Thursday, August 7, 2008

Instant Message

It is going on three weeks that Bob has been "working"! He had a month off, so I got really spoiled and then it rained on my parade, a down right tsunami!
We have had to be creative on ways to keep in touch, because there are some areas that cell phones just don't work very well. And then my friend introduced us to IMing!(instant messaging)!
Now we have been able to talk to each other non-stop through our computers. We type to each other and have full conversations. We can do this for hours! Yes, I said hours. I find myself logging on to my computer with such anticipation , I can feel my heart beating with joy, and excitement waiting to hear the im ringing and blinking with a message from my beloved!
Are you on? YES YES YES!!! and so begins our conversation. ..and then we type, and type and type.
It has opened up a new form of communication for us. We have found that we are able to write to each other openly and honestly, there is no limit, no boundaries. There is an innocence to it, you must take the time to read what the other person is conveying and only then can you respond. It takes out the rush of conversation and adds an element of art, and mystery. There are endless things that we want to know about each other, events that have happened in our day that we must share with one another, terms of endearments,a modern day love letter!
Bob's career as a pilot can take him away from home for extensive periods of time, but it is when he is away, that we talk the most, and it is in those conversations that we share some of our most intimate times. Instant messaging has reminded us that we are still getting to know one another, we are still interested in each others dreams, that we still need to stay connected for just a few more moments, and although we are still far apart in miles, we are never far apart in our hearts.
Yes, it is hard at times, lonely even, but with technology we have found a way to not only stay connected ,but to reconnect in different ways. I love to instant message, just the name itself promises to connect me instantaneously to my beloved, knowing that he is just on the other side of the screen waiting for my reply!

As Bob flys closer to the USA, I will once again be able to hear his voice, although I know we will continue to IM, because we have discovered a new way, another way, to fall in love all over again.


Anonymous said...

always love talking to you no matter how (phone,e-mail,im)however my fingers ar starting to cramp so i can't wait to use the phone again. love you Me

D's Mom said...

Damn! I look at im'ing in a whole new light!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Now you need to learn to video chat!!

Anonymous said...

you both need to wash your hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pilot's Wife said...

robbie your disgusting, computer! lolololo

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

yay IM's!!!!
i'm so glad it worked for you!!

i know it's different than being able to respond right away on the phone, but it's fun to think about what you want to say and how beforehand.

and i know exactly what you mean about the little excited butterflies when you log on... is he going to be on or not? waiting for that name to pop up.... it's fun! :)

Anonymous said...

That's how Bf and I met!!!! We IM'd for 8 weeks (with progression to web cam) it was SO exciting!

You should try SKYPE! Its basically video phone, but it uses the same technology as IM'ing on your computer and is completely free.

It's fee to download and will download in about 5 minutes. You don't even need a headset. It will work through the speakers on your computer. The only thing you'll need is a webcam (if you want to see each other).