Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home Again Jiggity Jig!

Today is the day after getting home from vacation. Yuk! Yesterday, I was able to bask in the memories of fun, sun and good food. Today, I have to UNPACK..All I can say is Ugh.. I have to unload the car, and bring everything in the house. This is the worst part of a vacation, not only am I coming down from my holiday, but I have to put all the stuff back.
Once again, I over packed. I don't know where half of this stuff should go. I brought way too many of those, and took too many of these. I have no room in my closets to store any of this stuff, because I bought things before the trip and loaded it directly into my car. I don't know what is clean or dirty, because the kids packed everything together. I have parts to this game, and not enough pieces to that one. My car has so much food and wrappers in it, it looks like its own 7-11. If anyone needs a souvenir, I could scoop out some sand from our back seat and put it in a jar. I think the fishing polls have some left over squid bate on the hooks,(that's what that smell was the whole ride home, so I guess Nolan was telling the truth, he wasn't farting!),I have kids crying about what they think they left, what they can't find, and what they brought that isn't theirs. I am tired, cranky and right about now I wish I was sitting on the beach, watching the waves, and soaking up the sun!Oh I love vacations, but coming home is the pitts. I think I will go lay down, after all there is always tomorrow. Its not like I am going on vacation or anything!


jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

aw man i know. right after awesome vacations is the worst. i'm definitely not looking forward to life right after tennessee.
i'm excited to see pictures from your beach trip ESPECIALLY with the new camera!!!

also... we really really really need to catch up. i have news for you! i shall call you tomorrow if you're not busy :)

LOVE YOU!!!!! <3

Anonymous said...


Tell Bob I got his gift he left behind lololo and don"t unpack to much my 40th b-day is around the corner and I have a big surprise.I will keep you ya brother Rob.

D's Mom said...

OMG! Its about damn time!! I'll be by stalking your house and peep'n through the windows tonight!!! LOL Can't wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

What about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I not important;) I thought you were my new bff....I gave you my digits.

Anonymous said...


Those pictures are Amazing!!!!!!!!!I guess I know who will be making the album next year.Seriously though, it must have been the lens.lolo Thank you so much for taking so many Kodak moments.Robertm