Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is voting day. I already voted through the mail many weeks ago, thank God. I really just want this to be OVER. This has been the longest campaign in history. When we wake up tomorrow we will have a new President Elect, good or bad, my candidate or yours. I did my part, now there is nothing else to do, except wait for the votes to be counted. and than Move On. That's it. wait. and while I wait I might as well enjoy some free stuff:

for those of you who voted you get free stuff!If you google free stuff on election day there is many more things, from beer to "adult toys" in Seattle!
Free tall coffee at Starbucks
Free Chick fil A sandwich the 4th and 5th
Free Ben and Jerry's ice cream
Free Cup o Joe at Border's

Democrat or Republican, everyone loves free stuff!

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