Thursday, May 1, 2008

random thought

its been about 20 min's on my new laptop- just wanted to say-I love it! I always said I would never want a laptop, because I love my big dinosaur computer. I hate to say how easy I am, it took about 10 seconds to conform to the life of a lap top. It is so fast. I may never go back to the t-rex in my office! but a warning : this thing is so much more sensitive so there will be more spelling era's, deleting, and words that will pop up in a sentence that you may not understand. Oh if you do not hear from me, or see me, or Mandy if you start smelling me(neighbor) please place bag of DD by front door, and send food over for kids:)oh and dogs.


jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of laptops!!!!

Here are a few things I've learned to make my laptop live longer:
-Don't drop it
-Don't throw it, or anything close to throwing it
-Make sure the cooling fan gets air to it... if your laptop is too hot for too long, it can burn the stuff inside over time (really bad).
-If you have Windows Vista, make sure it updates, and be patient because Vista has a lot of problems
-Have fun!!! Laptops rule!

Ann said...

I have a new laptop too. Love it, love it. I can sit in the den, watch my cooking shows and blog you guys at the same time. Good Times!!!! Hope to see you soon....Alan says hello.


D's Mom said...

Ok, so i commented I sware on this weeks ago and it did not go through!! UGH! But incase your oder carries over to my side of the street and I see your children outside looking through the garbage for food, I got your back girl. I will gladly provide you with your DD and feed your children!