Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year, New Me

It has been awhile since I posted, and well I am out of apologies. Truth be told, I have been so busy that I forget what I was going to write. But, as you know New Year's Eve is right around the corner so I will be able to make, yet more resolutions I will probably fail at keeping-Although I would love to not make resolutions this year, I feel compelled to start the year off with positive energy and a new found hope for something better.

Here are five that I have made and have never kept.
1. Eat healthier
2. let my hair, and nails grow one classic novel a month
4.Learn to love my body
5. run a marathon

five I kept
1. Do a triathlon-2008
2. marry Bob-1995
3,Have a baby-1998
4. Have another baby-2003
5. Begin homeschooling-2007

and five I will make for this year

1.spiritual-spend time daily with God and continue to grow into the woman he wants me to become
2.physical- to push myself, and continue to strengthen my body by doing a half marathon, yes I lowered my expectations.
3.friends- to not judge,criticize, or assume I know any one's life story, but instead listen more and talk less
4.Family- To become more positive in my role as a stay at home, homeschooling pilots wife. Allow time for just my husband and I so that we may continue to grow closer together and be an example to our children. To stop and answer my children's endless questions, savoring the time I get to spend with them. To love my children as individuals and get to know each one of their unique gifts.
5. personal-To take more time to post on my blog, which has taught me the love of writing, the healing of humor, and the support of a friend.

Now these all sound really good, but I know somewhere I will get lost, sidetracked and forget almost all of these..My busy days of hustle and bustle,my everyday stresses, and life will try and take my focus off of my resolutions. I know too well, that I will become distracted, and unmotivated, but I will give it my best shot, let you in on the progress and of course, there is always next year resolutions.

What recession?

Some one said,"Santa threw up in my living room!".That about says it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A quick overview

Well, we got back from Indianapolis without a hitch. I had to laugh on the way to the airport though, because without even reading my blog, Bob looks in the sky, points to an airplane about to land and says"He really should have his landing gear out by now, what is he thinking?", I just laughed out loud! He was like"what?, I'm just saying"... and so proved my point!
He was actually not bad, but of course he had kid duty and I had two seats to the right all by myself!

We had a great time at Thanksgiving. You know how you come back from a trip and people say "how was your thanksgiving trip?", Well, I can honestly say I had one of the best Thanksgiving trips ever! I have not been able to stop talking about it, or thinking about it! We went to the Broadway Lion King production, we stayed up late every night, ate great food everyday, went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, and played in the snow, all with some really great family and new friends!And next year Jon, I will have that cup! Its Mine!

Well, we returned home late Monday night, when the weather turned to 17 degrees, it was time to come back home!And we were so tired and all a little sick, I don't think Bob noticed the pilots flaws this time.

We are all feeling much better and are getting back into the swing of things here.Bob took off the day after we got back, and I haven't see him since! I don't know if it was too much "family time", or if his boss really needed to go hunting somewhere in Texas in the middle of Christmas~

We are getting ready for the big guy to show up on X-mas Eve! The house is getting decorated, the cookies are getting baked, the presents are bought, the Christmas carols being sung...and if you believe that well... let me tell you about some flying reindeer!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is your Captain Speaking

We are going to Indianapolis tomorrow for Thanksgiving! I am really happy because this is the first time in maybe 6yrs, that we are all going on a vacation at the same time together. The first time in a long time without me having to travel alone with the kids meet him at our destination. It would all be yippee, except for the fact that I am flying with a pilot, who is not actually going to be flying the plane, but being a passenger! ugh.. It must be like a woman who is married to a carpenter, and than hires a contractor to remodel her house. Yes, he is a terrible passenger.
It will start tomorrow morning-I will be told
what kind of plane it is
how many engines it has
how much fuel it will take
how much distance it will cover.
Oh, but it won't stop there, I will be quizzed on all this stuff at the airport. He will endlessly point airplanes out and ask what kind is that one? Uh, I don't know. Well how many engines does it have? I still don't know and I also don't care. yep, I said it. Then he will look at me like he can not believe I don't want to know how the plane stays up in the air or why, but that I am just happy knowing it does!
Once we board the airplane,it gets a little bit worse. I will be told all about "these" pilots. He will also sit there through the whole flight watching and checking to make sure our landing is as smooth as he would have done(it won't be), or if the altitude is correct(it won't be) or if the pilot got out of the turbulence( they won't), and then he will be waiting for them to come on the intercom and ask if there is any pilot on the plane that can...... so he can raise his hand and save the flight! It really is terrible for him, he is not in control of the flight so it drives him crazy.
While I just sit back, read my book, and bask in the happiness that he is on this flight, with me, as my husband, going on a family vacation. I will get off the plane and thank those pilots, for the safe flight, knowing that because they are flying my plane, there is some wife out there that is traveling with her kiddies alone!
I hope every one has a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you get to spend it with your pilot, home or in the air.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Capt. Challenger

Bob just got home from flight school, (15 days later) and passed his tests so now he is a Captain of his new Challenger 300!
His new plane is being delivered today, so he is anxiously waiting at the airport for it to arrive.
Ladies, I don't care what anyone says, "bigger" is definitely better!
Congratulations Honey! We are all so proud of you. Fly safe.then get home.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homeschooling Woes

Today, I am half way through the school year and need to change our curriculum. I feel like I am failing at home school, because in my quest for researching new science and language arts material, I came across several other homeschooling mom's blogs who put me to shame.
First, most are homeschooling five kids at time with all different ages, I am only responsible for one. Second, they seem to have not only found the perfect curriculum, they have time to post recipes on their blogs, I haven't cooked a meal since school began unless you count grabbing a rotisserie chicken and adding corn. Third, they do all these intense projects, like building the tajmahal or something of that nature, I can't seem to make a solar system out of foam balls with my home schooler. They hand made their own Halloween costumes, they make the Thanksgiving turkey, and already have completed their Christmas shopping, I haven't even put away our Halloween costumes. Fourth, All their kids already know how to save, tithe, and play the stock market, I have trouble teaching percentages and fractions. Their kids can already quote the whole new testament by heart, my bible curriculum is a prayer to get through the day, not yell at anyone, and get through math with no tears, okay so once in a while I throw in a B-i-b-l-e song! And last, most of these moms, are well groomed and conservatively dressed, some days I don't get out of my pajamas during home school or even wear a bra. I am not the stereotypical homeschooling mom, so why are we leaning toward starting Nolan next year?
Here is why; I get to watch my daughter every day grow and learn something new. I get to find songs on you tube and dance with her in the afternoon and call it gym. I get to know by just a look or a subtle twitch of her eye, when my daughter is scared, nervous, excited or lying.
We may not eat dinner at the table every night, but every afternoon I take time to lay on my bed, just loving on my daughter and listening to her hopes, and dreams for her future. We get to read a book together daily(our passion is reading) and then find ourselves lost in the discussion of why we love the book. Going to the park, library, beach, or the grocery store are all considered field trips.
This month I have added working at a shelter twice a month so she can learn about giving back to her community by volunteering. We are also starting a library reading time once a week for her, at Nolan's school, so she can learn story telling, and how to be in front of a group.
At times like these when I am feeling less than adequate at homeschooling, I have to remind myself, that even though homeschooling is challenging, or I feel like I don't measure up, I know that I am surpassing the expectations of one pupil, and that is enough for me!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 2008

