Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You need a Trip

So when you are married to a pilot, the first question you are asked when ever you are introduced to other women is "How do you handle your husband being away all the time?" are you kidding me? I always turn this question around and ask "How do you handle YOUR husband being home all the time!?"I just honestly couldn't do it! No, not because I don't adore my hubby, and yes, I love spending time with him. But everyday of the year, every night and every weekend. NO THANKYOU!! Okay so some of you are thinking , I am a Biotch, well I am, but besides that there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with having some seperation from your spouse.

I have talked to many pilot's wives' and they all feel the same way. I ran into one at the gym yesterday and she was telling me how her husband needed to go on a trip, for her sanity! So this is not something I say to make myself feel better, it is across the board. So I thought I would give you a little insight to what its like when hubby is coming home from a long trip and you are so excited about spending quality time together, and then what happens after he has been home for a week, and you need him to go on a trip! It goes something like this: While you are anticipating his arrival you are thinking of all of these things you can't wait to do with him that you have been dreaming about for the last few weeks he has been away.

Hubby comes home.
1.You can't wait to have unbridled, passionate "sex", with your hubby all week long!
2.You can't wait to spend time with him watching his favorite shows.
3. He helps around the house, doing laundry, cleaning the dishes etc. Isn't he the greatest!
4.You can't wait to see your lawn mowed, and edges trimmed so your house does not look like the television show the "Adam's family"
5.You can't wait to go out to your favorite restuarants
6.You can't wait to stay up all night long "catching up"
7. You can't wait to go the gym with him and work out together
8. You can't wait to go shopping with him
9. You can't wait to go out with his friends together

Okay, after he has been home for one week,without a trip

1.You are not having sex "again"!
2.His favorite shows suck, they all have to do with airplanes, which are boring
3.He has shrunk your favorite shirt because it said "dry clean only"
4 You will gladly pay the neighborhood kid 10$ to mow the damn yard!
5.You are tired of Chinese food, besides the MSG makes you bloat!
6.You are exhausted by 9pm, from taking care of kids, you don't care what you he did on his last trip with so and so, you just want to go to sleep!
7. During your workouts together he can't quit giving you pointers on how to swim, run, etc. !
8. No, I don't want to go to Home Depot or Costco AGAIN, there having a shoe sale at Dillard's! AND
9. I don't even like your friends:)

So, as you can see, I am one part Biotch and one part regular pilot's wife!!! So there! Deal with it.


Cpt. J's Wife said...

I think we might be the same person or at least married to the same man!

Anonymous said...

Just for your information, Wings has a great program on about(of all things)some cool aircraft. want to watch it with me? Love Me

Anonymous said...

looking for "Hot for teacher" please apply.

Anonymous said...

"Hot for Teacher" here...whatcha need?

The Pilot's Wife said...

"Hot for teacher"and admirer need to find a new sandbox to play in:) not mine!ME

Anonymous said...

Dear Me,
Maybe "Admirer" should start his own blog so "Hot for Teacher" can comment there!
Thanks for sharing your sandbox!
Hot for Teacher

Anonymous said...


Tripacerchick said...

I can't believe how much I laughed reading this. My hubby is still waiting for the call to start his flight training on his new job and I'm starting to get at the end of my rope. If he didn't actually do the KP duty I assign him each day, I'd have no use for him. LOL. Thanks for making me laugh :)