Monday, January 11, 2010

3 weeks left until D-Day

Lately, I find people to be very annoying,and rude.I don't know if its the pregnancy, or if people all of a sudden have just started to suck. But here are some things that I cant believe people say,or to an obviously 9 month pregnant woman.
1. Wow, you really are big. I mean huge, how much weight did you gain?
2. Your baby is gonna be huge(because I am so big I guess!_)
3. Don't worry the only thing that got big is your stomach and your ass.
4. How are you gonna lose that weight after the baby is born?
5. Yeah, your nose has really spread out.
6. Are you sure there are not two in there?
7. Have you picked a name yet? then I tell them. Really? hmmm, really? I don't know if I can pronounce it, like it, why would you name the baby that?
8. Man, you took the eating for two really seriously, huh?
9. I heard you were pregnant again, why? two wasn't enough?

this is what I want to say,but don't. Leave me alone, I am growing a human being in my uterus, I am supposed to be 32 pounds heavier because I am pregnant not fat. Yes, I know how much I weigh, because every week by some cruel twist of fate,I have a weigh in at my dr's office and know EXACTLY how much has been added to my stomach, and for that matter my ass.
I will lose the weight just like I did with my other pregnancies, with hard work, exercise, and breastfeeding. My weight gain, etc. is only temporary, your attitude, and rudeness and lack of social etiquites is something you will have to live with.We love the name we chose, it has meaning, is strong and family heritage. so suck it.
AND at the end of the day, I will be coming home with a beautiful, little baby, and it will all be worth it!

Oh, here are a few things you could say instead...

1. you look great.
2. you look great
3. you look great.
4. you look great.
5 you look great.
6 you look great.
7 you look great.
8 you look great.

or you could keep your damn mouth shut and say nothing at all.....