Sunday, November 23, 2008

This is your Captain Speaking

We are going to Indianapolis tomorrow for Thanksgiving! I am really happy because this is the first time in maybe 6yrs, that we are all going on a vacation at the same time together. The first time in a long time without me having to travel alone with the kids meet him at our destination. It would all be yippee, except for the fact that I am flying with a pilot, who is not actually going to be flying the plane, but being a passenger! ugh.. It must be like a woman who is married to a carpenter, and than hires a contractor to remodel her house. Yes, he is a terrible passenger.
It will start tomorrow morning-I will be told
what kind of plane it is
how many engines it has
how much fuel it will take
how much distance it will cover.
Oh, but it won't stop there, I will be quizzed on all this stuff at the airport. He will endlessly point airplanes out and ask what kind is that one? Uh, I don't know. Well how many engines does it have? I still don't know and I also don't care. yep, I said it. Then he will look at me like he can not believe I don't want to know how the plane stays up in the air or why, but that I am just happy knowing it does!
Once we board the airplane,it gets a little bit worse. I will be told all about "these" pilots. He will also sit there through the whole flight watching and checking to make sure our landing is as smooth as he would have done(it won't be), or if the altitude is correct(it won't be) or if the pilot got out of the turbulence( they won't), and then he will be waiting for them to come on the intercom and ask if there is any pilot on the plane that can...... so he can raise his hand and save the flight! It really is terrible for him, he is not in control of the flight so it drives him crazy.
While I just sit back, read my book, and bask in the happiness that he is on this flight, with me, as my husband, going on a family vacation. I will get off the plane and thank those pilots, for the safe flight, knowing that because they are flying my plane, there is some wife out there that is traveling with her kiddies alone!
I hope every one has a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you get to spend it with your pilot, home or in the air.


Summer said...

That's too funny! I thought my pilot was the only one who did that! Although, everytime there is turbulence, I'm glad he's there to say that everything is alright. When he's not, I start to panic alittle bit.

partner of a pilot said...

HAHAHA!!! Sooooo true!