Friday, February 15, 2008

We Are Family!

I love this song! When I hear it,it truely reminds me of my crazy,wild, passionate, amazing family. I have one of those unique families where we are unusually close(too close) I mean every morning my brother who lives in Seattle calls me on his way to work so we can share conversation and coffee! My sister in Charlotte and I talk daily,um okay hourly! My mother lives 5 minutes from me,and we talk daily and see each other all the time. I love knowing she is always available. We blog,my space,text and email, I mean we keep in touch! When you have something to share(good or bad) you get on the phone and we three-way and talk about it. Bob calls this telephone-tella-Robinson! We vacation in the summer together with all of our children and spouses. This has created some of my favorite memories for myself and for our children. We have been going to the beach and staying in a huge house on St. George Island(all compliments of my big bro and sister-in-law Adrien!) We spend our days lounging by the pool or beach,eating,riding wave runners in the ocean,taking mopeds around the Island,having one HUGE party, and of course every night Karoake! We spend most of the year practicing songs, and laying claim to the ones we want to sing!We have a traditon that there is one song we have to always sing first then its open game-Me -I will survive,Vickie-Delta Dawn,Robbie/Vickie-(grease)Summer lovin',and we always end with everyone singing WE are Family!My nieces sing,my nephews,my mom,my kids, it is one of the best times! We cheer each other on, laugh, dance, encourage,support, and feel pride for one another, we are each other's biggest "Fans". We have fought(literally)for each other( hecklers), you can bet you mess with one and gloves come off!! and I won't even go into if you mess with one of our kids!that gets real messy! Because we are family. For that one week we are together, celebrating that we are lucky enough to be a part of this family. The last few years we have gone through job losses,job gains,pregnancy,loss of pregnancy, divorce, marriages, death, illness, adoption, promotions, demotions, just an ordinary year for us! Through it all we stick together, , just like at that stupid Karoake bar, encouraging, laughing, dancing, crying, loyal and being proud of one another! Holding on to each other and fighting for one another during all events of life.I am so blessed for my family,We have grown not just in size(we gained some extended family) but through the years we have grown to respect each other's differences, styles, and choices. We may not always agree with them, but we stand by each other loving one another despite ourselves. This is what it means to be FAMILY-We are not perfect, we fight ,we make up,fight again, disagree,agree, but through it all we learn that life, MY life, would not be the same without them. I could tell you stories, but you would think I was lying, trust me you can't make this stuff up!So We are Family get up everybody-sing!


Victoria's Secrets said...

Thanks Brenda. For, well you know. Yes, I love being with our family. There's nothing like it! I can't wait til the next family trip! More memories to make. We really are blessed. Now do you see why I will have to be so particular about bringing a new man into my life and this family? He's going to have to be really special and able to adapt to anything!

Anonymous said...

the good, the bad, and the ugle ja jaja i love it thats a my family love mom