Thursday, May 29, 2008

Computer Savvy

so have you heard of this twiiter thing? Apparently,its the hottest newest form of communicating via your computer/cell. You sign up "for free", and than you follow people to see what they are doing during the day when you cannot contact them via cell phone,email,IM,blogging. or texting! So you can keep up to minute tabs on everyone, like big brother!

You get on and put your updates by computer or by texting it to your account. So now we never have to be out of contact with people.We never have to be alone, not even for a nano-second, we never have to spend another second in our own thoughts.It is the cure all for loneliness. Than why are there so many lonely people in the world today? Why do so many people feel isolated or are on medication for depression? In a world where you can be connected to virtually strangers around the whole world, and have access to others, why is the suicide rate at the highest? Why are we so afraid of being alone,with our own thoughts? This is an obsession. It is an addiction.

I think it is because with all this techy stuff you never actually have to come face to face with anyone.You don't have to leave your house, hell, you don't even have to get dressed,brush your hair, or your teeth. You can waste all your time living vicariously through others and therefore never have to even live your own life. Since I got my laptop,I too have gotten caught up in this, so I am preaching to myself here. I started blogging,(which I will continue),learned to text these last few months, I email,talk alot on my cell, Surf the net, and now I have tried twitter. And I realized, that I have wasted so much time- hours will pass and I will lose track of time, my house could be burning and I would not notice, I think I have even forgotten to feed my kids once! All in the name of technology,to be computer savvy. It feels a little like those clicks in high school, where every body's doing it, so I don't want to be left out or not be informed on the newest and latest form of gossip!

So I have decided to protest, to take a stand, I am cancelling my membership on twitter, I am checking email only twice a day,I am setting boundaries on my cell phone, and I am placing this new awesome laptop computer in the bag so it is not so easy to use. I am not going to waste my time texting anymore(It takes me longer than to just call and tell you what I need!) Also,I learned that nothing is "for Free",it costs me something more than money, it costs me my time!

I am taking my life back, I am going to start living my own life, not anyone else's, I am going outside to meet my neighbors or see old ones, I am going to set a better example of my time for my kids! AND I promise to meet with you or invite you over for coffee to talk about what is going on with you, in your life, person to person, building our relationship the old fashion way, one coffee mug and a time!Oh and I promise to be dressed with my hair & teeth brushed!!


Victoria's Secrets said...

o, does this mean we can't talk 10 times a day. Jeez. That kinda sucks.

Anonymous said...

In case you missed it while you were trying to out-think the rest of us bloggers, George Sr. is no longer the President, Gore lost Florida, and the Branch Dividians burned in Waco.

Thought you might need help with some current events! :-)

BTW - you must have a stomach like a steel drum 'cuz that deep fried Mayflower sponge basket is still eating me up!

The Pilot's Wife said...

vik-I didnt mean you, or maryanne or gail or robbie or tawni or teryn or adrien,or kara, heck not even George:)

The Pilot's Wife said...

george -keep me posted the news is depressing, just let me know when dillards is having their
shoe sale!

Mary Anne said...

Glad you didn't mean me!!
Love your new blog design! It looks awesome!

Mary Anne said...
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Anonymous said...

talkin about computer,it takes me 3 hr to read one blob,every time someone ccall my ccomputer go dead and ah sheet I have to start ober.screw it i go watch my program

D's Mom said...

Yeah that whole tweeter thing confused me so I opted to stay away from it all together. lol