Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time after Time

I was told yesterday by Bob, that he and Rich (his flying partner) think that I must have too much time on my hands. That I must need more to do since I have time to blog.(oh, really?)Rich went as far as to say that if I have all this time I must be bored and I could do something that makes money.(okay?) I laugh . and then I laugh some more. This is coming from two men who go on vacation every other week to their "job".
I decided to look at and do a comparison of our schedules. Mine versus Bob and Rich. So here we go-
This is a typical flying workday from the perspective of a pilot's wife. They(Bob & Rich) work on average about 10 days a month. Each day of work totals about 4-5 hrs. On a busy month I will stretch it to maybe 16 days. Okay, on the day they go to "work" they get the plane ready, meet & greet, go up in the sky and come down, say good-bye, get into their fully loaded 2008 navigator or Cadillac(again semantics) drive to four star hotel (where they have plushy robes and pillow tops), Watch pay-per-view, go to fancy restaurant, eat steak and chocolate moose, go back to hotel, have bed to self and more importantly the bathroom.
If they stay over night their activities may include, but not limited to movies,shopping,sightseeing,Starbucks,hanging at beach or pool ordering foo- foo drinks. When they Wake up(from there night of no interuption sleep) they go to airport, drink coffee, bring airplane home. Walk in the door and tell wife how tired they are from "working" so hard! They also have sick leave and vacation time.
Now, lets see what I do-hm. I work 30 days a month 24 hours a day. I am a full time stay at home mom, who is not actually at home all that much. I am a novice photographer,blogger and did I mention I am training for a triathlon here! I home school our 4th grader, I take care of the home, finances and school work. I cook, I clean, do lots of driving, put kids to bed, and wake them for school every morning. I never ever get the bed to myself , much less the bathroom (not even to pee)- The last TV show I got to watch had something to do with a purple dinosaur. I do not get sick leave ,vacation time or over time. Starting to get the picture?
So, let's recap-- Bob & Rich work 10 days & 20 hrs a month. Me- 30 days& 720 hrs a month(you bet I did the math!) . Who did you say has too much free time? So- Boys get out your check books because I would gladly like to get paid for all I do-
taxi driver-275/month
teacher 30,000/year
finance manager 65,000/yr
laundress 150/month
cook 350/month(not including supplies)
maid 300/month- hmmmm, I am sure I left something out? But I don't think I get paid for that?! or it would be called something else. Ha ha
So please write the check for 8700.00/month to ME and please press hard boys there are usually two copies- Also, go ahead and make that retroactive!


vik said...

Leave it to the pilots (Bob and Rich) to have the audacity to mess with my sister (or my sister's sister, which would be me). You tell them, Brenda! Too much time on your hands? Why, I oughta....ok, I will at the next family gathering. But wait, Bob never hangs out with us during family beach trips cause he's usually too busy on some tropical island "working"! Well, I never!

Her Better Half said...

Ha Ha Ha I cant stop laughing,my sides are going to split. -NOT-! Don't let the poor pilots wife pull the wool over your eyes. The truth of it all is that it's hard work making all the choices like, which swimsuit to wear, which restraunt to eat at,what drink I should have at the beach(pool),and so on. Life is great for both of us no matter how you cut it. Love You Me!

memaw said...

This is fun. to read, that is. I got a few laughs in too. You two are the perfect couple and we (Pop-Pop and me) love you both. Keep expressing your feelings and you will feel better. We are always here, nearby, if you need assistance, but you both are holding your own pretty well.