Hail To The Chief

Well, we have a new President Elect. I stayed up last night to watch history unfold itself. It was amazing. Even though my candidate was not the winner, I could still appreciate the awesomeness of our country, of why I love America. It really is the place of opportunity, for anyone. I guess I could be upset and bitter, as I am sure many Americans were last night or will be when they wake up this morning, but then I would feel like a hypocrite. We fought the good fight, and we lost. That is America. I am so proud today to be an American, and can not ignore that for million of Americans, last night healed wounds.
John McCain gave an elegant speech last night, even if you were not a John McCain supporter, you had to respect, that it was in his loss that he showed his true character, his humility, and real strength. He showed the world that running for President was not who he was, it was what he was doing, but last night during his speech, you knew who he was, a true man of his faith.
Now, I just pray that we come together, and not let this divide us. That we continue to pray for our President elect and his family, uplift, and support him during his term. We need to show the world that we are still the greatest Nation.
I, for one will support our new President Elect, simply because he is who was chosen, and that is what I am called to do by my heavenly father.
So, I won't be packing my bags leaving for another country, I won't entertain conspiracy theory's through emails. Maybe I am not the radical republican I should be, but I want to show my children that even in a loss, there is humility, faith, and hope. And that God is in control of this too.
I Am Still Proud to Be An American yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is voting day. I already voted through the mail many weeks ago, thank God. I really just want this to be OVER. This has been the longest campaign in history. When we wake up tomorrow we will have a new President Elect, good or bad, my candidate or yours. I did my part, now there is nothing else to do, except wait for the votes to be counted. and than Move On. That's it. wait. and while I wait I might as well enjoy some free stuff:

for those of you who voted you get free stuff!If you google free stuff on election day there is many more things, from beer to "adult toys" in Seattle!
Free tall coffee at Starbucks
Free Chick fil A sandwich the 4th and 5th
Free Ben and Jerry's ice cream
Free Cup o Joe at Border's

Democrat or Republican, everyone loves free stuff!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going to School

Bob has been home for a whole month waiting to go to school for his new toy. The truth is the was dragging on , but now that he will leave tomorrow it seems like it went too fast. He will be gone for 2 weeks, so its really not too bad. He is so ready to start learning about his new plane. I could say he is as excited about that as I am about a shoe sale at Dillard's! Well, you gotta have your priorities straight..
So I will be flying solo, once again. I am not complaining, its just that I have been SPOILED ROTTEN for the last month.
5 reasons I am gonna miss him.
1.He has been taking kids to school, practice, play dates etc.
2.He has been doing all the cooking
3.He has been doing all theYard work
4.He has been fixing things that break around the house
5. there has been lots of loving going on
5 reasons I won't miss him
1.I Can stay in pajamas, until I absolutely have to leave the house
2. I Can watch private practice, & Grey's anatomy without having to explain who is who, or who is sleeping with whom
3.I Can drop the 5 pounds I gained by eating all his good cooking
4.I can buy new things for the house when something breaks
5.and I don't have to say not tonight honey,I got a headache(okay, who am I kidding, I dont ever say this!) I am gonna miss this ALOT!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

I have a confession to make.. I have cheated on you. Yes, I found something else that was new, and fun, and took less of a commitment from me. I was enticed and lured away by the romance of it all. No, I wasn't angry,my needs were being me. I swear it just"happened".I have been feeling really guilty, and knew I better ask for forgiveness. It was only a few times, and it didn't mean anything. A fling if you will, a walk on the wild side. This is why I haven't been posting too much lately, it was taking up my time. But, I turned my back, and walked away.and I promise to stay faithful.
My face book account has officially been disconnected. Yes, I got caught up with this face book thing. I realized I can not juggle two relationships at once! I joined face book at the encouragement of friends and family. Only to find that once I joined, people from everywhere kept finding me. Don't get me wrong that's great if you have a glowing, innocent past and want to be found. I don't. To both.
I had the account for a few weeks, and it is addicting. I found myself checking messages, responding and getting caught up in it. I had like 47 friends to keep up with in two weeks, I have never had that many friends in my life. It was exhausting.
Many of my old high school classmates, got in touch with me. Fun right? well, if high school was fun for you than yeah, but for me, I never really knew if some comment or picture was going to make its way onto my face book, and embarrass the hell out of me.
I also realized that for the most part, the past is better left, well in the past. Nothing good can come out of revisiting that period of my life. I will admit there were a few people that I would have loved to have kept in touch with, but for the most part, it was dangerous for me and I could see it being a place where my self- destructive behavior could breathe new life.
I know this is probably really dramatic for some of you, but than again you didn't know me than. To be honest, I didn't even know me then. I think face book can be a great tool for some people, but for me I realized it wanted a bigger commitment than I could give, I wanted a fling, it wanted a marriage, I had to end it, abruptly. But don't worry we're still "friends".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tricks or Treats

It only took two weeks and five hours yesterday, but Regan finally found her "perfect" Halloween costume! No, it was not the 40$ one. We actually did find that one for 25$, but when she tried it on, she hated it! I can't imagine what it is going to be like when she is looking for a prom dress!
Anyway, I am so excited for her because she is so excited! She loves her costume, and it was her own idea. My kids have tried their costumes on, and ask me every day, how many more days til Halloween.? We are ready for the tricker treaters and for the tricker and treating!
I hate it when people say "we don't celebrate Halloween," whatever, more candy for us!For the record, I don't Celebrate Halloween, I participate in Halloween. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas (yes, we believe in Santa Too!).
But, when it comes to Halloween, people get really weird. What is the big deal? I love that my children want to play dress -up, and become something they love or dream of being in the future. I think it facilitates fantasy, imagination, creativity and you get loads of candy. How is that bad? We all remember when we were young and pretended to be super heroes, princesses, soldiers, or ballerinas?
Sometimes as adults we forget the allure, of pretending, even if it is for one night. Becoming something or somebody that you will never be any other night of the year. Skies the limit-
Some adults try to make it about something ugly, and satanic. Children aren't out there trying to raise up the dead, their trying to get as much free candy as they can possibly get.
Let them be children, and enjoy the freedom of being young, and innocent. Don't bring your baggage to my neighborhood.
Also, You are not a better "christian" because you don't participate in Halloween. I mean give me a break, what is the difference between Halloween and a "Fall Festival"?People your kids are not that stupid. There is no difference, except that you feel self-righteous because you didn't participate in the trick or treating. It is called perspective. And DON'T tell my kids they are going to hell, because Halloween is a form of worshiping witches and Satan. Sorry, but we don't sacrifice chickens or poor snake blood all over us before we go door to door!
Oh ,btw, I also think it is rude to not give out candy if you are home. Give out some damn candy. I mean you may not have kids now, but you will someday. You can still have fun giving out candy to nameless children, running up to your door laughing & screaming "Trick or Treat", dressed in all varieties of their wishes and dreams! How can you not love that? Even after my kids are grown and gone, I will always have my front porch light on to hand out candy to the kids, because it brings back so many memories, of times when I was young, and free to be whomever I chose to be! and this year I might just dress up too!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lost but Found

I have been looking for something for a long time. Something that I had lost. I couldn't remember where I lost it, how I lost it or even when I lost it. I just know that somewhere along the line it was gone. I thought I had placed it somewhere that it would be "safe", and then I forgot where I put it. I thought if I kept it hidden, it would not be able to get hurt, or be destroyed. But,I found that I hid it so well, I couldn't remember the hiding place. I have been searching for it now for many years, sometimes getting distracted in the search and putting it off until I had more time to really look.
This past year and a half, I diligently searched for it, I crawled into tight spaces and dark areas. I spent hours on my knees, crying out, wishing for some direction as to where it was. I took alot of time retracing my steps. I knew it was there, somewhere, right in the most unlikely place, right in front of me, but I just couldn't find it. Maybe even a little afraid to find what condition I had left it in. But I knew I could not give up, it was urgent.
Only recently, I found it. It was the most exhilarating moment for me. My heart started pounding with excitement. I started laughing and crying all at the same time from shear exhaustion from looking for it for so long. It was such a familiar thing,that I don't know how I had lost it at all. It must have been a slow process of losing it, because looking back I don't remember how I had lost it in the first place.
But, now that I have found it, I promise I will take better care of it, I will place it right in front of me, and daily look at it, so that I may NEVER lose it again. I discovered how precious, and wonderful it is, how I should have been taking care of it all along. It is so awesome to find something you lost for such a long time, and then to discover that it was never really lost at all. It was always there, in the place you left it, just waiting to be found.
What have you lost lately? what are you searching for? I encourage you to never give up, because one day when you least expect it, you will find exactly what you had been looking for.
Oh, What did Ifinally find, that had kept me searching for years? I found me!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Women in My Life

