Tuesday, September 9, 2008

School's In

I know summer is officially over because I have not been able to breathe! School is now in full swing. I can feel the pressure of the days, trying to get it all done. Homeschooling is now my full time job,which requires alot of my time, so my blog may suffer a bit.
I am spending my evenings gathering information, and supplies for the school day projects, and I am spending my days, teaching. My afternoons are consumed with sports! Now that I have two kids participating in after school activities, I feel like a taxi cab driver. Each day one of them has a practice of some sort, or a meeting of that sort.
As of now I am also flying solo, as Bob is in Ft.Lauderdale, getting ready to leave for Russia,so I am holding down the house. Well, its off to the grocery, pick up Nolan, go to get Regan a new glove for softball, and then to a meeting at the school. Hopefully,I will have time to blog before the end of the school year~



Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! I'm so busy with my new job and the 3 children. and all their activities!

I just didn't stop for breath yesterday! I had a school run followed by a friend who popped in to see me quickly, then put baby down for a nap, straight onto a conference call, then straight out to collect the boys from school, off to swimming lessons, cook a quick supper for the kids, get oldest off to Cub Scouts, get back read a quick story to the boys and then 4 hours of research work before I hit the sack.

I barely had time to eat! In fact the first thing I ate yesterday was my evening meal prepared by Bf!

The Pilot's Wife said...

Whew! I am exhausted just reading about what you did yesterday! I think I will go take a nap...

Teryn and Chad said...

right now, i am thankful for no babes and being able to sleep in! : ) haha...just wanted to rub that in Aunt B! LOVE YOU

Ann said...

Ryan is homeschooling this year for his 11th grade. He decided that is what he wanted to do and loves it.

So we do get to sleep in a little later....I still have to get up to make sure he gets up to start his classes by 9:00 and he is done by 1:30....love that.

Enjoy the time with them...it goes by so fast. Hopefully he will graduate a little earlier and get a job....ha,ha,ha.

Luv ya,

The Pilot's Wife said...

That is awesome! I love home schooling Regan, we get to spend lots of time together. and it is soooo nice finishing our day early.
I love that there are so many options for school these days, and none are wrong. Its great to be able to have a kid learn in the enviroment that they excel in! Love it~