Thursday, April 17, 2014

Second TRImester training

 I am coming to the end of my first month in my second TRImester! Time is moving quickly, only 5 months til go time! In the first three months , I'll admit I was flying by the seat of my pants. In the beginning it took sometimes hours for me to encourage myself to get that  run, swim or bike in. Many days I tried to find an excuse. I allowed my negative thoughts to creep in, I mean What the hell was I thinking? I am not by nature an athlete, I have to fight for it , every single day, it does not come easy for me. I feel like I have to push harder, work harder, and practice more, than other women. or maybe I don't. I sometimes put so much pressure on myself, that I have to remind myself to get out of my own way. The first few months were rough, my body fought me for awhile, but I kept training. I had people with negative comments, looks, I kept going. I did develop an injury in both my feet towards the end, and have had to take off two weeks of running(which is terrible for me, because as much as running is my solitude it is also my nemesis!) But I pushed myself with my swimming, and biking.
     And then something switched, something in my body turned on. Now going into this second Trimester, it has become much easier. Instead of excuses not to train, I make my schedule around my training. Once  dreading one workout a day, I have begun two a days! I am no longer trying to get out of my training days however, now I try to find reasons to train during rest days. My body was fighting me, now my body seems to be catapulting me forward.  I can feel my body getting stronger every day, and I love the new muscles that are forming! My legs, once too skinny, are actually becoming muscular. ! But, the most important part is, I am having so much fun!  Did I say that? Yes, I am having the best time training for this race.
     I have joined a swimming group, which has really helped me improve not only my distance, but my strokes and speed too. I am faithfully getting to my spin classes,(  the Captain also joins me,when in town). I have been getting more time outside on my bike, so getting in and out of those clips are becoming easier. I was able to start back running this week, and I was surprised that even though I had to take a break, I am not that far off from where I left off!
     I am still battling the "mommy guilt" of having to leave the kids more often,or drag them to the gym constantly, and needing to lean on Regan when the Captain is out of town! But, I am trying to let that go, if its possible. I keep reminding myself that my kids are fine,and they are learning a lot during this whole process too.
     The training schedule is more intense than I thought it would be, however manageable. I was able to go watch the 1/2 iron Florida this past week, and support my friend as she completed her second one. It was a great experience, and gave me more knowledge about race day. I also feel more confident in my ability to not just  finish the race, but be a contender as well! So, now when someone asks me," Why are you doing this?" I look at them and reply, " Its not why am I doing this..Its why aren't you?"