I have just spent the most amazing mini -beach vacation with my girlfriends~! We spent three glorious days with no kids or hubby's. We ate all day whatever we wanted, chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries, syrup and whip cream was our breakfast! It was delicious, no calories were counted this weekend! We ate cookies, and pie, and dips. We did not skip a meal or a snack. We talked for hours and watched endless mushy, gushy, girl movies. We did not wear makeup,or fancy clothes. We wore whatever was comfortable,sometimes staying in our pajamas until late afternoon.
It was so fun bonding with these women, most of whom I have known for more than a year. It was a time of reflection on our lives, our children, our relationships. It was a totally safe,and trusted environment to just be yourself, a come as you are mentality. I have never been with a group of women who made no judgements or opinions on who I am, but accepted me warts and all(there are alot of warts!). We got real, skeletons came out, personalities were admitted. It was honest, raw, shameless and very freeing.
I have become so blessed by the relationships God has brought into mylife this past year. I have found some amazing women of faith, who are just like me. IMPERFECT. Trying to live their life the best they know how, with many mistakes being made along the way. But knowing that we are all in this together.
There were so many differences in our lifestyles, economic status, age, personalities, and appearances, but somehow we found a way to set all of that aside and come together as women! Supporting each other , encouraging one another, lifting and building each other up.
So many times in my life, I have seen women become my own worst enemy, maybe for no other reason ,but a simple assumption, that was usually wrong .
I guess that is why I am so excited, I found a group of women who allowed me to lay it on the line,be myself completely. I will no longer give up pieces of myself , or change who I am for any friendship. I am who I am. And what I learned this weekend is this, that we are all the same, in more ways than one. We have the same thoughts, ideas, struggles, wounds, insecurities, needs, desires, hopes and dreams. Everyone of us has her own story, most are NOT the fairy tale kinds. We are each striving to leave our own legacy, a new one.
Women are my hero's. We live more passionately, we laugh harder, and we love deeply. We each shine with our own beauty. We are adventurous, courageous, selfless, determined, and strong. We give life and will lay down our lives for the ones we love. We were made in the most intimate image of Our Creator. We each have significant purpose. Do not EVER let anyone convince you otherwise.
Today, go and tell the women in your life how awesome they are, how beautiful they are, and how much you love them... I just did!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

White Shirts

They gave us new white t-shirts for T-ball clinic this year. DUH, whose bright idea was this?
The person who thought of this obviously does not have a five year old little boy.
I told Nolan as I was putting it on him, "lets try not to mess it up too bad."
He said,"I won't mommy",then he innocently wiped his green runny nosed boogers right on the sleeve!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Bob and I were taking Nolan to school Friday, and there was a car stopped in the middle of the street, hazard lights blinking. I think Bob's first initial response was" that's a great place to leave your car".
I noticed all the cars just swerving around the car in a hurry to get where they needed to be. When we pulled up next to the car, I looked in and noticed a woman sitting there, eyes closed, and her head sort of to the side. I thought something must be wrong with her. I told Bob I was going to check on her.
The light was red, so I hopped out of the car and knocked on her window,no reply, I knocked again harder, no reply, so I thought I will try once more and then I am calling 911. The third time did it, she slowly lifted her head, turned toward me and rolled the window down. I said"Mame do you need help?, she said"yes". I could tell she was crying. "Do you want me to call 911, do you need medical attention?", "No, I have run out of gas and have been here for awhile, no one will stop and help. I am having a really bad morning. I don't know what to do."
I looked in her car and could tell she was probably living out of it, so I said " We will turn around at the corner and my husband can help get your car out of the way. I will be right back." by now the light is green and people are wanting me to get back to my car so they can leave..
So, we turn around, it took a few minutes, so I was thinking, I bet she is not expecting us to come back. We did. I dropped Bob off at the corner, and then took Nolan down the street to his school. Bob with the help of another guy, got her car out of the street.
By the time I got back, the car was out of the way, and the other guy was going to get her some gas. She was very grateful, and didn't ask, but Bob gave her some money. She had been sitting in that car for an hour. She was at the end of her rope, when we came by. She had decided to sit there and think of a way to be "done" with it all. She had no hope, that anyone would help, or even stop.
It was amazing to experience this first hand, how our economy has drastically hurt so many of the working class people. Here was a woman around 38 yrs old who had been able to take care of herself, and then suddenly finds herself unemployed and homeless. But more than that she was hopeless.
I realized that I live a comfortable secure life, where so many are fighting to survive. I feel sadness that we live in a world where no one stops to help anymore. Every one is too busy to notice, when there is someone right next to them , screaming ,desperately for help.
I wonder how many people I have passed by on the street that are in this situation. Afraid, alone, depressed. How many of my own friends? family members? have I gotten so wrapped up in my own life to not take notice of what is going on around me?
In my neighborhood last year an older couple committed suicide because they had no way to pay their mortgage. They had lost hope. Yes, it is all around me. It is all around you.
It is time for me to live for something other than my self, other than my own self indulgences,it is time for me to start living self less . I am going to look around and see what the needs our in my community, and start contributing to the solution. I am going to live with my eyes wide open, not with my head stuck in the sand.
Each one of us making one small difference together, will make a big impact and give people hope, and encouragement. I never want to look at another person so hopeless again, so beaten by this world, and know that I have done nothing to help.
This woman, who was so hopeless, smiled when she said goodbye. I wish she knew that she gave me so much more, than we gave her. She gave me a new perspective and appreciation on life. She gave me hope.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Insta Grow

I have been using this new shampoo to make my hair grow, It really works.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scary Price!

Well, I spent four hours going from store to store to find my kids their "perfect" Halloween costume. I must be crazy because when I was little we used what we found around the house, and made up the character you were portraying. Now they have a costume for every comic book character, every movie hero, every demon and even every day house hold items.These were some that I saw today: a whoopee cushion, Adam and Eve, a baby on the back of an old lady,McDonald's french fries,ketchup and mustard?
Of course my kids want to be Star wars clones or the power rangers. I was only too happy to go and buy these for them, I mean every parent wants their kid to have the "cool" costume. However, I didn't plan on spending the afternoon seeking them out, to find them at Target for a whooping' 39.99, yep they were that much! What do you do? You have been looking for these particular ones all day, your kids have their hopes up, they are jumping up and down with pure excitement to bring home their treasured costumes and show all their friends!
So, I did what any good, loving parent would do, I laughed and said,"Are You are kidding me? I am not paying 40$ for a costume you will wear for one night, no way, you better hope it goes on sale!".
Then they both stop and looked at me with these big, sad, round, eyes filling quickly with tears. It was horrible, I felt so bad for them, but too bad. I am not paying that much for any costume, I don't even spend that much on my bra's~ so instead I said," How about we buy some gum, and I will keep checking the paper for when they go on sale". They were like, okay, can we get ice cream too?"..."Sure, why not?" I am still a great mother:) I mean ice cream before dinner, how cool am I?we left.

later: we are outside in the front yard, when Nolan tells me we have to decorate our house for Halloween this year, because we have been the lamest house every year! So they tell me to please by this witch and spider at Costco for the front yard, its only $249.99! yeah right!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Bob and I were packing to go on a mini vacation with the children on Friday, and he gets a call. I was only half listening when He says, "hold on let me ask the wife", now my ears perk up. "So and So needs me to take a flight with him on Monday, is that okay?, Do we have any plans?"

I thought for a moment, I need this flight, he has been home for over a week, and there is no flights this month until he leaves for school, so I blurt out, "Yes, take the flight, we have NO plans for Monday. There is absolutely NOTHING going on, on Monday. Yes, take the flight." You see, that's what makes me a great Pilot's wife, I am always supportive when last minute flights come up.

Now, Fast Forward to Sunday Evening. "Bob, what do you want to do for your birthday, its coming up. I mean do you want to go out to eat, have people over?" He looks at me with his blank stare. and responds, "Well, we could have went out to eat or had friends over, but remember that trip I am taking tomorrow, where we had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING PLANNED, NOTHING GOING ON TOMORROW?, you remember honey, so you told me to take that flight?", I am listening, "yeah, so what's your point? "Well its my birthday." Now it's my turn for the blank stare.

