Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going to School

Bob has been home for a whole month waiting to go to school for his new toy. The truth is the was dragging on , but now that he will leave tomorrow it seems like it went too fast. He will be gone for 2 weeks, so its really not too bad. He is so ready to start learning about his new plane. I could say he is as excited about that as I am about a shoe sale at Dillard's! Well, you gotta have your priorities straight..
So I will be flying solo, once again. I am not complaining, its just that I have been SPOILED ROTTEN for the last month.
5 reasons I am gonna miss him.
1.He has been taking kids to school, practice, play dates etc.
2.He has been doing all the cooking
3.He has been doing all theYard work
4.He has been fixing things that break around the house
5. there has been lots of loving going on
5 reasons I won't miss him
1.I Can stay in pajamas, until I absolutely have to leave the house
2. I Can watch private practice, & Grey's anatomy without having to explain who is who, or who is sleeping with whom
3.I Can drop the 5 pounds I gained by eating all his good cooking
4.I can buy new things for the house when something breaks
5.and I don't have to say not tonight honey,I got a headache(okay, who am I kidding, I dont ever say this!) I am gonna miss this ALOT!

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