Sunday, January 13, 2008

Running the Race

So, I am training for a triathlon, (for those of you who don't know ) like I have more than two faithful readers(who just happen to be my sister and my good friend) to my blog . So any way, I am sure you both know about the Breast Cancer triathlon in May.
I decided to do this on a whim. I told you I am very competitive and when I found out that there were a few women doing it from my daughter's school I thought to myself, self I'm jumping on this train.(train wreck) is more like it. So what does one do when they sign up for something they are dreading and realize it is going to be lots of hard physical work? If you are a woman, you recruit.And not just anyone, you recruit those closest to you. Usually your best friend:) So that's what I did.Ten minutes after I signed on the dotted line(or in this case an email) I headed over to my girl-friends house to tell her how excited, and challenged I felt and that this was going to change my life, and hey didn't her life need changing? and wouldn't it be great to do it together? So guess what she did. she signed up and 10 min. later started recruiting(j.k)
So she and I have been faithfully(okay I may be exaggerating)training for our one moment, to cross the finish line with our spouses and children cheering us on with looks of praise on their faces. Here we are coming up on Jan. and we are pressing in towards our goal. There are a few things that I have learned on this journey.
1.Never commit to a triathlon
2. Never ask your husband to train you
3.Never buy your running shoes at Walmart
4.Never forget your sports bra(ouch)
5. Never ask your husband to train you -I think I already said this but its definitely worth repeating!
6. when someone simple asks WHY?(and they will) do not respond with I'm insane or by slapping the smirk off their faces (wait until after race).
Actually, this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Sure my body aches to quit, I can't breathe and I think one time I coughed up something really gross, but the people that I have met and the places that this has taken me are amazing. My friend and I started training with a group of women (about 15) from all walks of life. The reasons behind the decision to do the triathlon are numerous. We have all taken a joint and personal journey for ourselves. Some to prove to themselves their life isn't over after their husbands of 15,20, &30 yrs walked out, some for the survivors of this terrible disease, some to represent friends/family who have lost their lives to breast cancer, some who just need to know they are still alive,and some to begin creating their life's legacy.
This triathlon started as a race, but it has grown into something bigger. It has become about the journey. For each one of us it is not about the woman we were when we began, but about the woman we have become during the course of training, the woman we will be after we cross that finish line. I applaud these women and it will be an honor to run,swim and bike next to each one of them. (But, I'm still gonna be the winner:)


Victoria's Secrets said...

What does it say about me when the whole day long, I'm excited about logging on and reading your blog for the day? I think it says something like, "GET A LIFE, VIK!" Seriously, I could not be more proud of you for doing this. Do you realize it is because of you that I started running? I don't know if I should be thanking you or slapping you? You're the bomb, Brenda. And your my sister. Someone in our crazy family that I actually like!

Teryn Chapin said...

i want to train for a marathon...can i have some pointers from uncle bob?? : ) Peter Frampton here we come!! Chad's audition went amazing!! LOVE YOU