Holy Crap, I forgot Monday was Sept. 29th, My Love's birthday. So I tried to quickly redeem myself, "Honey of course it's your birthday Monday, hence the NO PLANS, take the flight- that was my poker game, I made you THINK I had no plans, so when you come home from your trip I have a HUGE SURPRISE for you!:)

Now, I know what you are thinking, I am a liar. your right I had to CMA, so now today is Monday, and I need to make some emergency phone calls, plan a party, make a reservation at Charlies', buy cake, card and present and I have until 6pm to do it! This is the second time I have forgotten my hubby's birthday in Nineteen years, not bad, but in my defense he was out of the country on that last one,but hey I am a damn good pilot's wife, I never complain if he isn't home for his birthday celebration, it comes with the job, but if he ever, should ever not be home, or forget mine, well, that's where I draw the line!


HAPPY 41 st BIRTHDAY to the love of my life! We have celebrated 18 of your birthday's together, and each year is even more amazing. You are a wonderful husband and father.

I LOVE YOU!HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and next year, a little reminder wouldn't hurt.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More random Babbling part 2

I just wanted to give a quick plug for some blogs I have posted on my site. If you have not yet, sneaked a peek at the other pilot wives' blog, I totally encourage you to do so! They are witty and fun , and if you are not a pilots wife some things you may not get, but if your a woman you will LYAO, anyway!

Also, I read an article this week on the etiquette's of cell phone use,(although my article was much better),computers, email, texting and blogging. The blogging one caught my eye, the questions was: How do you tell your friend she is getting too personal in her blog about her life? the answer was you should tell her that not everyone knows her personally,like you do, and that she should tone it down a little.
Here is my answer: don't read her damn blog! Its her blog, if you don't like what you read on a blog, here is a suggestion, X out of it! wow that was simple, and you may still have your friend!For all you non-bloggers, a blog is personal, and it can be whatever the blog author wants it to be, its theirs. If you want to complain, start your own blog about complaining about other blogs.With that said, be safe in disclosing personal data, there are alot of frigging weirdos out there!

I read another article that wanted to give us advice on how to save $ on gas. Do you know what it said: solutions to the gas crisis 1. drive less 2.find cheaper gas 3. don't drive too far. Are you kidding me? DUH.. this person should get a frigging award for the suggestions-the dumbass writer's award.

Also, I went grocery shopping last week and spent 146$, got home and hubby says, lets go out to eat! and I am like okay, let me put the groceries away. and then we go spend another 65$ on dinner! We are in a recession and this is not good sense of my money management.

I went jogging last night for the first time in three months, yep, 6 months ago did a triathlon, and now I got winded after two miles. this is why I hate working out, I seem to always take one step forward and three steps back. Oh well back to the drawing board!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going Green

Yesterday, I found out that Bob is coming home sometime late tonight! Yipee, so I figured I better get started on cleaning. I don't know why I wait until the last minute, oh yeah I remember, I am a procrastinator and I can't commit,.
Let me tell you that I love all my chemically induced cleaning supplies. I love the clean after scent. I am not GREEN. I hate the color green, but I have a friend, who LOVES being green, you know the type, they use the all natural cleaning solutions, they make their own cleaning solutions(its cheaper), they buy the bags for Publix, whatever. Besides I need those plastic bags to pick up dog poop!
Anyway, I became the accidental granola greenie, yesterday. When it came time to mop my entrance floor, I'd run out of Clorox. So I decided I would try to use water with vinegar, I was really proud of myself, not only would I be doing my part for the environment, I would also have a clean white floor. So I made my concoction in the sink, and started to mop. I mopped and mopped, and my floor was getting clean, I was also starting to like my greenness, and then I started to notice a istinct odor, I couldn't quit figure out where I had smelled it before, but it to be familar. Then all of a sudden, I knew what my whole house smelled like, I knew recognized that smell , it was a douche'! YEP, I said it, hint: water + vinegar= douche'.
My dogs walked insniffing,happily licking the floor, I started to crave a salad, it was gross! Needless to say, I won't be using vinegar for anything other than what it is for, not being cleaning floors.
So, you would have thought I'd have learned my lesson right? Wrong. Later , my friend came over to do a huge project of re organizing and cleaning my playroom. (she rocks when it comes to organizing), and when we were finished, I told her how I really needed to clean my tan leather couch. She suggested this amazing cleaner her sister makes that will clean anything and that we should try it. Another greenie.
I give her all the ingredients and she puts them together .We grab some socks from the mix matched sock pile, and begin to both clean the cushions. We look at the sock, and they are black. So hey it is a working miracle, it was cleaning the dirt, and dog goo, and whatever else was on the couch, we were impressed. I was praising this green, cheap cleaner. Until, we stepped back to admire our work and immediately noticed, this miracle cleaner did take all the dirt off, along with all the COLOR of my couch!!! Now I have a half-n-half couch! The top half is tan and the bottom half is white, yes white!!!!
Because, I went GREEN for one day, my house smells like a salad, and I have a white and tan couch! SCREW going green , my head turned all colors of the rainbow! Green was not among them! Well, I learned my lesson, I am going today to buy Clorox,Ajax,Ammonia, and a new leather couch . Now I know why they call it green, because it screws everything up, and you have to pull out your green(money) to correct it!

I hope Bob does not read this blog on his trip home today:)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gifts Children Give

My children,unknowingly, have given me three of my greatest gifts, my three dearest friends. I am convinced that the only reason that I have met any of these women, was because of my children. We are different in every way imaginable and yet there are many similarities.
I may not have even thought to extend a hello, or a nod in their direction, if it weren't for the fact that our children are good friends. These are women, that I may never have taken the time to have gotten to know, if Nolan didn't endlessly ask for play dates, or Regan didn't constantly beg to spend time at her friends' house, or they both didn't want to play outside every day after school. I would have went on with my life, not knowing these women, and missing out on some of the most important relationships I have ever known.
If it weren't for my children, I may have just given them the occasional smile as we passed on by, or the token nod of the head with a quiet hi. I may have even had short conversations at the school meetings, or the neighborhood get togethers, but I would not have extended our relationship any further. I would have gone through life, living separate from these women,never knowing anything about them, if it weren't for my children; but then I think about all the conversations I would never have had, all the support and encouragement I would have never experienced, I would have missed some of the best relationships I have ever known, and I would have missed loving these amazing women, but more importantly I would have missed them loving me back.
I am so thankful that my children brought these three women in my life. They have watched my children on a moments notice, they have cheered me at the finish line of my triathlon, they have done a triathlon with me, they have given me advise on personal issues,they have straightened me out when I was wrong, they have prayed for me, cried with me, laughed with me, laughed at me, taught me to laugh at myself, and have fought for me.
I wonder how many other opportunities of friendships that I have missed out on, simply because my children did not pick their children to be friends with. I will never know, but I am glad that they picked these three specific children, I am so happy that they chose wisely, I am so thrilled that they chose children who have the most amazing, intelligent, sensitive, and passionate mother's I have ever met, or I would not have been so blessed, so honored to have these three great, wonderful women in my life!

Estonia Pics 1

Bob and his partner, Rich
Bob looking hot
Rich and Bob on a tour in Viking Village
In a Viking Sauna
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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Bob was called out last Sat. to leave for Estonia. He made it to Fort Lauderdale and sat for 6 days. It was very frustrating for him. The paper work to take the plane to another country was not done correctly so every day, they had to face more issues with the FAA. Because they are actually selling the plane to a company in Russia(Europe) it is different that going over there on a vacation. By the fifth day, he was so frustrated, and discouraged.
Well, Bob finally made it to Estonia,yesterday! He had to fly 14 hours to get there. He went to Gander, Canada and then on to Iceland. Finally at 2am in the morning, Estonia time, he landed. He IM'd me as soon as he could,awesome! He told me that the owner of the company and all 100 employees were at the airport to greet him and his partner at 2am! He couldn't believe it. He said pilots are like celebrities there, especially American pilots, who knew! He was offered a job on the spot. So if you know anyone looking.. the downside is you would have to move to Estonia, where apparently there is no Starbucks, steak or pickles! but the pay is good and apparently you will be treated like a local hero! I told Bob not to give out his resume'.
The Estonians are taking them site seeing today. He still does not know when he is coming home, because they stop working on Friday afternoon, and do not work again until Monday which includes not making airline reservations! another job perk.
So now when Bob gets back he will have plane less for a month, before he heads to school for the new plane. In English, this means, he is going to be home for a long time. Read previous blog on "Need A Trip"! Anyway, it will be nice to have help transporting these kids everywhere, although I think we may want to go down to one car, with the gas prices moving up and up and up!
Well, hopefully he won't be stuck in Estonia for the whole month, and they send him home next week. Missing my pilot who is so far away, worlds away.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

