Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homeschooling Woes

Today, I am half way through the school year and need to change our curriculum. I feel like I am failing at home school, because in my quest for researching new science and language arts material, I came across several other homeschooling mom's blogs who put me to shame.
First, most are homeschooling five kids at time with all different ages, I am only responsible for one. Second, they seem to have not only found the perfect curriculum, they have time to post recipes on their blogs, I haven't cooked a meal since school began unless you count grabbing a rotisserie chicken and adding corn. Third, they do all these intense projects, like building the tajmahal or something of that nature, I can't seem to make a solar system out of foam balls with my home schooler. They hand made their own Halloween costumes, they make the Thanksgiving turkey, and already have completed their Christmas shopping, I haven't even put away our Halloween costumes. Fourth, All their kids already know how to save, tithe, and play the stock market, I have trouble teaching percentages and fractions. Their kids can already quote the whole new testament by heart, my bible curriculum is a prayer to get through the day, not yell at anyone, and get through math with no tears, okay so once in a while I throw in a B-i-b-l-e song! And last, most of these moms, are well groomed and conservatively dressed, some days I don't get out of my pajamas during home school or even wear a bra. I am not the stereotypical homeschooling mom, so why are we leaning toward starting Nolan next year?
Here is why; I get to watch my daughter every day grow and learn something new. I get to find songs on you tube and dance with her in the afternoon and call it gym. I get to know by just a look or a subtle twitch of her eye, when my daughter is scared, nervous, excited or lying.
We may not eat dinner at the table every night, but every afternoon I take time to lay on my bed, just loving on my daughter and listening to her hopes, and dreams for her future. We get to read a book together daily(our passion is reading) and then find ourselves lost in the discussion of why we love the book. Going to the park, library, beach, or the grocery store are all considered field trips.
This month I have added working at a shelter twice a month so she can learn about giving back to her community by volunteering. We are also starting a library reading time once a week for her, at Nolan's school, so she can learn story telling, and how to be in front of a group.
At times like these when I am feeling less than adequate at homeschooling, I have to remind myself, that even though homeschooling is challenging, or I feel like I don't measure up, I know that I am surpassing the expectations of one pupil, and that is enough for me!


Summer said...

Girl, I learned a long time ago not to compare myself to other mothers. The grass ALWAYS looks greener, they ALWAYS look more accomplished, they ALWAYS have good hair :-)

Hang in there. We all have those times, whether it's with homeschooling or something else. Push through and remember, tomorrow is a new day.

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

ummmmm are you for real? holy super awesome mom!

so regan didn't build a lifesize working robot replica of a turkey... BIG FREAKING DEAL! the only bible verse i remember from school is "jesus wept" ...don't even know what verse that is. hahaha
knowing she can talk to you about stuff, knowing you guys have things in common like reading, being taught doesn't need to worry about being in front of a group of people because she is intelligent and beautiful.... that's what she will never forget, and that's what matters.

and so what if those other moms dress up everyday. your husband is better than their husband and he doesn't care if you do your hair everyday. HA!!! :)


Ann said...

I have the same days...even with a homeschooler who is in the 11th grade.

I feel inadequate (did I spell that right?) at times. I too don't get out of pajamas some days....WHY?? because sometimes you need days like that.

I enjoy and savor the time we get to spend together while he is homeschooling. Enjoy it and don't compare yourself to others.

Remember it is not all glam in others houses either at times though it may look it.....BUT REMEMBER...God is always good!!

Love you.....


Victoria's Secrets said...

Cherish these times with Regan. Because sooner than you know it, they'll be gone and having children of their own. My girl's don't remember any gift I ever bought them. But, they do remember our "talks" and times snuggling in bed. I miss those times. I always will.

Anonymous said...

Hey there
I've never posted on your blog before... I found my way from Partner of a Pilot here on a UK site. Just had to commment because Short Skirt Long Jacket started playing and that is my OH favourite song. He is a pilot too he is waiting for his first job currently. Tough times. Hey nice to meet you though, x

The Pilot's Wife said...

awesome! I love when people find my blog and leave a comment! thanks. I love that song, too. It was in the Waitress-great movie also.