Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tricks or Treats

It only took two weeks and five hours yesterday, but Regan finally found her "perfect" Halloween costume! No, it was not the 40$ one. We actually did find that one for 25$, but when she tried it on, she hated it! I can't imagine what it is going to be like when she is looking for a prom dress!
Anyway, I am so excited for her because she is so excited! She loves her costume, and it was her own idea. My kids have tried their costumes on, and ask me every day, how many more days til Halloween.? We are ready for the tricker treaters and for the tricker and treating!
I hate it when people say "we don't celebrate Halloween," whatever, more candy for us!For the record, I don't Celebrate Halloween, I participate in Halloween. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas (yes, we believe in Santa Too!).
But, when it comes to Halloween, people get really weird. What is the big deal? I love that my children want to play dress -up, and become something they love or dream of being in the future. I think it facilitates fantasy, imagination, creativity and you get loads of candy. How is that bad? We all remember when we were young and pretended to be super heroes, princesses, soldiers, or ballerinas?
Sometimes as adults we forget the allure, of pretending, even if it is for one night. Becoming something or somebody that you will never be any other night of the year. Skies the limit-
Some adults try to make it about something ugly, and satanic. Children aren't out there trying to raise up the dead, their trying to get as much free candy as they can possibly get.
Let them be children, and enjoy the freedom of being young, and innocent. Don't bring your baggage to my neighborhood.
Also, You are not a better "christian" because you don't participate in Halloween. I mean give me a break, what is the difference between Halloween and a "Fall Festival"?People your kids are not that stupid. There is no difference, except that you feel self-righteous because you didn't participate in the trick or treating. It is called perspective. And DON'T tell my kids they are going to hell, because Halloween is a form of worshiping witches and Satan. Sorry, but we don't sacrifice chickens or poor snake blood all over us before we go door to door!
Oh ,btw, I also think it is rude to not give out candy if you are home. Give out some damn candy. I mean you may not have kids now, but you will someday. You can still have fun giving out candy to nameless children, running up to your door laughing & screaming "Trick or Treat", dressed in all varieties of their wishes and dreams! How can you not love that? Even after my kids are grown and gone, I will always have my front porch light on to hand out candy to the kids, because it brings back so many memories, of times when I was young, and free to be whomever I chose to be! and this year I might just dress up too!


Ann said...

We are giving out candy too...Alan and Ryan are going to dress up and pretend they are zombies on the front porch...they have done it for a couple of years and the neighborhood kids have come to expect...they even call it "the scary house". The kids have to get past them to get to me to get the candy...don't you just love it.

Take some pics and post them....

love you


The Pilot's Wife said...

take pictures, I have to see Uncle Alan in a zombie costume- I never knew he had it in him! ha ha

Anonymous said...

I always give out sweets (candy), and my kids dress up. But I don't let them trick or treat. I don't really like the notion behind 'trick or treat'. Although, that said, it's a bit different here in the UK.

My boys are allowed to knock on a handfull of doors of people that we know (with me) aand wish people a 'Happy Halloween' in costume.

Maybe it's because my parents were always against 'tick or treating'. Over here, lots of people say "Oh, trick or treating is an American thing" as though that makes it unacceptable to do it here... I don't want my boys to annoy people, so we only go to those people have pre-agreed it with!

We always dress up (me included) and decorate the house though. And the boys love going to the door with sweets for the trick or treaters that visit us!

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