Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Say Cheese!

So my wonderful husband got me a camera for Christmas. This is not just any camera it is a Cannon EOS 40D, It is one bad(that means great) camera! It was one of those moments that I could have used a brown paper bag to breathe into when he gave it to me. I LOVE THIS CAMERA! My manual for the camera does not tell you enough about it, so a good friend of mine(and an accomplished photographer) has helped me to know some of the basics.
A few weeks ago we (the Gary's) all went to our favorite book store(B&N) and Bob found this massive million page book all about my camera. I mean the title is Cannon EOS 40D. The pictures are small and in B&W. BORING! So I didn't buy it.My photographer friend gave me beautiful photography books with colored pictures that have nothing to do with my camera, but all about taking a photograph. I have been reading these.
Bob tried to get me to buy this book on several occasions and of course I kept saying, maybe next time.It drove Bob nuts.A few nights ago Bob says, I will be right back Iwant to go get something(it is 830pm). He left, I knew he was going to get "the book"(as we refer to it now). He presented it to me like it was the Holy Grail -Now you can read "the book" and learn all about your camera. (whatever)
He will say "Have you read "the book" yet?" No Bob I am reading some other ones. He gives me a blank stare. Next day, Have you read any of "the book"- nope. Now, I know he wants me to read it and this will make him very happy, but he keeps bugging me about it, and keeps asking me to read it,(I kinda want to read it) I simply can't do it. On a trip last week he calls me, he was like do you know what the ISO is yet, nope, what about the shutter speed -uhuh.
So later that day I see "the book ", it is on the counter, I go over to pick it up, he sees me , So your going to read "the book" now? For some reason I lie, no I was just cleaning the counter. Blank stare. (I am very stubborn,I want to read it, but now can't when he is around).So while he is on a trip yesterday I decided I will read it and not tell him-I look for "the book". I cant find it anywhere (Divine intervention ,hallelujah!) Bob comes home, kids in bed. He says are you ever going to read "the book". I said ,I was going to today but couldnt find it. He says I took it with me to read ,(now I turn the tables aha), so I say that's to bad I would have read it today.(probably not) Man I wish you wouln't have taken it I really. really wanted to find out what that ISO was!(yeah for me ). Blank Stare.
See,Right here is the difference between men and women. Bob wants to know how the thing works, I want to click the big button,He wants to know ISO,I want beauty,he wants shutter speed, I want bright colors, he wants a picture, I want a photograph to tell some one's story,he wants to put me to work to make money with this thing, I want a hobby!So you see where this is heading?
I tell him all of this and I get the Blank stare.Now I am tired I want to go to bed, I pick up my "other" photography book to read. Blank stare. I tell him goodnight .
Well, Maybe today I will pick up "the book" I know I need to read it to get all the things I want out of my amazing camera, but he doesn't have to know that. And this is just plain fun:)


Mary Anne said...

I can't wait for you to post some pictures!!! What a funny story. By the way, you don't need to know all the technical stuff to get a great picture! You'll do great!

vik said...

Oh my gosh and I thought I was the writer of the family! I love the way you write. I'm serious, Brenda, you are a great writer. I laughed out loud several times. Especially because you must know I love that you are irritating the crap out of my brother in law. I mean if I can't be there to do it, thanks for giving him hell from the team! I love you and I'm really proud of you. This is going to be my new hobby. Reading your blog daily so keep them coming!