Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Short Trips"

So as I told you Bob came home late Sunday night after a three week trip. As he was leaving his boss told him how sorry he was that he had kept him away for so long, and that it must be nice having a few days at home!
We were really happy to have him home, so Monday I took Regan to her first day of school party, and Bob spent the day with Nolan. It was great, until I got home, and saw the look Bob was giving me. He, of course, got a call from his boss telling him they had a trip the next day(Tuesday), it would be a "short trip", but it was an emergency. I have heard this before! So Bob leaves on Tuesday morning, no worries, he will be home by dinner! RIGHT. Bob's quick trip turned into a late trip, I was a little annoyed but, oh well at least he will be home all day Wednesday.
So, Wednesday we take Nolan to his first day of school together, we decided to visit the bookstore until time to pick Nolan up. We get there and 5 mins later, his phone rings, I hear a lot of uhuhs, and umm's, then the apologetic look comes. We have to leave the bookstore because Bob has another quick trip(sure),he must leave on, but he will be home by dinner. As I am putting the kids to bed, Bob shows up to do the tucking in.
Today Bob left on his scheduled trip for the next few days,and he is "supposed" to have next week off!
If you see the paramedics at my house, giving me mouth to mouth resuscitation, you will know that I tried killing myself by HOLDING MY BREATH!!!!


Mary Anne said...

What a bummer!!
Hope you will have a lot of time with him next week!!

Anonymous said...

Honey I'll be home for dinner (I think)love you Me

The Pilot's Wife said...

You better be taking me out to dinner!I love you and miss you,now hurry up and fly home!love you, me

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I cant believe I haven't found it sooner-as I look for these all the time! How sad am I? LOL :)