Thursday, May 29, 2008

Got Gas?

I filled up my mini van up yesterday and it only costs $35.00,yipee!!! okay so I only needed a half-a-tank..but I decided I will re-fill my tank every time it gets to the half way mark, than I will never have to spend $70.00,at one time! I will just have to go to the gas station twice a week! UGH! oh well, whatever works,right?


Anonymous said...

I'd like to know why you don't have my blog listed as one you like to read? You're on it enough that it should be at the top of your list!!

The Pilot's Wife said...

Tooshay maybe because all I would read is how many days to vacation! and I already know that,, maybe if you posted I would add you...maybe

St. of Words said...

wowzers...all the tension people jeez!

aunt b...fill up twice a week...whatever helps you feel better. :) haha

Anonymous said...

well, i tell you sonthing i got plenty of GAS. it will last me til next year.i get it twice a week but if you get exlac will last longer