100 Calorie Pack

I went to Walmart today to grab a few things with my daughter. I love that they have stuff to buy while you are waiting in line to checkout, they always have food to eat, candy,batteries, lip stuff etc. I am a total impulse buyer, Walmart counts on this. I love this stuff, so I grab a box of those 100 calorie pack hostess little Debbie's. I was so excited for two reasons, one I wanted something sweet, and two, duh, 100 calories!
I pay for my things and race to my car. I can not wait to get my hands on those little debbie's, love them! I am stuffing everything into the car, and I grab the hostess box out, I want to eat one NOW!
I am so excited I rip open the box in great anticipation, I could already taste the sweetness. I pull the package out ready for my treat. I finally look down at the package of cakes and laughed out loud. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THATS IT? NO WAY, I couldn't believe these were so small, they looked like miniture baby doll food! I started lauging so hard, Regan is like, whats so funny? as she is eating hers. I show her my three tiny little(should have been called teeny weeney debbie's)cakes, I tell her, this is the smallest food I have ever seen, they look so much bigger in the picture! She was like, its 100 calories, what did you expect?
So I still ate them, and after three packages I felt completey happy and satisfied!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School's In

I know summer is officially over because I have not been able to breathe! School is now in full swing. I can feel the pressure of the days, trying to get it all done. Homeschooling is now my full time job,which requires alot of my time, so my blog may suffer a bit.
I am spending my evenings gathering information, and supplies for the school day projects, and I am spending my days, teaching. My afternoons are consumed with sports! Now that I have two kids participating in after school activities, I feel like a taxi cab driver. Each day one of them has a practice of some sort, or a meeting of that sort.
As of now I am also flying solo, as Bob is in Ft.Lauderdale, getting ready to leave for Russia,so I am holding down the house. Well, its off to the grocery, pick up Nolan, go to get Regan a new glove for softball, and then to a meeting at the school. Hopefully,I will have time to blog before the end of the school year~


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tabitha Lynn Calvert-Steele 1971-2008

I just wanted to give everyone an update on my childhood friend,Tabi. She passed away last night September 3, 2008 peacefully in her sleep. She was surrounded by close friends and family. Thank you to all of you who have been praying for her, please continue to pray for her family: Husband of 15 yrs(Jeff),Son 10 yrs(Jeffery), daughter 9 yrs (Brianna), her parents Cheryl and Tom Calvert, Her brother Tommy Calvert, and Her younger sisters Danielle and Brandy.

Tabitha fought a great fight in her battle with her kidney cancer. She stayed so strong for everyone. I spoke with her just last week and we laughed about the "old" times, and we cried too. She was a special friend to me and I will always hold a place for her in my heart. She fought long and hard in her battle with cancer, now she is dancing at the feet of her heavenly father, without pain, in glory forever.

I found it ironic to learn of my dear friends death last night, because at the same time, I also found out another friend went into labor with her fourth child. I sat there and thought while one of my women friend lost her life, another one was giving life. How one life was over and yet another life has only begun. It really puts into perspective how life continues, even in our grievance, it will go on. There is no stopping it, if only for one moment. But today, my life will stop, I will take more than a moment to spend time reflecting on Tabi and her life, remembering the past, and how her life made a difference to a lot of people.

This morning I woke up grumbling because well, because of nothing significant really, and then I checked my email and got the news about Tabi, and boy what a slap in the face that was, it was a reminder that every day that I breathe, and get to spend time with the ones I love, every moment I get to watch my children grow, is truly a gift. I need to stop trying to open it so fast, and slow down, and savor the beautiful packaging and peel away the wrapping paper delicately, because life is fleeting, and I have been taking it for granted.
Today, I am going to write down the small things that I want to start appreciating more, I am going to notice the butterflies that are in my back yard, I am going to listen to my children as they drone on about something I don't understand, I am going to hug and kiss Bob as soon as he walks in the door, and I am going to tell you, my readers, how much I love you, appreciate you, and that I am so happy you are a part of my life, whether for years or just recently, that you each make a difference in my life, you each add something to my day. Thank You for that.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You Know Your Getting Old When...

We had a great time at the beach for Labor day. If you count there was no sun, it kept raining on and off, the wind was blowing 25knots and we were in a hotel with about 200 little league baseball players! There was some kind of a tournament at the beach this weekend, and apparently they ALL decided to stay in our hotel!
I realized this weekend I am really getting old, here are my signs.
You know your getting old when-
You yell at a kid to wash his feet off before entering the pool, and then you notice this kid isn't even yours and you don't care!
You secretly call the front desk at 930pm, to snitch on the kids running down the halls, yelling obscenities
You tell the father's who are sitting behind you at the pool, hey could you stop saying F*(&(* so much, my kids are at the pool.
You turn in by 730 pm because there is a good movie on HBO.
You are freaking about the undertow and the rough waves , so that every time your kids head goes under you are having a heart attack
You are watching every one's kid, to make sure no one is going to take them, or that they may accidentally drown
You say things like,"where is the rest of her bathing suit?,I hope they have sunscreen on or their going to burn, they are not old enough to drink, that music is to loud.."

I am turning into my mother, well maybe not my mother, but somebody's mother.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jumbled up thoughts in My Head

These are actual thoughts and questions that jumble up my head throughout the day. I am either crazy or normal. So, occasionally I am gonna share my thoughts, so if you are having the same thoughts you know you are normal or we both are crazy!

1.Why is it when I go to the gym, I have to find the closest parking spot. God forbid I start my exercise sooner than I have to!

2. I think my dog Wally, can read my mind.

3.Can the people in the TV see me, and know what I am doing while I am watching them?

4.What the hell is an okra?

5.How come I really don't want to go to the gym until I lose five more pounds?

6. Why do kids think farts are funny? okay, I think they are too!

7. When Nolan plays hide-n-seek does he really think I can't see or hear him behind that chair I just saw him go behind?

8. I start to think about sex when I am in church and the pastor is getting ready to give the sermon.

9.. When I see an "odd"couple, I think to myself ,How do they "do it"?

10. I must think about sex alot!

Well, if you can't laugh at yourself, than who can you laugh at... apparently me!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You need a Trip

So when you are married to a pilot, the first question you are asked when ever you are introduced to other women is "How do you handle your husband being away all the time?" are you kidding me? I always turn this question around and ask "How do you handle YOUR husband being home all the time!?"I just honestly couldn't do it! No, not because I don't adore my hubby, and yes, I love spending time with him. But everyday of the year, every night and every weekend. NO THANKYOU!! Okay so some of you are thinking , I am a Biotch, well I am, but besides that there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with having some seperation from your spouse.

I have talked to many pilot's wives' and they all feel the same way. I ran into one at the gym yesterday and she was telling me how her husband needed to go on a trip, for her sanity! So this is not something I say to make myself feel better, it is across the board. So I thought I would give you a little insight to what its like when hubby is coming home from a long trip and you are so excited about spending quality time together, and then what happens after he has been home for a week, and you need him to go on a trip! It goes something like this: While you are anticipating his arrival you are thinking of all of these things you can't wait to do with him that you have been dreaming about for the last few weeks he has been away.

