Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have really funny kids! They get their sense of humor from me. and a little from daddy.

Regan has been discussing with me lately about renegotiating her monthly allowance. She gets $7 a month and if she does some extra stuff around the house I pay her for it. Example-mop floor-$2,wash car$2,etc. so anyway she has been wanting more,because the kid loves money.and these things called webkinz. I was in the office yesterday and she came in with an envelope and she says "Mommy I have something for you". smiling from ear to ear. I take the envelope and see my name on it, so I flip it over to open it and this is what I found in it! An article about increasing allowance-she really is a comedian!I start to read it,Regan is laughing now,and I realize it is not a real article but one found in her Nickeleoden Magazine. We both started laughing and I said"Good try"! That's my Girl! So this is a picture of Regan with her article. Click on it,if you want to read it! She turns 10 next month so I may have to consider increasing her allowance, any suggestions on what to give a 10 year old?Let me know.


Teryn Chapin said...

from your favorite, oldest niece to my cute little cousin...I say $5 a week : ) I think I got like $3 a month but every time I cracked my knuckles they took off 25 cents. So therefore, I never had any allowance. In fact, I'm still in the hole! LOVE YOU AUNT B!

Victoria's Secrets said...

I LOVE that KID!!! Regan, you are SOOO my niece! You give that girl whatever she wants, that's my advice! How could you ever say no to that face!?

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

HAHAHHAHA that. is. awesome.
What do you get a 10 year old?
A Barbie.
What do you get a 10 year old girl named Regan?
A Blackberry, Credit Card, Car, etc...

You gotta give the girl some credit. She knows how to work it! hahaha

Anonymous said...

give my beatiful grandawter everthing she ask for. taking care of nolan. and given him everthing he ask to keep him a job. ha,ha. i love you nolan