Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Fun

The weather is starting to change,the days are getting hotter,and longer. School is almost over. Summer is here!!! I absolutely love the summer time. I love the hot nights, cookouts, beach, lazy napping afternoons. I love not having a schedule, and not being in a hurry to go somewhere or do something.My favorite activity in the summer is to hang by the pool, and apply more sunscreen.Does that count as exercise?
I don't over commit in the summer, actually I don't commit at all! If you remember correctly I am a commitment phobic. No, I don't sign my kids up for all sorts of camps.I don't believe in having to be anywhere on time, or by 9am or 10am for that matter in the summer! I let my kids go to bed late, drink soda(probably why they go to bed late),sleep in, and just relax,the truth is we stay in our pajamas sometimes until afternoon.
My good friend and I decided that this year we would make a list together of things we can do with our kids this summer. Good old fashion cheap fun stuff.
Apparently, this is offensive to some. Some of the other mother's can't understand why we aren't signing our kids up in camps, or buying more amusement park passes! Well, we are going against the norm this year! We are rebels. Our kids will not be signed up for sports camps,art camps, music camps or any other camps.
We are going to allow them and even encourage them to be bored! This is the best time for them to learn how to be creative,use their imaginations, make-up games to play late into the evening.They are going to learn how to get along with their siblings, maybe learn how to do some chores. So I thought I would supply a list of fun summer activities that you could share with your children this year. It is going to be a fun lazy summer!
1A.visit local museums
1B .Visit your local parks
a.lake eola
b.Rippin riverside skate park(oviedo)
c.Shadow bay park
d.Capehart park
e.Moss Park
f.trailblazer park(lake mary)
2.the community pool old fashion lemonade stand
4.plant a garden
4.have a car wash,or dog wash
5.visit your local library ( have many free kid activities
6.Rock Springs park(tubing in the springs) ride through local trails
8.Arts and Craft days @ Michael's (
9.Family vacations
10.visit the zoo(
11. bake together(cookies,cakes etc)or learn to cook @ ( movies at( splurge and go to $1 movie
13.go family bowling(
14.have a yard sale
15 aguille rock climbing(
16.see a play (
17.monkey joes(
19.visit your local farms meadows(
b.uncle donalds farm
20.Mini golf
21.learn to play a new sport(tennis)
22.GO TO THE BEACH(although this is really my #1)!!
There is so many things to see and explore in our hometown that this is only a partial list! even though these activities and places our in my town I know there is plenty to do in yours! Please let me know if there is a fun place or fun activity that you have done or would like to do in the summer.Some of these things do cost a little bit, but most are free. And hey if you do your yardsale early, you can use that money for your summer activities! I hope you all have fun this summer spending it together,making memories that last longer than three months!!!


St. of Words said...

i love it! you remind me of my mom. she always let us be "us" and just be laid back, never felt like we always had to be doing something. it's totally shaped me into being such a laid back person today, so keep it up! love you

Anonymous said...

I printed the list! Three more days of school!! Woohoo!

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

oh man aguille is the COOLEST!!!!! probably one of the more expensive things on the list... it's not bad, but it's definitely not free haha.... but they probably have summer specials for kids!
rock climbing rules! especially fake rock climbing with ropes and foam pads to catch you just in case! haha <3