Hubby comes home.
1.You can't wait to have unbridled, passionate "sex", with your hubby all week long!
2.You can't wait to spend time with him watching his favorite shows.
3. He helps around the house, doing laundry, cleaning the dishes etc. Isn't he the greatest!
4.You can't wait to see your lawn mowed, and edges trimmed so your house does not look like the television show the "Adam's family"
5.You can't wait to go out to your favorite restuarants
6.You can't wait to stay up all night long "catching up"
7. You can't wait to go the gym with him and work out together
8. You can't wait to go shopping with him
9. You can't wait to go out with his friends together

Okay, after he has been home for one week,without a trip

1.You are not having sex "again"!
2.His favorite shows suck, they all have to do with airplanes, which are boring
3.He has shrunk your favorite shirt because it said "dry clean only"
4 You will gladly pay the neighborhood kid 10$ to mow the damn yard!
5.You are tired of Chinese food, besides the MSG makes you bloat!
6.You are exhausted by 9pm, from taking care of kids, you don't care what you he did on his last trip with so and so, you just want to go to sleep!
7. During your workouts together he can't quit giving you pointers on how to swim, run, etc. !
8. No, I don't want to go to Home Depot or Costco AGAIN, there having a shoe sale at Dillard's! AND
9. I don't even like your friends:)

So, as you can see, I am one part Biotch and one part regular pilot's wife!!! So there! Deal with it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Smashing Pumpkins

My nephew,Chad, works in the music industry and this last week had a gig with the Smashing Pumpkins, so when he and my niece called to see if Bob and I wanted to go see them(for free!) we were like YES!, We met up with Chad at Margaritaville and spent an hour with him, and then we fought the rain and ran over to where the concert was. It was cool because there were all these people in line, and we walked right up:) its good to know people! Chad came out and chatted with us for awhile, and handed us two back stage passes to meet the band afterwards.
Bob and I haven't been to a concert in a few years, so we were pretty excited and overly ambitious. The concert started at 915pm, and we were ready to jam and party all night long! The place was packed, and once the concert got started, we no longer were able to see our nephew,except the few times we looked on stage and saw his head coming up from the floor.
So here is what happened, I stood in line for drinks for about 30 mins, and then had to find Bob in a swarm of people. The music started and it was so loud, the floor was literally vibrating, People were dancing, they were banging their heads so hard, I thought the heads were going to pop off and roll down the hall! I kept waiting for the songs that I knew, but for some reason I didn't recognize any of them. At about 11pm, I couldn't take it anymore, I really wanted to stay the whole time, but I was getting nauseous from the beat and lack of AC, so Bob and I decided to leave,we would have stayed if we were going to see Chad again, but that wasn't an option.(sorry Chad!)
Before we left, we did give those back stage passes, to these two guys who were standing by us the whole night, telling us how this was the greatest band ever, and they loved these guys. They were thrilled! I don't know if they went back, because I don't know if they really believed us! Bob and I went to Perkins for Breakfast food, and got home by 12pm. We are so OLD! Our party "all night long", turned into four hours. That is really pathetic!We did have a great time out. The best part was spending time with our nephew, and I would go to any band to do that!

So on our way to the gym today, I found out why I didn't recognize any of there music. I was listening to the radio and said, Bob why didn't they play this song, this is my favorite song they sing. He said probably because that's Blind Melon,not the Smashing Pumpkins!Bob started laughing. that's who you thought it was, didn't you? yep the whole time! So, I have never actually listened to any Smashing Pumpkins songs before!
Thanks Chad for the tickets, we really did have a great time. You are awesome! We enjoyed spending time with you.
BTW Chad just got a promotion! He is now the tour manager for Ben Folds Five! Congrats Chad, I am going to start downloading their music asap, so when you are back in town and I go to the concert I know EXACTLY who I am going to see!! I love you Teryn and Chad!
We did take pictures too, and when we can figure out how to download them from our phone we will post them.. Hey I told you we were old!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sad News

On a sad note:
I just wanted to tell you all personally that this morning we got some very sad news. My brother Robbie called to tell us that at 11 weeks pregnant, during a routine sonogram, the doctors could not find baby Robinson's heartbeat. They looked for it, but it apparently had stopped beating, they believe 5 days ago. This was very unexpected, as the heartbeat was so strong two weeks ago. They are both heartbroken.
Please pray for Robbie and Adrien during this week as they grieve the loss of their baby.
We love you Robbie and Adrien,again we are so sorry.

Rain Rain Go Away

Well, we are still dealing with dark clouds and rain from T.S. Faye! This really is depressing. The first day it was Whoohoo, no school and we slept and ate all day, yes all day long! It was glorious, but now everyone is just plain bored. Bob has been home all week, and that has been nice, but now that I have been stuck in the house with him all week, I wouldn't mind him having a trip (women, are we ever satisfied?!)
I have been spending endless hours on my computer, reading blogs, I have redesigned my blog 100 times, and it still looks the same!
Now, I am getting a dose of my brother's Seattle weather! This thing is hanging over our heads like a bad migraine. I should be using my time more wisely, but all I want to do is stay in my pajamas, eat chocolate, and watch lifetime for women. Can you gain 10 pounds in three days?

On the plus side, I have caught up on alot of blog readings, and have become slightly addicted to the other pilot wives blogs:) My grass (weeds) are growing, I haven't had to walk the dogs, mow the lawn,or go to the gym (yes, I can go to the gym in the rain, but who wants to), I haven't cooked in three days (takeout), and I have been able to sleep until 8am because it is so dark out.
On the negative side, I am OD ing on Dunkin Donuts coffee, the grass is getting really high, my pool is starting to turn green, I haven't gone to the gym, my hair is flat and frizzy, And yes you can gain 10 pounds in three days!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First day of School

Well, I made it through the first day of Kindergarten without too many tears! Yes, I cried. I really thought I was ready, and I thought going through this five years previously had prepared me for letting another one go. I was mistaken. I watched as my "baby", put away his backpack, lunchbox and water bottle. I watched as he sat down next to his buddies from last year. I watched him settle in, and then without warning I could feel the dropping of my heart, and could feel my eyes swell with tears.

It was not all sad tears, there were happy ones too. Nolan told me the night before he was ready for kindergarten. When he got home I asked him, what did you do today Nolan"Nofing",I can't believe that answer starts one day after Kindergarten. Last year he could talk non stop of his days activities in the pre-K class.

So now we are on day two and I ask him,"well tell me one thing you did today. He says,"we read, we can already read you know?" It was a challenge. "Oh, so you have been in Kindergarten for one day and can already read, that's impressive". "Actually, I've been in Kindergarten two days!". Well at least I know he is good at math! So I asked him, "How do you like Kindergarten". He said,"It makes me tired. Its alot of work learning those letters!". He has no idea!

"Short Trips"

So as I told you Bob came home late Sunday night after a three week trip. As he was leaving his boss told him how sorry he was that he had kept him away for so long, and that it must be nice having a few days at home!
We were really happy to have him home, so Monday I took Regan to her first day of school party, and Bob spent the day with Nolan. It was great, until I got home, and saw the look Bob was giving me. He, of course, got a call from his boss telling him they had a trip the next day(Tuesday), it would be a "short trip", but it was an emergency. I have heard this before! So Bob leaves on Tuesday morning, no worries, he will be home by dinner! RIGHT. Bob's quick trip turned into a late trip, I was a little annoyed but, oh well at least he will be home all day Wednesday.
So, Wednesday we take Nolan to his first day of school together, we decided to visit the bookstore until time to pick Nolan up. We get there and 5 mins later, his phone rings, I hear a lot of uhuhs, and umm's, then the apologetic look comes. We have to leave the bookstore because Bob has another quick trip(sure),he must leave on, but he will be home by dinner. As I am putting the kids to bed, Bob shows up to do the tucking in.
Today Bob left on his scheduled trip for the next few days,and he is "supposed" to have next week off!
If you see the paramedics at my house, giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation, you will know that I tried killing myself by HOLDING MY BREATH!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Invisible Shoes

