Saturday, February 16, 2008

What's in a Name

So I thought I was really a unique individual, you know really creative. I thought I had the perfect name for my blog,. One that no one else would have,that would stand out,that would be completly a one of a kind-right?Wrong! I went on google to check and do you know there are at least 4 other blogs titled It's a pilots life for me! Can you believe it? I can not. Now I know some of you are googling right now.
They are all different. There are some just for the "wives" of the pilot's,( bitch ,bitch and more bitching)okay, this is a little harsh, it is tough to be a pilot's wife sometimes, I mean I have my moments,too.Actually I may be visiting this site more than I thought, I mean I like to b---h as much as the next wife.ha ha There is one on starting to become a pilot ( would you like some cheese with that whine?get it?), there is one on the travels and adventures from the pilot himself,(whoo hoo)actually if I was this guys wife I would be really pissed off now.I mean he should get a clue-No matter where Bob goes he always tells me how crappy it is, now I know this is a lie but it makes me feel better that he is not have some grand adventure without me.hey it works for us. Then the last one is on the life as the pilot see's it, impacting his family (this is the most realistic) and the not so glamourous life of a pilot. Coincidently,this last blog writer and I started our website at the same time,have the same blog name, and even wrote a similar article on the work schedule of a pilot. hm,very interesting, Bob are you secretly blogging?
My blog may have the same name as the others but I promise it is with my own flare, my own stories, my own humor that include, but is not limited to Bob's job!I actually can't wait to read these other blogs-I am even going to try and convince Bob to start one unless.......

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