Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's A Good Life!

SHH_I need to make a true confession. okay here it goes- hold your breathe and BAM- I LOVE being a pilot's wife. Okay, so here is where it gets a little sappy!(you knew it was coming) I just really love being Bob's wife! He is a great man. I mean what you see is what he really is. no kidding. So some of you are just going to plain hate me(us)-because it really is all good.
We recently went to a bible study at our new church to meet other couples that we could possibly hang with. After all the introductions( everyone telling us their hardships and issues they were having in thier marriages) it was our turn. All eyes were on us, they looked like wild dogs salivating at a piece of steak,just waiting to hear our deepest, darkest and dirtiest problems that we were having. We wanted to fit in so Bob and I were trying to come up with something quick and then he suddenly blurted out."I'm Bob and this is my wife Brenda,uh, we just don't have any problems,we have a great marriage". My pulse began to rise, I started to sweat and pant hard. I thought I would die. I knew if we were going to make any friends in this group it would be up to me to rectify the situation-. You could hear a gasp coming from the other couples and I could feel the air leave the room. As they drew in thier breathe there was a stillnes in the room, and I knew they could hear my heart beating (thump, thump) in my chest. There was a wave of disappointment unveiling over their faces as the statement that Bob had just claimed, began to sink in, but before I had a chance to try to save ourselves by telling them how Bob snores, I leave caps off everything, he leaves the seat up, I talk too much, he likes shows on A&E, or maybe that I I I couldnt come up with something fast enough, before one woman blurts out in a slow sarcsatic southern drawl, " OH, that's yall's problem, you two think you have no problems!" I let out a sigh, my heart steadied,we had dodged yet another bullet. I was grateful for this woman and as this seemed to settle everyone down, you could hear the air slowly filtering back into the room. Everyone's breathing began to go back to normal. The whole class was nodding in agreement smiling at each one another ( I swear one of them smacked a guy on his back) and at us, now feeling sorry for us in our denial.
Bob and I laughed all the way home! and then started to think of stuff we could throw out there to "fit in" -This is why I am writing this today.It is so sad when in the world we live in today we ( a happy married) couple feel like the "odd"couple out. That we felt ashamed that we are so happy and still in love with one another after 17 yrs together. That we still want to spend every moment that Bob is in town together even if it is going to the grocery. This is a blessing, this is what God intended when he came up with "marriage" to live in abundance! I try not to take our marriage for granted and I try to celebrate in daily. Is it a perfect life? HECK NO! We still have life's ups and downs,cranky kids,bad moods,bills to pay etc. But it is our life and I choose to embrace all the good,bad and ugly( and sometimes it gets pretty darn ugly!)
NOW get out the tissues-I love that Bob is my "real" life partner, the person who I would rather be with than (I know some of you die hard mother's will get mad) even my own children( whom I love very much). Everyone should have that person in their life that continues to make you a better person by the love, belief and faith that they have in you, for no other reason, except that you are you. I have been so blessed to find love in a world that quite frankly ,"sucks" most of the time.
Thank you my wonderful husband, who has made my life, this life, worth so much than I could have ever imagined, You complete me(LOL) no really you do! I could never have imagined that life could be so good, so sweet, so fun and so exciting than the life I have with you. I look forward to laughing, loving and being with you all the rest of my days!
By the way the other couples in the class , Hate Us, Oh well let them!


Victoria's Secrets said...

I will, I will, I will finish writing this post before...oh it comes....nope... damn, I didn't make it! I'm back! I had to throw up.....again. Seriously, my sister (who I am completely blown away by lately with this writing ability of hers, who knew??!!) has an amazing marriage. It's because of her marriage that I keep the faith that there's hope for those of us who've had failed relationships. That there truly is that "perfect" one for each of us!I promise I am going to try my best to listen to you when you give me advice on the men pursuing me in my now single life (and there are SOOO many!lol). I value your opinion so much that I've decided that before I ever say "I love you" to anyone ever again, they have to pass the litmus, I mean, "Brenda" test! Did you hear that, little pig? I mean, you do know me better than anyone, so I think you'd have a good idea of what I need and want. So, Brenda, this is my solemn promise. I will let you choose for me next time. Girl Scout's Honor......Nah. Who am I kidding?

St. of Words said...

Aunt B

I love hearing those things about your marriage, it really is encouraging. Like you said, isn't it sad that having a marriage that you can't think of problems, makes you odd? I love you and Bob and being around you guys it's evident you are crazy in love like you should be. I admire you so much, as a wife and a mother and an aunt and a friend. Love to my uncle Bob!