This week we are busy getting ready for school. The day before school there is always an "open house". Because Nolan is going into kindergarten, this is a big deal. We take all of his supplies to school, we get to meet his teacher, mingle with a few other kindergartners, and pick out his cubby. Everyone is on their best behavior and wants to look their best!
Well I was running late, as usual, so I grabbed Nolan's shoes and handed them to him, I thought he put them in the car. Well, he didn't. We head to his school which is a good 20 min's away. Once we get there, I notice that Nolan has not put his shoes on his feet. I am getting panicky. Okay, I tell myself , calm down, I will just put the shoes on his feet myself, except there are no shoes, Nolan forgot them.
Now I am not sure what to do, because we have to drop the supplies off, he has to pick out his cubby and meet friends/teacher and we do not live close enough to go back home, so I make an executive decision. We are going to have to go to "open house" shoeless! I tell this to him, and he looks at me like, your crazy. He is reluctant because everyone knows you can't go to school without shoes! But in true Nolan fashion, he shrugs his shoulder , and starts heading towards the school. I should let you know he has no socks either, so his feet are now black!
We walk down the path to his class room. At this time all the other kids are running around,with shoes, towards their room. I notice other mother's walking by us, looking down at his dirty black shoeless feet.
When we get to his class, his teacher immediately realizes he has no shoes on. I begin to quietly apologize and explain how Nolan forgot his shoes. She listens intently, smiling the whole time, looking at Nolan, then she got down to his level, lifted his head to look him in the eyes , and she said the best thing anyone could have ever thought to say to a nervous, embarassed, five year old about ready to step into his new kindergarten class,
" I love your invisible shoes Nolan!" He looked up, smiled at his new teacher and ran off to meet his new friends, telling them all about his new invisible shoes! All the kids starting taking their shoes off, because they wanted invisible shoes too! I knew right then ,that my son was going to have the best kindergarten year ever.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Working for a Living

Bob is coming home today after a three week trip. This is the longest he has been gone for awhile. We have been fortunate to have him home most of the summer, but I see that this may start to become a brief pattern for him because of the new plane they are purchasing in a few months.
Here is what I did in the three weeks while he was gone.
reorganized play room
bought school supplies
shuffled kids everywhere
watched every girl flick out on DVD
ate hot dogs,macaroni and cheese,chicken nuggets, McDonald's, pizza, and cereal
grocery shopped
fixed AC
fixed pool cleaner
fixed running toilet

Here is what hubby did while he was away "working"
Fly airplane
sit in posh hotel
eat steak, lobster,fish,and Italian
send clothes off to be laundered
sit by pool, beach, apply sunscreen
read two great books
seen Mexico, LA, Hollywood, and Vegas

And he is the one that gets the pay check! I have said it once, I will say it again, I should have been a pilot.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

End of Summer

I am sitting at the pool watching Regan and Nolan swim. I suddenly realize that summer is coming to an end. I have three more days, before school officially begins. Regan will be starting her 5th grade year, and Nolan(my baby) will be starting kindergarten.

I am not ready for any of this. I have had the best summer,with my children. We have spent endless hours together enjoying the simple things that the season has to offer. I have watched them grow closer and develop a special bond with one another that only comes by spending time together, getting to know each other.
I have stood by their door and listened to them, enjoying the conversations that they have had and the belly laughter that escapes their lips, hours after they were supposed to be asleep. I have even on occasion snuck back in, and watched as they quickly closed their eyes and pretend to be asleep, and when I turn to leave ,I pretend not too hear the giggles that they are not able to contain, believing they have pulled one over on me.

I have observed them using their imagination for hours with simple house hold items, creating artwork, forts, boats, and experiments. These days have been so wonderful to me. I am blessed to be able to spend so much time with my children. It is a blessing that they are able to be children. I love that they feel such freedom in expressing themselves, and are able to be who they are. This summer has been a time of wonder, adventure, and innocence.

As I prepare for this next school year, I find myself already dreading, the end of our summer.
We need to change our schedule: we need to start eating dinner before 7pm, we need to start going back to bed before 11pm, and waking before 12pm; but one thing I am certain that will never change, is their need for one another. I hope that this summer is one they will reflect back on one day, and never forget the memories that they created together,but more importantly that they never take their bond as brother and sister for granted.
Summer is over, the school year will begin, and it will bring many new memories, lots of new adventures, create numerous experiences, and bring more opportunites for us. I am sad that summer is over, but I am excited about this next season in our lives.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Instant Message

It is going on three weeks that Bob has been "working"! He had a month off, so I got really spoiled and then it rained on my parade, a down right tsunami!
We have had to be creative on ways to keep in touch, because there are some areas that cell phones just don't work very well. And then my friend introduced us to IMing!(instant messaging)!
Now we have been able to talk to each other non-stop through our computers. We type to each other and have full conversations. We can do this for hours! Yes, I said hours. I find myself logging on to my computer with such anticipation , I can feel my heart beating with joy, and excitement waiting to hear the im ringing and blinking with a message from my beloved!
Are you on? YES YES YES!!! and so begins our conversation. ..and then we type, and type and type.
It has opened up a new form of communication for us. We have found that we are able to write to each other openly and honestly, there is no limit, no boundaries. There is an innocence to it, you must take the time to read what the other person is conveying and only then can you respond. It takes out the rush of conversation and adds an element of art, and mystery. There are endless things that we want to know about each other, events that have happened in our day that we must share with one another, terms of endearments,a modern day love letter!
Bob's career as a pilot can take him away from home for extensive periods of time, but it is when he is away, that we talk the most, and it is in those conversations that we share some of our most intimate times. Instant messaging has reminded us that we are still getting to know one another, we are still interested in each others dreams, that we still need to stay connected for just a few more moments, and although we are still far apart in miles, we are never far apart in our hearts.
Yes, it is hard at times, lonely even, but with technology we have found a way to not only stay connected ,but to reconnect in different ways. I love to instant message, just the name itself promises to connect me instantaneously to my beloved, knowing that he is just on the other side of the screen waiting for my reply!

As Bob flys closer to the USA, I will once again be able to hear his voice, although I know we will continue to IM, because we have discovered a new way, another way, to fall in love all over again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life Saver

Pete and Re Pete were sitting on a boat, Pete fell off. Who was left? Re Pete. Pete and Re Pete were sitting on a boat, Pete fell off. Who was left? Re Pete.

Sometimes this just sounds a little too familiar in my so called life! Get up, take care of house, kids, dinner, laundry, go to sleep, wake up .... repeat.

Sometimes this just sounds a little too familiar with the mistakes that I make. Make a mistake, fix the problem...repeat.

Sometimes this just sounds a little too familiar with my Faith. Walking on an obedient and faithful path with Christ, take a wrong turn... repeat.

In life there are many repeats, and do overs. The best thing we can do, is get back in the boat, dry off, and keep rowing.

In life sometimes the best, most fun, adventurous, silly, crazy times are when we fall out of the boat... and sometimes it just plain sucks!
During those times, its good to know that the people who love you the most will not let you drown, but throw you a life saver, to help lift you back in!

Thanks to the ones, who have thrown me many, many lifesavers, who have jumped in after me, and who sit beside me rowing!
ps. could somebody throw me a line...I fell out... again

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Purdue Class of 2008~

My niece Kara graduates from Purdue today!I can not believe that the last four years went so fast. What a great accomplishment. She has worked hard for four years and now she is reaping the rewards.
I am so proud of her, not just because of her college degree, but because during these four years, I have watched a young girl, become an amazing woman ! She is a wonderful niece, beloved cousin, and has become one of my most cherished friends.

Now, as she embarks on a new journey in her life, I am excited to see where life takes her, what opportunities await her, and where her road will lead.

I love you Kara, with all my heart . You have impressed me with your will and determination to complete this task at hand, at times when you felt like giving up, you pressed on looking towards your finish line, seeking the prize. I know that you will face your future with the same determination, and be successful in whatever you choose as your life's goal!


The best part of technology is that I get to watch Kara graduate from Purdue in my living room via the internet!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby Robinson 3/09!

Just an update on Baby Robinson. I got an excited call from my brother today! He told me that they saw one strong healthy baby on the ultrasound, with a heartbeat of 122 beats per min.!! Adrien and Robbie were very excited to share their happy news. They are even gonna send me an email of the ultrasound, so I can get a peek at my new niece or nephew! Technology, you gotta love it!So One more Congratulations to Robbie and Adrien!! I love you both and I could not be happier for you!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Again Jiggity Jig!

