Monday, February 25, 2008

My Addiction

So here is my secret. I have a serious problem. Yes, I am an addict. I heard that once you can admit you have an addiction that this is half the battle and that you are on your way to being cured! I should really be at one of those meetings where I gather with strange people in strange places and stand up and say "Hello,my name is Brenda I am an addict. It has been 4hr3min (scratch that )it has been 1 min.since my last sip! of Dunkin Donuts coffee".and then wait for it, wait for it, applause! I will be the first to complete a 12 steps program in the DDA(dunkin donuts annoymous) program. I think it goes something like this. I can not change the things...yeah right-
Yes it is true, ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am utterly in love,and addicted to coffee,but not just any coffee it must be DUNKIN DONUTS coffee. I have tried starbucks and Seattle's Best, but I can not and will not cheat on D.D. Nothing compares to the creamy smooth sweet taste of my D.D.,the rich aroma it gives off under my nose,the sweet taste as the first sip touches my lips, knowing that every cup, will and does taste the same over and over. I have tried being a "tea" drinker, this does nothing for me, sorry tea drinkers that is just boring. I drink DD in the morning(first thing), I drink it in the afternoon(post lunch) I will even drink it before bed(when kids are asleep)! With the help of some friends I now mix DD regular and Decaf after the 2pm hour. Thanks friends.
It was not something I became addicted to over night. At first it was innocent, a cup here, a cup there, during moms day out social hour, you know I thought I could control it, I will stop when I want to, I could stop if I want to ,just one more, and then before you know it I was a full fledged daily coffee drinker that can't ,won't and for my husbands sanity(and my own)should not stop!!Recently, I have found another thing that makes me love Costco, they now sell 2&1/2 pounder bags of you guessed it, DD coffee-Glory,praise God!!! My life just got better:) So now that I have admitted it and I no longer have to hide it-On my honor I will try... nah, who am I kidding?, I am going to make me another pot right now, curl up on my couch with my book(I am reading Peony in Love by Lisa See,for anyone interested)and for a few moments let my DD cure all, take me away to that one special place that all coffee lovers go to, for those few moments that last one cup at a time!!

A Serious side note:
Please if you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, take it very serious, and get help. It destroys lives and relationships. I do not take lightly that there are truely real addictions out there and I take them very serious. Bless you all!!

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Victoria's Secrets said...

Who are you kidding? You and I both know that's not your ONLY addiction!