Monday, February 25, 2008

Party like its 1999

I celebrated my birthday this weekend-Yes, I am officially 37 years old-It really doesn't bother me, honest. I guess it is because I definitely know who I am and where I am going. It took me a good 35yrs to figure it out, but what is the old saying, better late than never!
Anyway, I had all these great plans for my birthday. I decided I was going to party like it was 1999,that means I was 28 years old then and could probably still handle a wild and crazy night. I had high hopes. My night started out at an amazing restaurant, we called ahead and I think we actually got seated around 9pm, that's okay, we didn't want to get started too early, right. I mean no one even goes out now until 11 or 12pm . We had a great meal and conversation, I think we left at 1130pm. Still wanting to prove that I still had it(again, not sure what "it" even is and I probably don't want "it" anyway) and hold on to a few more moments of my birthday celebration, we headed over to a pub we like, where we always run into a few familiar faces. We are still going strong here! Yes, we can do this. Get to our place order one drink. More great conversation, actually a lot of great conversation. It took about an hour to drink this thing and realize that it is now 1am! Yes, we are really partying now, I don't think I have stayed up this late since I was nursing Nolan and he was the one drinking! Oh no, here it comes, I Start to yawn, now once this happens you know it is going to be hard to control, No "stop it" I tell myself too late it has already begun. I look around, I start to realize this music is way too loud and the thumpity, thumpity is annoying , I search the place for familiar faces,I notice there are kids in here that I think I knew their parents in high school, I even found my self wondering ,how did her mom let her out of the house wearing that?!
Do not get me wrong, we had a great time, probably one of the best times I've had since turning 37, however, there was no table top dancing, no tequila shots, no bar fights, no staying out until 4am and running to Denny's for breakfast- It was SOOOO much better!!!:) It wasn't 1999 or 1989 for that matter- (Thank God!) where in the morning my head would be splitting, and I wanted to sleep until 3pm, and start to feel embarrassed by the fool I had made of myself!! I guess those days are gone, that ship had sailed(and I hope sunk). I no longer can party til the cows come home, but who really wants to anyway? Well, we made it to dinner and one pub,(woo whoo) so much for my carousing the downtown night life scene, instead we had great fun , a time with good friends, good food, and good conversation-I woke up in the morning ready to take on the day, with memories of the night before (yes, I remembered). I was so happy then, extremely happy that I am 37, I have come a long way since 1999, I am a whole person, with a great family, great friends and I still know how to have a great time, actually an even better time -I definitely want to go out again, no I don't want to re-live my 1999 days, I never want to go back there. I just want to continue to enjoy my life, making new memories, and always remembering, no matter what age I am, to dance! Wow-its going to be a great year!


St. of Words said...

i love you 37 year old. you are amazing

Victoria's Secrets said...

NOW, WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE! I thought it was just going to be you and Bob??? You had friends with you?! Bob said I couldn't fly in to see you because he had "big" plans for the two of you to be alone and you went with friends?! I should have known!!
Good thing, I love you anyway! But, tell Bob to, oh, never mind, I'd rather tell him to his face! LOL

Victoria's Secrets said...

Oops. Sorry. My Bad.