Today is the day after getting home from vacation. Yuk! Yesterday, I was able to bask in the memories of fun, sun and good food. Today, I have to UNPACK..All I can say is Ugh.. I have to unload the car, and bring everything in the house. This is the worst part of a vacation, not only am I coming down from my holiday, but I have to put all the stuff back.
Once again, I over packed. I don't know where half of this stuff should go. I brought way too many of those, and took too many of these. I have no room in my closets to store any of this stuff, because I bought things before the trip and loaded it directly into my car. I don't know what is clean or dirty, because the kids packed everything together. I have parts to this game, and not enough pieces to that one. My car has so much food and wrappers in it, it looks like its own 7-11. If anyone needs a souvenir, I could scoop out some sand from our back seat and put it in a jar. I think the fishing polls have some left over squid bate on the hooks,(that's what that smell was the whole ride home, so I guess Nolan was telling the truth, he wasn't farting!),I have kids crying about what they think they left, what they can't find, and what they brought that isn't theirs. I am tired, cranky and right about now I wish I was sitting on the beach, watching the waves, and soaking up the sun!Oh I love vacations, but coming home is the pitts. I think I will go lay down, after all there is always tomorrow. Its not like I am going on vacation or anything!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life's A Beach!

So this is my first blog,post beach vacation! Wow-what a great time we had, and lots of memories made this year!
First,I want to start by giving a BIG THANK YOU, to Robbie and Adrien! What a treat they have given us once again! To be able to spend a week plus, at St.George Island , in a mansion on the beach, ain't too shabby! Every year our house seems to get bigger and better! But, its so much more than the house itself. Thanks for every year taking time to schedule this vacation, researching the house, and then making us all commit to spending one glorious week together making memories that will last a life time. I know as for our family, we would never be able to do this year after year without your generosity, so KUDOS to you both, you two are the best.
Second, I want to Congratulate Robbie, Adrien and Baby Robbie, on the new addition/additions to their family! That's right, Adrien is pregnant and due in March! And if that news isn't exciting enough, we will all find out Tuesday the 21st if there will be more than one Robinson coming into the world!! I don't know if this world can handle more than one Robinson at a time, but it better get ready. Congratulations! Adrien , if I forgot to mention it, you look absolutely beautiful, with your mama glow! FYI, I am already looking for tickets to Seattle, for the delivery ! There will be much more blogs on the upcoming birth of the newest member of our family!
Thirdly, my sister Vik got engaged to her boyfriend George, bended knee and all ! I want to wish you both a long happy marriage. May your marriage bring you lots of joy, laughter and love. I am happy for you both. Best of luck, on your upcoming nuptials.Congrats!
There were so many new memories that were made this year! We still continued with our traditions of jet skiing, scootering, eating at Boss Oyster, fishing(BTW I caught a shark!), and of course last, but certainly not least, KARAOKE!
It really was a great time, and as I sit here writing this, I realize how fast time goes. I am sad that it is over, that another year has gone. I look forward to the next time, and will treasure the memories in my heart forever. After all Life's a beach!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Still Beach Side

I am still at the beach-Glorious!! the weather is great and my two children are little brown berries! Last week was with my family, and then I was invited to stay with Adrien's family this week. They had an extra room, so it took about a nano-second to say "YES". Although this week will be shorter, because I will need to get home soon.Anyway, Having a great extended vacation.When I get back I will need to seriously get back into tri-training! I am sure it will be hard the first few days, sweating out the sugar, cuban coffee, shrimp and dozens and dozens of oysters I have been eating!.So this is just a quick post to let you know that I have not drifted off to sea, or been eaten by jaws! I am just still here in St. George Island, enjoying a few more lazy days, with some die hard gin rummy players! Having a great, relaxing time:)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Let Freedom Ring!

"People demand freedom of speech
as a compensation for
the freedom of thought
which they seldom use."
- Soren Kierkegaard

"There are two freedoms -
the false, where a man is free to do what he likes;
the true, where he is free to do what he ought."
- Charles Kingsley

"Freedom is not procured
by a full enjoyment of what is desired,
but by controlling the desire."
- Epictetus

Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed - else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.
~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. ~Abraham Lincoln

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it cost to establish the Bill of Rights. ~Felix Frankfurter

"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.
Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves
be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
You, my brothers, were called to be free."
-Galatians 5: 1, NIV

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wally-6 weeks old
Now I rememebr why I wanted him, I was just wondering.

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Road Trip!

In Lieu of getting ready for our family road trip vacation, I found some cool websites to help with mapping out our road trip. I don't know how our parents traveled without the Internet! Before we leave, I always feel a little bit like the Griswold's in National Lampoon's Family Vacation.
Going on a long road trip in your car, with children, will test your patients and your marriage! Between the endless, "Are we there yet?", "I gotta pee!" , "He/she is touching me", and the "I'm hungry", and then you add on the $4.25, gas prices, it is no wonder so many people continue with this yearly tradition, but I keep reminding myself through it all priceless memories are being made!
So, for those of you who are brave enough to venture into the world of car traveling with your children here are a few tips that will not help, but worth trying.
1. Bring snacks(they will still want McDonald's)
2.Bring movies(they will fight over which one to watch)
3.Go to the bathroom before you leave(within 10 min's of the trip they will have to go pee again)
4.Bring games(someone will cheat)
5.Bring electronic games(they will run out of battery's)
6.Bring extra batteries
7.Bring their music headsets(they will play them way to loud)
8.Bring a map for hubby( you will still miss the exit)
9. Bring blanket/pillow(someone will be too hot or too cold!)
10.Bring Tylenol(your gonna need it!)

So, I will see you on the road, I will glance over and look into the chaos that is going on in your car, and we can lock eyes for a moment, and think, what the hell were we thinking?, as we turn around and scream that age old adage, we swore we would NEVER say when we had kids, "Do you want me to stop this car?because I will!!!!!, knowing full well you won't, you will then turn back around, give a hint of a smile to your husband, both of you feeling a little bit of self satisfaction, a ting bit happy, because with all the stuff that goes into a family road trip, you
know without a doubt, IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hell must have froze over-here are my signs
1. I have nothing to write about
2.I have nothing to talk about
3.Bob really is excited about family vacation
4. My mother hugged me yesterday, AND
5.she said I love you , I am proud of you
6.I ran for 30 mins and didn't die.
7.My daughter cleaned her bathroom, and scrubbed the toilet w/out being asked.
8.My son wiped his own butt
9.Grass is actually growing in my front yard brother has not called me this morning!

well, hopefully after my beach vacation, it will have thawed enough for me to write a new post!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bum Bum Bum ..Here We Come...

So, In my family we are in great excitement this week! It is almost the beginning of our annual St. George Island trip. We are endlessly calling one another on three-way, discussing such things as , what we need to bring, activities, food, sun, piggly wiggly, and anything else we think of, sometimes I think, by the time we get to the beach we will probably run out of things to talk about....WHO AM I KIDDING? we are talking about the Robinson's here, in true Robinson fashion we NEVER run out of things/people(hehe) to talk about~!
We really can't wait to spend 8 days, 24 hours a day with each other. As soon as Robbie(because he is always first) wakes up, he will wake us up so there is not a moment of "alone" time. During this week, the cousins will be playing, laughing, swimming, sunning, and thinking of ways to make more money for their vacation.Last year the kids, had a massage spa, and we all participated, one hour massage for 2.00, you couldn't beat it, we all tipped though!!
I had to remind Regan yesterday,to come give me a kiss once in awhile, because I always miss her this week, she is totally consumed with her cousins, she forgets I am even there! Because our house is on a private beach, gated, there is no reason for us to be hording over them, they are all at the age,as long as Kendra is around, to roam freely, allowing them to feel their independence!
But as for Vickie, Robbie and I, there will be no moment without each other. I kinda feel sorry for our "better halves", we will include them, but alot of times they feel a little left out,of the inside jokes, the poking fun(sometimes at their expense) and the private, sneaking out, excursions, that we will plan unknowingly to them. Adrien and Bob are used to it, I think they almost welcome it, to have a break from all this sibling love! It's not that we do it on purpose, it just kinda happens. Robbie and I tried "ditching" everyone last yr,but Vickie caught us, and ran out the door with us. We had only bathing suit tops, and skirts on, but we saw a chance and bolted for the door! Its a little like being back in high school, sneaking out, except we're the parents! Our Spouses, our awesome, they know that we each are really close and have a unique bond, that needs to be fed!When we are together it seems that we grow younger, and a little reckless but much wiser!
So.. Bum Bum Bum.. Here we Come.. All the way from Wahington!!!