Friday, February 1, 2008

Boys will be Boys

My boy is going to be 5 years old next week! He is so excited for his "big" day. He keeps reminding me that he will be one whole hand. We are having his party at Chuck-e-Cheese- I was told only to invite boys-no GIRLS allowed-he informed me.I love this.. I love that he thinks that I am the one he will marry one day. I savor this moment because I know that it is only this moment in time that he will feel this way and too soon he will want to include girls in his circle. He will find it silly that he even thought he could have married me!much less want his friends to know that he said it.He is growing so fast and time is flying by. He will be five next week and twenty-five in a blink of an eye.I want my little boy to play pirates,eat cake and climb jungle jims-I want him to be smelly at the end of the day and find totally gross things in his pockets!
I look at him and see endless opportunities for his future. I love to watch him play at the park and inspect bugs, leaves and something gross smooshed on the ground(get away from that Nolan!) and I think to myself this may be our president one day?!-I wonder what kind of man he will become, what kind of father will he be, husband? But for now I just want him to be five. I want him to continue to climb into my bed every morning and spoon me, give me sticky kisses and long hugs good night.For now I want to celebrate his youth,his innocence,his uniqueness.Today,I will just love him, praise him, encourage him and celebrate his "big" day with him at a place I loathe, but will endure for him. This is the gift of parenting. It is a joy raising this wonderful little boy. Happy 5th Birthday,Nolan! Don't waste a minute of it!


St. of Words said...

awwww beautiful. i love me some nolan. "push plaaaay!" miss you guys so much.

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

hahaha when you were saying that mushy, nice stuff about Nolan, all I could think of was when I was down there for Christmas he would trick me into thinking he was going to give me a kiss (so precious!) and instead he would lick me in the face and I would have to wipe it off and say EW! Well, I guess I deserved it bc I fell for it multiple times ("no really, this time I'm going to give you a kiss"... "Ugh, fine, you're cute. I can't resist. EW YOU LICKED ME!!!") hahahaha
He is A. way too smart and B. way too cute, just like Regan. Is it weird if my cousins make me feel cooler? haha

Also.. is he really going to be 5? I could have sworn he's turning 17 or so.