Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pat-a Cake, Pat-a Cake

I hate those family type magazines. The ones that make sure I feel guilty for not spending enough time with my kids, crafting the alphabet out of noodles. Or making their Halloween costumes from Joannes fabric! Hello... that is what Target is for. but, I especially hate the ideas they give you for all the cute cup cakes that you can make for your child's birthdays or any other regular day that you need to make a damn cup cake for, and for some reason there is always a reason to make a cup cake. Well, THANK YOU for making me always feel like I am going to get the worst mother of the year award. this is precisely why I don't buy those magazines anymore or attempt to make the cup cakes, after all, I have PUBLIX, and for $8.99 I can get a variety of cupcakes in bugs, flowers, & basket balls!! AND guess what? my children are happy, healthy and we use macaroni around here to eat! how do you like that? I may just get mother of the year after all!!!

This was supposed to be a dog cake-WOOF is right! ha ha ha ha ha ha
Look at Brooke's face!


Victoria's Secrets said...

Man, Brooke looks pretty pissed! Classic. As usualy, Regan's all smiles! That's my girl! That's why I love having a resident baker in my house......Kolby!

D's Mom said...

Ok, Brooke looks like she is really scared to eat that cake! (LOL) Maybe she wishes she could go to Publix too.