Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life's A Beach!

So this is my first blog,post beach vacation! Wow-what a great time we had, and lots of memories made this year!
First,I want to start by giving a BIG THANK YOU, to Robbie and Adrien! What a treat they have given us once again! To be able to spend a week plus, at St.George Island , in a mansion on the beach, ain't too shabby! Every year our house seems to get bigger and better! But, its so much more than the house itself. Thanks for every year taking time to schedule this vacation, researching the house, and then making us all commit to spending one glorious week together making memories that will last a life time. I know as for our family, we would never be able to do this year after year without your generosity, so KUDOS to you both, you two are the best.
Second, I want to Congratulate Robbie, Adrien and Baby Robbie, on the new addition/additions to their family! That's right, Adrien is pregnant and due in March! And if that news isn't exciting enough, we will all find out Tuesday the 21st if there will be more than one Robinson coming into the world!! I don't know if this world can handle more than one Robinson at a time, but it better get ready. Congratulations! Adrien , if I forgot to mention it, you look absolutely beautiful, with your mama glow! FYI, I am already looking for tickets to Seattle, for the delivery ! There will be much more blogs on the upcoming birth of the newest member of our family!
Thirdly, my sister Vik got engaged to her boyfriend George, bended knee and all ! I want to wish you both a long happy marriage. May your marriage bring you lots of joy, laughter and love. I am happy for you both. Best of luck, on your upcoming nuptials.Congrats!
There were so many new memories that were made this year! We still continued with our traditions of jet skiing, scootering, eating at Boss Oyster, fishing(BTW I caught a shark!), and of course last, but certainly not least, KARAOKE!
It really was a great time, and as I sit here writing this, I realize how fast time goes. I am sad that it is over, that another year has gone. I look forward to the next time, and will treasure the memories in my heart forever. After all Life's a beach!

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Anonymous said...


As you now I never respond to blogs but there is a fist time for everything.I wanted to thank you for everything and sharing another wonderful year together.Last night I was thinking about all of the great memeories made every year at our reunion.The 1st year was my engagemnet to Adrien and she was introduced to the family.The 2nd year was Teryn and Chad getting engaged on St.George Island and we also were introduced to Tawni's now husband Thad. The 3rd year was a celabration of Tawni's new marriage and they finally got there own room lololol This year is not yet over but we had some great memories so far, Bob got to spend more than a day with the family, we all got to taste his great burgers, and Vickie our sister got engaged, and I found out I am going to b father again and maybe again and again. One of the most special moments of the trip was the album you created for Adrien and I of our most special little guy. I can't tell you enough how much this meant to us and how special this will always be to us. We thank you so much for thinking of us and creating something that we will keep forever and that baby Robbie will have in the future.

What great times we have all shared together these last two weeks and have been so bleesed to be part of. Every year, we have been able to all be part of our big life milestones. I will have Adrien send out pictures to everyone of our captured moments as soon as we return. I am so happy that we have been able to share these great memeories together.
I love you Brenda.your brother Robbie

July 15, 2008 5:18 AM