Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hail To The Chief

Well, we have a new President Elect. I stayed up last night to watch history unfold itself. It was amazing. Even though my candidate was not the winner, I could still appreciate the awesomeness of our country, of why I love America. It really is the place of opportunity, for anyone. I guess I could be upset and bitter, as I am sure many Americans were last night or will be when they wake up this morning, but then I would feel like a hypocrite. We fought the good fight, and we lost. That is America. I am so proud today to be an American, and can not ignore that for million of Americans, last night healed wounds.
John McCain gave an elegant speech last night, even if you were not a John McCain supporter, you had to respect, that it was in his loss that he showed his true character, his humility, and real strength. He showed the world that running for President was not who he was, it was what he was doing, but last night during his speech, you knew who he was, a true man of his faith.
Now, I just pray that we come together, and not let this divide us. That we continue to pray for our President elect and his family, uplift, and support him during his term. We need to show the world that we are still the greatest Nation.
I, for one will support our new President Elect, simply because he is who was chosen, and that is what I am called to do by my heavenly father.
So, I won't be packing my bags leaving for another country, I won't entertain conspiracy theory's through emails. Maybe I am not the radical republican I should be, but I want to show my children that even in a loss, there is humility, faith, and hope. And that God is in control of this too.
I Am Still Proud to Be An American yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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KJ said...

Good point about not leaving, its something I've thought of...I have to finish school first so I guess I can wait it out a year and see how it goes. I do hope things don't get as bad as I suspect they will, I do hope America stays strong. Thanks for the insight!