field trips.
This month I have added working at a shelter twice a month so she can learn about giving back to her community by volunteering. We are also starting a library reading time once a week for her, at Nolan's school, so she can learn story telling, and how to be in front of a group.
At times like these when I am feeling less than adequate at homeschooling, I have to remind myself, that even though homeschooling is challenging, or I feel like I don't measure up, I know that I am surpassing the expectations of one pupil, and that is enough for me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hail To The Chief

Well, we have a new President Elect. I stayed up last night to watch history unfold itself. It was amazing. Even though my candidate was not the winner, I could still appreciate the awesomeness of our country, of why I love America. It really is the place of opportunity, for anyone. I guess I could be upset and bitter, as I am sure many Americans were last night or will be when they wake up this morning, but then I would feel like a hypocrite. We fought the good fight, and we lost. That is America. I am so proud today to be an American, and can not ignore that for million of Americans, last night healed wounds.
John McCain gave an elegant speech last night, even if you were not a John McCain supporter, you had to respect, that it was in his loss that he showed his true character, his humility, and real strength. He showed the world that running for President was not who he was, it was what he was doing, but last night during his speech, you knew who he was, a true man of his faith.
Now, I just pray that we come together, and not let this divide us. That we continue to pray for our President elect and his family, uplift, and support him during his term. We need to show the world that we are still the greatest Nation.
I, for one will support our new President Elect, simply because he is who was chosen, and that is what I am called to do by my heavenly father.
So, I won't be packing my bags leaving for another country, I won't entertain conspiracy theory's through emails. Maybe I am not the radical republican I should be, but I want to show my children that even in a loss, there is humility, faith, and hope. And that God is in control of this too.
I Am Still Proud to Be An American yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is voting day. I already voted through the mail many weeks ago, thank God. I really just want this to be OVER. This has been the longest campaign in history. When we wake up tomorrow we will have a new President Elect, good or bad, my candidate or yours. I did my part, now there is nothing else to do, except wait for the votes to be counted. and than Move On. That's it. wait. and while I wait I might as well enjoy some free stuff:

for those of you who voted you get free stuff!If you google free stuff on election day there is many more things, from beer to "adult toys" in Seattle!
Free tall coffee at Starbucks
Free Chick fil A sandwich the 4th and 5th
Free Ben and Jerry's ice cream
Free Cup o Joe at Border's

Democrat or Republican, everyone loves free stuff!