Saturday, September 13, 2008


Bob was called out last Sat. to leave for Estonia. He made it to Fort Lauderdale and sat for 6 days. It was very frustrating for him. The paper work to take the plane to another country was not done correctly so every day, they had to face more issues with the FAA. Because they are actually selling the plane to a company in Russia(Europe) it is different that going over there on a vacation. By the fifth day, he was so frustrated, and discouraged.
Well, Bob finally made it to Estonia,yesterday! He had to fly 14 hours to get there. He went to Gander, Canada and then on to Iceland. Finally at 2am in the morning, Estonia time, he landed. He IM'd me as soon as he could,awesome! He told me that the owner of the company and all 100 employees were at the airport to greet him and his partner at 2am! He couldn't believe it. He said pilots are like celebrities there, especially American pilots, who knew! He was offered a job on the spot. So if you know anyone looking.. the downside is you would have to move to Estonia, where apparently there is no Starbucks, steak or pickles! but the pay is good and apparently you will be treated like a local hero! I told Bob not to give out his resume'.
The Estonians are taking them site seeing today. He still does not know when he is coming home, because they stop working on Friday afternoon, and do not work again until Monday which includes not making airline reservations! another job perk.
So now when Bob gets back he will have plane less for a month, before he heads to school for the new plane. In English, this means, he is going to be home for a long time. Read previous blog on "Need A Trip"! Anyway, it will be nice to have help transporting these kids everywhere, although I think we may want to go down to one car, with the gas prices moving up and up and up!
Well, hopefully he won't be stuck in Estonia for the whole month, and they send him home next week. Missing my pilot who is so far away, worlds away.


jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

я надеюсь, Боб имеет удовольствия и приходит домой благополучно!

(I hope Bob has fun and comes home safely!)

Teryn and Chad said...

awwww...Uncle Bob! : ) He is a celebrity!