Thursday, May 1, 2008

Magic Eraser

While cleaning my house today, I learned a few things.
Never think about what you will write for you next blog while vacuuming, you may suck up your 13 yr old Great Pyr's tail! And if you do he will run like crazy taking the vacuum through your house destroying anything in his path, while you attempt to pull out tail. Also, your house will stink for awhile of burnt hair!! Yes, this stuff really happens to me. I promise I don't make it up:)

The other thing I learned, was that while I was cleaning with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.(everyone should have this)- I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a real magic eraser in our lives,you could purchase at Target. And well, when you make a mistake you get it out, wet it, and erase,then the mistake disappears. Or when you say something stupid to your friend who has a new hat on at the lake, "I really like your new hat,I love that it covers your face!" and they say "Thanks, I guess." And what I meant was that she was not getting any sun on her face, and I hate getting sun on my face, so it really is a great hat!(no worries magic eraser time!) or when you see a cute dog at Walmart and buy it?(magic eraser time!) or when you feel bad so you eat that double fudge brownie chocolate cake,like the whole thing?(magic eraser on my thighs, and a little on my butt !)Oh how much fun would it be?
And yet maybe we would abuse this magic eraser and start erasing everything, like Bob may want to erase my mouth once in awhile? LOL..or we start to erase all of our mistakes we made in our past? I believe that would be an even bigger mistake.! Yes I really do, because I believe, those mistakes are what shapes us and our character, learning from our mistakes helps us to become the person we are called to be, and looking back I am so much of a better person for them all.
OR.... God looks down and says"What the hell was I thinking" and then he takes his out and erases the world. Yeah, that would kinda suck!(Does God say Hell?)
No, I think I will just use my magic eraser for cleaning the house, and maybe on my thighs and a little on my butt :)


Victoria's Secrets said...

If we came up with this kind of "magic" eraser, where you can erase the biggest mistakes of our lives?! We could live on an island anywhere in the world! I would have used mine out by now. Thank God for grace and mercies that are new EVERY morning!

St. of Words said...

heeeeeeeeeellll ya God says hell. He created it!

Teryn Chapin said...

but doesn't wally the dog make you think of me?? i mean since you did buy him while visiting for my wedding. it's like a little teryn keepsake. gosh you are lucky!! : ) LOVE YOU! happy late anniversary. i love my uncle bob.

The Pilot's Wife said...

Yes, everytime I tell the story! And for years to come:) plus I will never forget your anniversary!
Love ya,