Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Favorite Mistake

Have you ever made a mistake? I don't mean one on a test where you can erase it and go on . I mean a big whooper! One you just know that you are going to live regretting for the rest of your life? Well I did. His name is Wally,our 1/2 Chihauhua, 1/2 Jack Russell mix.
About a year and a half ago, Regan and I went to my niece's wedding in Nashville. Tenn.(This is where our story begins)! Before her big day,Regan and I had a few things to get, so we stopped by Walmart.(not her present) In the front of Walmart there was a woman and her five children selling adorable puppies-for $10.00(that should have been a clue) Anyway, Regan and I were just looking at them, I swear I had no intention of purchasing one. But did I mention how competitive I am? A lady walks up and she is like "Oh this one is so cute, how much?".She is told $10.00. The lady is like"Oh I really like him", My ears perk up now. I am paying attention. I start to hear that music that always comes on in the movies before the cowboys are going to duel in a quick draw, the tumble weeds floats by. I say with authority," well, we were looking at him first".Regan who was playing with the puppy before,is now paying close attention her eyes are darting back and forth between me and this lady, like a tennis match, with anticipation hoping the outcome will benefit her in some way.The lady says ,but I would really like to buy him, he's perfect. I respond (Here is where I don't get myself sometimes. I should have shut-up and walked away , walk away ,I hear myself screaming in my head, turn around, you don't want a dog. Why I didn't turn around is beyond me, I was transfixed in my position, my fingers wiggling ready to be the first to draw out my $10.00 bill- my little voice is saying,leave, leave) but instead I blurt out, I'll take him. Are you sure? Yes I am sure.Actually, I am anything but sure, but I tell you -I wanted to win. Thoughts are going through my mind now, What are you crazy? get out, get out, now before its too late! I reach in and in one swift moment and a flick of my wrist pull out $10,proudly I hand it to the woman. I am like - Yes I WON,I Won, I won!...Oh, crap I won!##%$* I didn't even want him! I got so caught up in the winning I actually bought him. Regan is thrilled,beyond thrilled. I have scored major points with her.
We start walking around Walmart, now I have to buy stuff for this dog. I run into my mom, my other niece and my sister. They see the dog, What the hell did you do? I bought this dog out front for $10.00. You do remember you are in Tennessee and going home on an airplane, right? Wrong. I forgot. What is Bob going to say? Give it back. Then panic steps in, I start to realize what I had done, I grab the dog , I start to run outside to give him back, she can even keep the $10.00, the woman is gone. Regan is running behind me, tears streaming down her face yelling, my dog, my dog. I look down at her. I can't give him back. He is my mistake. We sneak this dog into our hotel room. Our $10.00 dog just became a $150.00. I had to buy something to bring him home in, and a plane ticket. Bob met us at the airport. He cannot believe his eyes. He says you were only gone for two days, and you come home with a dog? Who goes to another state for two days and buys a dog? I do. Regan named him Wally, after of course Walmart. So he is Wally the Walmart Dog that comes from Tennessee.
It has been over a year now and Wally is still the biggest pain in my butt. He is too hyper, he still gets in the trash, loves shoes, can jump as high as my head,he smiles, he has even learned how to open the bedroom doors, so I have to lock them whenever we leave. He keeps me humble. He makes me angry.He makes me say things and words that I cannot repeat here.He reminds me to think before I act. Did I mention his farts can clear a room.(this is Regan and Nolan's favorite thing that he does!) However, despite all of this,he is ours. He is loyal beyond reason,patient with my children, he will run after every ball you throw and bring it back with his tail wagging,a companion for Ramsey,and a great listener, a true friend. So I guess sometimes in our lives, we live with regret because of the mistakes that we made, sometimes our mistakes are regrets worth living with!
The moral of this story is... You get what you pay for.


Victoria's Secrets said...

All I can say is this. It's the same thing I said that day you brought him into the nail salon......I told you so.

Victoria's Secrets said...
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Victoria's Secrets said...

Does everyone understand what my sister is saying? There were eight of us (my mother, me and my girls and Brenda and Regan) getting our nails done in the Walmart nail salon, excited about the wedding that evening, when in walks my niece holding this yappy, little dog with the biggest grin on her face! I couldn't believe my eyes! I looked at my sister and said,"What the hell have you done?!" She had just bought a dog in the Walmart parking lot! I don't know why I was surprised. Anything can happen in this family! During the reception, Regan and Kolby had to go out and check on him every five minutes in the car! Today, it's hilarious when I think about it. Today. I hated that little pain in the butt dog on my daughter's wedding day. As a matter of fact, I still do! Just kidding?

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St. of Words said...

freakin crack me the hell up. that was so funny. i remember he was absolutely adorable, i was totally pushing for you to make a realistic choice but you had good ole carmen in your ear "o my god brenda he is beautiful! you have to have him, i want him!"

that is the best memory.

St. of Words said...

just in case you dont read your other look absolutely beautiful in that picture of you and nolan. i was staring like aunt is beautiful

love you