Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road Trip!

In Lieu of getting ready for our family road trip vacation, I found some cool websites to help with mapping out our road trip. I don't know how our parents traveled without the Internet! Before we leave, I always feel a little bit like the Griswold's in National Lampoon's Family Vacation.
Going on a long road trip in your car, with children, will test your patients and your marriage! Between the endless, "Are we there yet?", "I gotta pee!" , "He/she is touching me", and the "I'm hungry", and then you add on the $4.25, gas prices, it is no wonder so many people continue with this yearly tradition, but I keep reminding myself through it all priceless memories are being made!
So, for those of you who are brave enough to venture into the world of car traveling with your children here are a few tips that will not help, but worth trying.
1. Bring snacks(they will still want McDonald's)
2.Bring movies(they will fight over which one to watch)
3.Go to the bathroom before you leave(within 10 min's of the trip they will have to go pee again)
4.Bring games(someone will cheat)
5.Bring electronic games(they will run out of battery's)
6.Bring extra batteries
7.Bring their music headsets(they will play them way to loud)
8.Bring a map for hubby( you will still miss the exit)
9. Bring blanket/pillow(someone will be too hot or too cold!)
10.Bring Tylenol(your gonna need it!)

So, I will see you on the road, I will glance over and look into the chaos that is going on in your car, and we can lock eyes for a moment, and think, what the hell were we thinking?, as we turn around and scream that age old adage, we swore we would NEVER say when we had kids, "Do you want me to stop this car?because I will!!!!!, knowing full well you won't, you will then turn back around, give a hint of a smile to your husband, both of you feeling a little bit of self satisfaction, a ting bit happy, because with all the stuff that goes into a family road trip, you
know without a doubt, IT IS SO WORTH IT!!!


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Anonymous said...

Bring Satnav!

Then it will not be your fault if he misses the turning!